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40 Best Copper Red Hair Colors for 2024

If you haven’t tried a copper red hair color at least once in your lifetime, you’ve been missing out on a lot of fun. Redheads have been controversial figures for many centuries. Some considered them witches while others envied their fiery natures.

In the 20th and 21st centuries, women have been going out of their ways to sport natural-looking copper red hair. Becoming a redhead is not as easy as it might seem. It requires a certain change of style and hair care regime. Copper red hues are the most natural yet fiery looking in the red color batch.

What Shade is Copper Red hair?

copper red hair shade

Copper red hair is an orange shade with more auburn hues than standard red hair. It can range from more auburn to more orange. The color of the metal copper, typically a reddish brown with orange tones, is the color copper red refers to.

Copper Red Hair Color Ideas

If you are ready for a few hassles that come with copper red hair color, you are in on an unforgettable adventure.

When you dye your hair red, you’ll feel as if your whole world has changed. The people on the street will give you awed glances while men will pay much more attention. If you are a redhead at heart, the time has come to sport the copper red hues. While the maintenance might be tough, the results are truly glamourous.

Here are 40 copper red hairstyles to contemplate before going out to buy the hair dye or schedule a barbershop appointment.

1. Long Wavy Red Hair

copper red long hair

Copper red long hair will make you look like Princess Merida from the Pixar film “Brave.” If you want to create a wavy look and not damage your hair, knit a few braids and keep them overnight. Untie them in the morning, and you’ll get a look that lasts all day. 

2. Copper Red Curls

curly copper red hairstyle

Curly copper red hair looks breathtaking, especially if you have a dense, healthy mane. If you have pale skin, you must try at least once this glamorous fastidious color. It will undoubtedly get all eyes on you and all for the right reasons.

3. Tousled Bob 

copper red hair with highlights

A rebel copper red hair with highlights will show off the world your crazy, bubbly personality and your fearless character. Inspire other women with this gorgeous medium bob hairstyle with bangs and waves. Pair it with a red lipstick and nothing will stand in your way.

4. Red Bun

uodo for copper red hair

No future bride will equal you after attending your wedding and seeing this amazing updo for copper red hair. You will inspire confidence, passion, and that “je ne sais quoi” all men adore to discover in a fierce woman like you. 

5. Dark Red Copper Hair

dark copper red hair

Dark copper red hair requires a confident attitude and personality. Women who want this color should think twice before they get it because it is a shade you need to embrace fully. If you want an imperial dramatic look, style waves and wear a dark burgundy lipstick.

6. Short Pixie 

short copper red hair

Go to your favorite hairstyling salon and ask for a short copper red hair. Even if the color is hard to maintain, whenever you want to refresh it and restore that ginger pinch, opt for a hair gloss that will gorgeously coat each thread, making the hair look shiny and vibrant once again.

7. Hue Mix 

bright copper red hair color for women

If you don’t have fair skin but still want to check out the way bright red hair hues look on you, you can check out the color mix. Copper red combined with ginger or orange highlights looks truly fantastic on the hair of any length.

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8. Copper and blonde

blonde with copper red hair color

If you used to have blonde locks and decided to go for red hair color, you’ll need plenty of maintenance and many touch-ups. The bright side is that when the color starts washing out, you’ll get a magnificent mix of shades.

9. Orange highlights

copper with Orange highlights hair color idea

This color combination is great for women with fair skin and naturally dark brown hair. When you are trying to make an impression with short locks, the mix of red hues is the way to go. Use bright orange or ginger highlights.

10. Bright copper red

perfect copper red hair color for women

Women with fair skin can go all out using this bright copper red hair color. It looks so perfect and natural, you won’t want to let go. While such color is bright, it’s just as tough to maintain as the deeper hues, so be careful.

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11. Braided Mesh

Those who love braids can attract some attention with this complex hairstyle. The strands of the middle braid are interconnected with those on the sides creating a meshed network that calls for some professional help. This look is ideal to flaunt a light to dark coppery red ombre on long hair.

12. Multi-Tonal Highlights

copper red hair with highlights
Instagram / labiosthetiqueuk

Multi-tonal highlights involve using more than one shade to highlight the hair. Spice up your boring curls by opting for a dark burgundy base shade and add streaks of medium and light copper all over the head creating a hot mess that is sure to turn around some heads.

13. Twisted Dreads

copper red dreads
Instagram / lacedbysukie

Be bold, be beautiful! African-American ladies can protect their natural hair with style. Apply henna if you want to avoid chemical dyes to achieve a gorgeous reddish copper tinge before twisting and dreading the strands. Use matching extensions to go as long as you want.

14. Crown Braid

Wear those gorgeous long tresses like a crown on the head. Divide the hair into three sections with Dutch braids along the sides and a fishtail braid in the center. Secure the braids with pins at the back and pull some strands loose to frame the face at the front. Simply wow!

15. Chic Micro Bangs

copper red hair with baby bangs
Instagram / miss_vintage_fox

Micro bangs are back this year and are perfect for women who like vintage hairstyles. Mix some red with copper hair dye to achieve a similar hair shade. The front strands are cut straight across the forehead with shoulder-length layers. Take a step ahead and dye the brows too.

16. Copper Red Quiff

This deep copper red hair color idea will make you stand out from the crowd. The clipped sides and back keep all the attention on the long top that is styled in a quiff. Add a touch of light copper on the tips at the brushed-up front to set the look on fire. 

17. Short Pigtail Braids

Not a fan of dark shades? Check out this light copper hue with a hint of red towards the ends. Try the look on a long lob and style it into two adorable pigtail braids dangling at the back. This style is ideal for hot summer days. 

18. Stunning Gradient

light copper red hair
Instagram / hairbykimn

Although an ombre does not surprise anymore it still looks stunning when done correctly. The dark coppery red top transitions seamlessly into a light copper tinge reaching the ends. Finish off with loose waves and get ready to rock the world.

19. Gorgeous Mess

copper red hair for black girls
Instagram / royyalhairr

Black ladies can give their boring afro curls a makeover by layering them to fall flawlessly around the face with or without bangs. Dye the hair in a deep mahogany hue with medium copper highlights peeking through the mess. A hand-tousle and you are ready to go.

20. Copper ombre

ombre copper red hair color

Copper ombre with a few light red highlights is exactly what you need to make an impression. Such colors look great together whatever way you decide to mix them. Leave the locks dark copper red on top and ginger on the bottom and on the sides.

21. Brighten up

We would call this color bronde if it would have been a mix of blonde and brown. This mix of fiery red, copper, and orange achieves the same goal. The colors blend in together well to give you a magical image.

22. Dark natural copper

Dark natural copper red hair color idea

If you want your hair to look as natural as possible, dark natural copper red is the way to go. This is a wonderful winter color that can be brightened up with orange highlights in the summer. Chances are you’ll never want to change it again.

23. Brown Copper Elements

Copper Red Hair Color for girl

This brownish copper hair color is a wonderful choice for women with fair skin and naturally brown hair. It looks the closest to their natural appearance while giving it a little extra zest. Don’t forget to dye the eyebrows as well!

24. Copper and blonde

blonde Copper Red Hair Color idea for girl

If you like the lighter shades of copper red hair color, you can mix them with strawberry blonde. This color can be a wonderful choice for women with light natural hair color. If your hair is darker than light brown, you need to bleach it.

25. Copper highlights

Copper highlights hairstyle for cute women

Red highlighted hair looks very special. It’s up to you and your hairstylist to choose the right colors. Mixing red and red often looks somewhat strange. However, interlacing copper locks with blonde or golden auburn strands is fantastic.

26. Copper ombre

favorite Copper ombre hairstyle for girl

Dark copper red hair color is a wonderful choice for the top part of the ombre. If your hair is naturally dark and you can’t give up on the thought of getting light red locks, create an ombre. This way you only have to bleach the lower part.

27. Color richness

long copper red hairstyle

The richness of the copper colors depends on how well you take care of them. Unfortunately, red is not a long –lasting color and its bound to lose its initial shine very quickly, especially of applied to bleached hair.

28. Golden copper

Golden copper hairstyle for girl

This golden copper hair color is hard to achieve on dark locks. But natural blondes can embrace it with pride. If you want all your eyes to be upon you when you walk down the street, this is definitely the hair color you should be considering.

29. Closer to nature

This brownish copper hair color is exactly what you need if you hate the frequent touchups that go hand and hand with red hues. If you go on the brown side of copper and your natural locks are brownish too, even the growing roots won’t look unnatural.

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30. Hint of Black

copper red hair color

This unusual copper red hair color idea is for the bold ones. The mane is tousled on one side with an undercut on the opposite side. The bright red hue with stripes of copper in between is added on the top layer only leaving the underlayer naturally black.

31. Auburn Glam

Recreate this alluring hair shade by adding a hint of brown and gold to a copper hair color. There you have it a gorgeous warm auburn hue that will drop some jaws in the sunlight. Set the look on fire with copper babylights and loose curls.

32. Deep Copper Red

Stay on the darker side by dying the tresses in a deep copper red shade from root to tips. Add a subtle gleam by going for highlights that are a tone or two lighter than the base shade. Finish off with flipped-out layers and a simple side part.

33. Ruby Rush

Asian ladies can shine bright like a ruby with this hairstyle. Add a hint of pink to a coppery red hue and color the entire head. Chop the mane into a round bob at shoulder length with wispy bangs covering the forehead. Flawless!

34. Subtle Balayage

copper red curly hair

Instead of going for a tone lying in between red and copper, rock both shades individually on the hair to turn around some heads. Choose a deep coral red base and try a copper balayage with the dark top lightening down the ends. Add loose beach waves for a sexy finish.

35. Reddish Brown Finger Waves

Try out a vintage-inspired hairdo to steal the show at a formal occasion. The dark reddish brown tresses are chopped into a long lob and face-framing bangs grazing the brows. Using some styling product and metal clips create loose finger waves to dangle at the back. Classy isn’t it?

36. Fierce Double Buns

Those who are lucky enough to have extra-long tresses can keep all the eyes on them by dying the hair in a rich rusty red hue. Add bouncy curls to the middle-parted mane and wrap both sides into loose jumbo buns. Pull some strands loose for an alluring appeal.

37. Copper-Gold French Bob

Stick to the copper-gold family for a more natural look. Achieve a sassy French girl bob by going for a short A-line haircut at jaw length and bangs cut straight across the forehead before adding the copper shimmer. Keep the hair straight for a sleek finish.    

38. Ginger Stripes

copper red bob with bangs

Bring the sunset on your head! Dye the strands in a rich mahogany red hue and liven up the look by adding chunky stripes of ginger orange to contrast against the dark base shade. Top off with thick eye-skimming bangs and a short curly bob. 

39. Caramel Shine

Keep your hair game strong by covering the hair in a deep wine red tinge from root to tips and adding caramel highlights. These two shades together give off a gorgeous coppery shine that is impossible to ignore while tight curls create a carefree fun look.

40. Highlighted Front

copper red highlights

Last but not the least, women who are reluctant to commit to a copper red hair color can try it out by highlighting the front only. Go for a round pixie bob with a deep side parting and color the fringe leaving the remaining mane untouched. Voila!

Which Red Hair Color Is Right for You?

Many women choose copper red hair color because it’s close to being natural while not appearing way to bright. In reality, each woman has her own perfect red color. In order to understand which one is right for you, take a look at a few tips.

1. Do You have a Light Skin Tone?

Pinkish and pale skin is the best for all shades of red hair colors. Don’t forget that natural redheads mostly have very pale skin. Take a look at natural redheads and compare your skin to theirs. If it’s a match, you can choose any red hue you like. Women with darker skin tones have more trouble choosing the right color. Dark copper red or wild fiery ginger is a good choice

2. Are You The Life of the Party?

Don’t forget that red hair color turns some heads. So you have to be ready to uphold the image. If you are shy and don’t like too much attention, perhaps you should go for more natural hues, such as Auburn. Bright copper red hair or orange locks are out of the question.

3. Is Your Hair Bleached?

If you used to be a blonde, you’ll have a hard time maintaining deep red hues. Go for lighter shades. Remember, bleached hair can’t hold any color for a long time. So it’s better to grow at least a few inches of your natural locks before applying red hair shades.

4. Is Your Hair Damaged

Damaged hair has trouble holding on to the red hues. Red dye molecules are very light and can leave your hair quickly. If you have damaged locks, go for more brownish hues. Restore your locks before going red.

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Copper Red vs. Red Hair

Copper Red vs. Red Hair

While we call it red, red hair refers to ginger hair, the rich orange color that around 2% of the world has. Copper red, while still having beautiful orange shades, incorporates more red and brown, or an auburn shade, into the color.

That said, copper red can include some hues of the red hair we typically think of, and red hair can have more copper tones. Seeing as there is an unlimited amount of different hair shades, it’s best to think of copper red as one side (the orange side) of the red hair spectrum.


Here are a few answers to some common questions about copper red hair.

Does copper red hair fade fast?

Yes. Copper red hair is a vibrant color, which can fade quickly if not maintained. A lot of things lead to hair colors fading quickly. Washing your hair daily and with hot water will fade the color faster than washing once or twice a week with cool water. 

Your stylist will have advice for your hair specifically. They may tell you to use a specific shampoo, like one made for colored hair, or advise you on how often to get touch-ups to the color. Consider their advice and pay attention to how quickly the color fades on you.

Which skin tone will go well with copper red hair?

Copper red looks very good on warmer skin tones. If you don’t have warmer undertones in your skin, don’t worry. There is a shade for everyone.

On darker skin, richer reds pop incredibly well. On lighter skin tones, shades with strawberry tones are stunning. You can make a variety of shades work with many different hair colors. Work with your stylist to find the perfect shade for you.

Are copper red and auburn hair colors similar?

Not really. Auburn hair colors are typically a brown color with red tones within them. Copper red is very similar, except with more orange incorporated into the color to match the color of the metal.

Copper red and auburn hair colors carry a lot of similarities, and you can refer to some shades interchangeably.

Auburn can still have orange tones in it, which makes the colors very similar but also very different depending on the shade.

Copper red hair color is one of the most coveted hues in the modern fashion world. It’s hard to achieve and even harder to maintain but the result is so striking, many women are ready to make sacrifices. Are you?