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20 Most Popular Female Celebrities With Round Faces (2024)

Round faces appear youthful and angelic. Celebrities with round faces feature prominent plump cheeks, chubby jaws, and a rounded chin with the length and width being almost equal to one another.

Ladies with circle-like faces might sometimes find it difficult to choose hairstyles that accentuate their soft facial features. No need to fret, as long layers, sleek middle parts, sharp bangs, and messy updos are among the many options you can try.

It is better to look up to round-faced celebrities before finalizing any hairdo as anything that suits them might also look good on you.

Female Celebrities with Round Faces

There are several ways to make your round face appear slimmer and we have gathered a list of celebrities with round faces below for you to take inspiration from.

1. Alexa Demie – Retro Pixie

Alexa Demie- Celebrity With Round Face

Although very short hairstyles aren’t preferable for chubby faces, a thin round face can pull off a pixie or cropped bob with ease.

That’s exactly what Alexa Demie did here. She rocked a Betty Boop-inspired hairdo featuring a slicked-down pixie with pointy waves at the front adding sharpness to the face.

2. Selena Gomez – Sleek Middle-Parted Pony

Selena Gomez- Celebrity Singer With Round Face

A simple middle part can work wonders to break down the roundness of your face.

The American celebrity, Selena Gomez, created the illusion of length on her moon face with a sleek low ponytail and a center part. Bouncy curls at the back will look good too.

3. Queen Latifah – Straight Lob

Queen Latifah- Celebrity Rapper With Round Face

Queen Latifah is one of the many female celebrities with round faces possessing prominent cheeks that tend to stand out from a distance.

Go for a straight shoulder-length lob with or without layers to conceal the apples of your disc-like face. Soften the look further with long side bangs.

4. Kelly Osbourne – Braided Updo with Bangs

Kelly Osbourne- Celebrity With Round Face

This English singer is never afraid to put her cute round face on full display. Blunt bangs are perfect to hide a big forehead while drawing attention to your beautiful eyes.

The double dutch braided updo is a must-try for fancy events.

5. Jordin Sparks – Long Senegalese Twists

Jordin Sparks- Celebrity Singer With Round Face

Long tresses are preferable as they drag down a round face making it seem longer and smarter.

Jordin Sparks held on to her African roots with long Senegalese twists and a bumpy pouf at the front. If you are looking for a protective hairdo, this one’s surely worth a shot.

6. Emma Stone – Side-Swept Marcel Waves

Emma Stone- Actress With Round Face

Marcel waves are a classic that never gets old. Emma Stone from ‘Cruella’ went for a retro look by recreating these vintage waves on medium-length tresses.

A deep side part covering the brow with the other side tucked behind the ear is ideal to add some asymmetry to the face.

7. Ginnifer Goodwin – Asymmetrical Short Crop

Round Face Shaped Celebrity Ginnifer Goodwin

Talking of asymmetry, Ginnifer Goodwin sharpened her soft round face with an unbalanced razor-cut pixie.

Opt for a textured top with neatly brushed sides and a chopped-up slanting front that is sure to drop some jaws. Adding volume at the crown elongates the face further.

8. Sarah Hyland – Chic Side Bun

Sarah Hyland- Actress With Round Face

Deep side parts create the illusion of a slender face just as depicted here.

Recreate Sarah Hyland’s hairdo to steal the show at formal events. A side parting accompanied by a stylish braided side bun at the back and some bold red lips is all you need!

9. Kirsten Dunst – Face-Framing Loose Curls

Round Face Shaped Celebrity Kirsten Dunst

Actress Kristen Dunst is often spotted wearing gentle hairstyles that accent the soft angles of her round face.

Go for a ‘no-care’ vibe by adding loose curls to your layered mane and assembling them in a messy updo. Pull out chunks at the front to frame the face and voila!

10. Mila Kunis – Blunt Bob

Round Face Shaped Celebrity Mila Kunis

Here’s another female celebrity with a round face shape who knows exactly how to balance out her facial features with edgy hairstyles.

Try Mila Kunis’ blunt bob with a sleek side parting. Avoid any layers although you may opt for an angled cut with the strands elongating from the back toward the front.

11. Kaley Cuoco – Soft Beach Waves with Wispy Bangs

Round Face Shaped Celebrity Kaley Cuoco

Covering your chubby round face with hair is one more way to make it seem smaller than usual.

Wispy bangs look super flattering and lie gently across the forehead while avoiding a suffocated look. Don’t believe us? Check this celeb’s hairstyle. You can also couple them with long beach waves that are tousled at the front like her.

12. Tatyana Ali –  Angular Fringe

Tatyana Ali- Actress With Round Face

Tatyana Ali rocked the red carpet at the ‘Aladdin’ world premiere not only with her baby bump but with a brand new hairstyle too.

She went for a super textured choppy pixie with a long angular fringe at the front. Volume at the roots with a deep side parting lengthens her round face.

13. Michelle Williams – Tucked Bixie

Round Face Shaped Celebrity Michelle Williams

A round face is nothing to be ashamed of. So, take inspiration from actress Michelle William’s look and bring it under the limelight for once.

Opt for a chic bixie with a tapered back and long top. Sweep the strands sideward and tuck them neatly behind your ears. Easy-breezy!

14. Shania Twain – Loose Long Curly Ponytail

Shania Twain- Celebrity Singer With Round Face

Voluminous hairstyles go perfectly with circular faces. And Shania Twain’s messy ponytail is an example.

She gathered her long bouncy blonde curls in a low ponytail whilst the loose coils at the front made her round face seem less obvious. Throw in some highlights for a refreshed look.

15. Kelly Clarkson – Modern Slicked-Back

Kelly Clarkson- Celebrity Singer With Round Face

This female celebrity made her round face look square with a modern slicked-back hairdo.

Kelly Clarkson went for a teased top and tightly braided sides with all her hair falling at the back. Use plenty of hairsprays when copying this look to keep your strands in place all day long.

16. Chrissy Teigen – Classy Top Knot

Round Face Shaped Celebrity Chrissy Teigen

Creating height at the crown area is ideal to make your round face appear long instead of wide as usual.

The American model, Chrissy Teigen, often shows off her beautiful moon face with a simple top knot that’s a lifesaver both for formal gatherings and casual days.

17. Amy Adams – Subtle Mermaid Crimps

Round Face Shaped Celebrity Amy Adams

Medium to long textured hairstyles couple ideally with circular face shapes. Amy Adams’ mermaid crimps are a softer and bigger version of the previous zig-zag crimps.

Use a three-barrel curler to achieve subtle kinky crimps that won’t be ignored. Keep them on the loose with a middle or side parting.

18. Drew Barrymore – Fluffy Blonde Locks

Round Face Shaped Celebrity Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore has always sported her natural hair texture with confidence making her an inspiration for curly/wavy-haired ladies having a bit of frizz.

Experiment with layers at shoulder length to make your face and neck appear lean. Blonde highlights will brighten up your look further.

19. Mariska Hargitay – Brunette Curls with Highlights

Round Face Shaped Celebrity Mariska Hargitay

Mariska Hargitay made her chubby circular face look on point with a layered long bob and tousled barrel curls.

Keep the roots dark with highlights appearing midway to the ends to make your face look oval rather than round. Don’t forget the side parting.

20. Hayden Panettiere – Glamorous Deep Side Swept

Round Face Shaped Celebrity Hayden Panettiere

This American female celebrity stunned everyone with her gorgeous round face and contemporary asymmetrical hairdo.

She went for a neck-length bob that elongated towards the front and a super deep side parting with the front strands tousled all the way from one ear to the other. Unique, isn’t it?

This list of female celebrities with round faces is sure to give you the best ideas for your next hair makeover. Consider hairdos that tend to conceal your protruding cheeks, drag down the face, or add some sharpness to it while balancing out those soft facial outlines of yours.