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Top 10 Oval Faced Celebrity Hairstyles

The oval face shape is a blessing. Famous celebs like Rihanna, Jessica Alba, Bella Hadid, etc have this face shape and it allows these style icons to try almost any hairstyle they want to!

All celebrities have an expert team helping them look flawless on the red carpet, and that includes well-known hairstylists who always bring their A-game and innovation.

These people know how to deal with colors, face shapes, hair texture, and extensions, and how to build a flawless look that hides imperfections so that our fav celebrities can stun us with every step they make.

So let us inspire you and help you get some amazing hairstyle inspo from celebrities with oval faces!

Best Hairstyles By Celebrities with Oval Faces

If you want a red carpet look, learn from our awesome superstars what greatly suits an oval face. Check out these amazing female celebrities and steal their look!

1. Rihanna – Top Twisted Bun

Oval Face Shaped Celebrity Rihanna

Rihanna is one of the most beautiful celebrities with an oval face and she loves showing off her stunning facial features by constantly wearing hairdos that highlight her amazing features.

To recreate this look, you will first need to straighten your hair with an iron and then pin it up in a high bun.

2. Rita Ora – Blonde Wavy Layered Tresses

Rita Ora- Celebrity Singer With Oval Face

This icy platinum blonde hair color suits our beloved singer like a glove. To make her mane look fuller and with more volume, her stylists pulled off some casual loose waves and layers.

If you’d love to look like her, you must know that achieving this color requires bleaching and applying a toner quite frequently. Also, invest in some qualitative purple shampoo to be able to maintain your color for a longer period.

3. Bella Hadid – Sleek Top with Curls

Oval Face Shaped Celebrity Bella Hadid

Combining sleek straight hair with rich voluminous curls makes supermodel Bella Hadid look flawless on the red carpet.

Create a middle part with a rat tail comb and some hair gel, and direct your hair on the laterals, to the back. Pin it up and use a curling iron to style those spectacular ringlets. Use a strong hair spray to preserve their shape for a longer period.

4. Keke Palmer  – Box Braids

Keke Palmer- Actress With Oval Face

Box braids are often seen on the red carpet. Black actresses love showing off their heritage through their hairstyles, however, these plaits have more than an aesthetic purpose. They protect natural hair, and are versatile and fun, so definitely a good choice for a movie premiere or a Hollywood event.

Create square parts and use hair extensions to make each braid look thicker. Use the side and top plaits to do a half-up, half-down hairstyle.

5. Ruth Negga – Pixie Cut with Pin Curls

Oval Face Shaped Celebrity Ruth Negga

If you have curly hair, then you will know the struggles and the fact that layered hairstyles are the best for such fabulous texture. Ruth went for a short easy-to-wear trim that gives her an elegant and glamorous appearance.

6. Olivia O’Brien – Mauve Purple Hair

Oval Face Shaped Celebrity Olivia O'Brien

Celebrities always search for new ways to capture our attention or to launch new trends. And Olivia O’Brien definitely nailed and rocked this mauve young, fresh look!

The color suits her complexion and those wavy layers make her hair gain more dimension.

7. Jourdan Dunn – Angled Medium Bob

Jourdan Dunn- Celebrity Model With Oval Face

Jourdan knows that you can’t fail with a stunning angled bob haircut. She went for an ashy brown color and a side part. Those casual sideburns that fall in front of the ear add a lot of grace to the hairstyle.

8. Halle Berry – Messy Pixie Cut

Oval Face Shaped Celebrity Halle Berry

Halle Berry’s short haircut inspired so many women to take a plunge and get a pixie cut. She rocked this hairstyle on so many occasions! It features a rich layered top and long bangs spread on the forehead and to the side. It perfectly accentuates her face shape.

9. Jessica Alba – Sombre

Halle Berry- Actress With Oval Face

If you have a good face side, then this is the hairstyle you need! As you well know, our faces are not completely symmetric so choosing to highlight that area that you feel comfortable with is a brilliant idea.

Jessica’s hairstylist knows how to highlight her beautiful oval face shape with the right hairstyle, and Jessica herself knows how to pose for the camera on the red carpet!

10. Zooey Deschanel – Princess Look with Bangs

Zooey Deschanel- Actress With Oval Face

Zooey’s stylists are fully aware that such fair skin and blue eyes need to be in the spotlight. And for that, they built great framing and advised our beloved oval-faced actress to keep a dark hair color that slimmers her face and provides amazing contour.

These female celebrities with oval faces are such an inspiration not only for being successful and awesome but also ’cause of their hairstyling choices.  If you have this face shape and want to look like a superstar, try our examples!

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