30 Caramel, Violet & Cinnamon Brown Hair Color Ideas

#21: Cinnamon Hair Color with Brown Lowlights

Cinnamon Hair Color with cute women

Lowlights are a great way to give any hairstyle more depth and texture, although they work best with a loose wave hairstyle. Chocolate brown lowlights go really well with a fiery cinnamon hair color.


#22: Shrinking Violet


This hair color is very nearly black. It only has the smallest hint of violet hair dye in it. Although “shrinking violet” can be used to mean shy, you will feel anything but shy if you choose to use this hair dye color idea!


#23: Dusky Violet


If you have dark hair, a dusky or pastel shade of violet hair color may stand out a bit more. You can color all of your hair in this shade or you can choose to color a select few strands instead. If you only decide to color a few strands, you can use these strands to draw attention to your facial features.


#24: Thick Hair with a Hint of Violet

Thick Hairstyle for women

Thick hair looks perfect with a subtle hint of violet that only shines through when the light hits your looks. A dark shade which radiates violet dye will look instantly luscious and touchable. A women’s hairstyle which is this thick will offer maximum styles with minimum effort.


#25: Chocolate Violet Hair Color


Is it chocolate or is it violet? This brilliant shade of hair color is perfect for those who can’t make up their mind. Whilst the shade is an unnatural hair color, it is also subtle enough to wear at work without causing any trouble.


caramel brown hair color


caramel brown hair


cinnamon brown hair


violet brown hair


violet brown hair color


Caramel, violet and cinnamon brown hair colors can give your friends and admirers something to talk about. You are sure to make a big impression whether you choose a simple and subtle style, or whether you choose to give your ‘do an out of this world color. Check out some of our other lists for more inspiration about color and styling.