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10 Versatile Curly Hairstyles for Big Foreheads

People with large foreheads may struggle to find a hairstyle that compliments it, but one of the most stylish ways for them to style their hair can be to make it curly. 

Curly hairstyles for big foreheads, with or without bangs, are popular because they have the potential to adapt to each person’s unique features. We’ll help you find your next favorite.


Curly Hairstyles for Women With Big Foreheads

Below are ten curly hairstyles that work excellently with big foreheads. So whether you wish to minimize your forehead with your hair or put it on full display, there is a style for you in this list. 

1. Side-Parted Ringlets 

curly blonde hairstyle for big forehead

There’s nothing like a good side part to create an impactful hairstyle. Parting your hair is a great way to add dimension, further complemented by lush ringlets.

This hairstyle is perfect for women with large foreheads also looking to dye their hair.


2. Curly Bob

short curly hairstyle for big forehead

This bob cut is perfect for ladies with big forehead who enjoys short-length hair but still want the depth of a curly hairstyle.

The best part of this hairstyle is that you can let the curls practically do whatever they want, and they’ll still look gorgeous.


3. Shoulder Length Curls With Bangs

curly shag for big forehead

Who doesn’t love bangs? Curly hairstyles can often look even better the messier they are, and this hairstyle is no exception.

This style’s beautiful curls will hang over your forehead, creating an impactful frame of your face.

If you desire a medium hairstyle with curly bangs that will minimize the amount of exposure your forehead has, this one is for you.


4. Long Hair With Headband

long curly brown hairstyle for women with big forehead

Headbands go great with so many hairstyles. However, the contrast of a headband paired with a curly hairstyle makes a gorgeous pair.

The headband opens up a lot of versatility for your curly hair. You can create several styles with long curly locks by altering how you wear your headband.


5. Short Pink Curls

curly pink hair for women with big forehead

Side-parted curly hair gives your head a voluminous silhouette of flowing curls.

One of the most striking aspects of this style is the different directions you can let your curls flow to create a smaller forehead appearance with this distinct style.

With this curly hairstyle, your hair will resemble the barrel of a crashing wave.


6. Face-framing Curls

layered curly hairstyle for big forehead

Getting into the latter half of our list of the best curly hairstyles for big foreheads, we have this blunt-parted style. This style creates a wavy frame of your entire face by parting on the top of your head.

In addition, the curls of the style have a bold smoothness, giving this style an elegant aesthetic.


7. Fluffy Hair

frizzy curly hairstyle for big forehead

Voluminous curly hair is a great way to achieve an impactful style for a bigger forehead. The thick volume of this hairstyle creates a fluffed-out silhouette that is truly unparalleled.

Consider letting your hair fluff out in style if you have thick curly hair.


8. Curly Ponytail

curly updo for big forehead

Your big forehead doesn’t mean you can’t pull off a breathtaking ponytail. Even if you keep your hair at a shorter length, a curly ponytail is a great style choice.

The most striking quality of this style is how voluminous your ponytail will be in contrast with the rest of your pulled-back hair.


9. Layered Voluminous Curls

curly hair with highlights for big forehead

Consider this layered curly hairstyle if you want to play into the depth and volume created by curly hair to shrink your large forehead.

The layering of this style will give your curls a gradual expansion in volume from the top of your hair.

In addition, this style is a great choice to provide the length of your hair with a lush vibrancy. 


10. Long Ginger Curls

long curly hairstyle for big forehead

Last but not least is a classic long and wavy hairstyle. If you have naturally curly or wavy hair and want to let it hang down on its own, then go for it.

This style does not require anything particularly fancy to look still fantastic.


Finding the right hairstyle to hide a big forehead can be a challenge. Always remember that your face and hair are perfectly okay the way they are, and it’s fun to express yourself with a hairstyle you enjoy.

Try one of these 10 curly hairstyles to look even more amazing!