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21 Edgy Hairstyles for Fearless Women Over 60

There’s no need to feel shy when deciding on how you want to look as the hair department has nothing to do with your age. If conventional colors and cuts do not satisfy you, it’s time to try out some edgy hairstyles that lie far away from these usual boring trends. Bring out your inner rock star with an edgy hairstyle for women over 60.

Such hairstyles include vibrant colors, sharp lines, and rough cuttings including choppy layers, messy textures, and undercuts. And although all of them are pretty low maintenance, they still need to be polished with appropriate styling or all goes in vain.

Edgy Hairstyles for Women Over 60

Go through the following list of edgy hairstyles for ladies over 60, and you’ll book a salon appointment soon!

1. Pastel Bob

edgy bob for over 60

A classy elegant bob when coupled with appropriate hair color, produces a perfectly balanced edgy hairstyle for those over 60. The pastel blue tinge is ideal for experimenting with naturally white tresses without bleaching. And layers can work wonders to breathe some life into the hair.

2. Orange Pixie

edgy hairstyle for over 60 women with fine hair

Nothing adds a youthful touch to an aging face better than a pixie haircut. It can be soft or textured, with or without bangs, and can be dyed in any color you want. Opt for a side-swept crop and paint it in a muted shade of orange to drop some jaws.

3. Sexy Bixie

edgy hair with bangs for over 60

The above two hairstyles seem too conventional? Here is a combination of both featuring the round shape of a bob with the length of a long pixie. The layered locks hug the head in the edgiest manner. Get some bangs, throw in some highlights, and voila!

4. Edgy Short Hair

edgy hairstyle for over 60 women with glasses

Fluffy curls, or rather say frizzy curls, are the result of years of heat styling and lack of nourishment. Rejuvenate them with appropriate hair care products and start fresh with a heavily textured short crop. Lighten the hair to a warm blonde tone for once and wait until those roots grow out!

5. Highlighted Curls

edgy hairstyle for black women over 60

Mixed-race senior ladies who are still blessed with well-defined curls can show them off while framing their faces with soft layers. Spice up the mane by opting for prominent blonde highlights on a dark base shade. You can also recreate the look using a wig.

6. Punk Mullet

edgy hair with undercut for over 60

Another edgy hairstyle for over 60 years old women who are not hesitant to make bold choices. Ask the hairstylist for shaggy bangs, a textured spiked-up top, clipped sides, and a long back dipped in contrasting hair color. Don’t forget to highlight the front to copy the look exactly.

7. Purple Pop

edgy hairstyle for over 60 women with receding hairline

Vibrant hair colors have no age limit. Set a usual bob on fire with varying tones of purple including orchid and nightshade with a hint of blue in between. Instead of creating a vertical ombre produce a horizontal gradient with the darker strands at the front lightening towards the back of the head.

8. Multi-Tonal Shag

edgy hairstyle with spikes for over 60

Shaggy haircuts never go out of trend and are suitable for elderly ladies who want to add some volume to their thinning tresses. Ask for wispy fringes with a fully layered crown region that elongates towards the sides and back. Create a multi-tonal appeal by adding uneven stripes of dark, medium, and light blonde.

9. Wavy French Bob

edgy hair with highlights for over 60

Look like a French Madame in your golden years with a classy Parisian woman’s cut. It can be defined as a cropped bob falling at ear length with brow-grazing bangs at the front.

Define those natural waves further with texturizing layers and sweep the strands sideward to achieve a feminine curly quiff.

10. Cropped Razor Cut

edgy hairstyle for over 60

Professionally done razor cuts are just perfect for the lazy bones out there. They produce wispy ends making thick tresses appear airy and light while the resulting texture can be life-changing for some ladies. Give this technique a shot if you want to take away the unnecessary bulk of hair.

11. Blonde Locks

edgy layered hair for over 60

Be that stylish old lady everyone talks about with these gorgeous golden locks. Layer the curls producing a cropped top that elongates towards the back creating a very subtle mullet-like shape. The sandy blonde highlights on a dirty blonde base are worth a shot too.

12. Pink Hair, Don’t Care

edgy hairstyle for over 60 women

Celebrate your womanhood with this edgy hairstyle ideal for lively ladies over 60. Choose any tone of pink you like including the dusty rose shade depicted here to add a refreshing glow to the face. Complete the look with a wedge haircut featuring long layers with very short hair at the nape of the neck.

13. Deep Red Bob

edgy pixie for over 60

Those who find pink hair too immature for their age can experiment with darker tones without worry. A deep red hair color goes perfectly well with all skin tones and creates an enchanting look that is impossible to ignore. A short round bob will be your ideal shot in any case.

14. Modern Wolf Cut

edgy mullet for over 60

Lying in between the mullet and shag is another sassy haircut for ladies getting on in years and is called the wolf cut. Get uneven choppy layers with a short top, a disconnected long back, and neatly clipped sides. Let those salt and pepper tresses shine!

15. The Lob

long edgy hairstyle for over 60

While bobs are the best option for women with thinning tresses, lobs can make jaws drop jaws too if you’ve got medium to thick hair. They are medium-length haircuts falling near the shoulders with or without layers. Shed off a few years with a golden blonde hair color.

16. Textured Pixie

short edgy hairstyle for over 60

A textured pixie is all you need when turning 60 or above. It is easy to style, adds a rejuvenating touch to the face, and looks modern without a doubt. Instead of going too short, keep the strands at medium length with delicate feathered layers all over the head. Sweep the hair sideward and voila!

17. Soft Layers

medium edgy hairstyle for over 60

Make a style statement with a long bob and subtle layers while framing the face with chic side-swept bangs. Accent your fair skin tone with a coppery rose gold hair color and you’ll love it. A good blow out will get you stunning results.

18. Wind-Swept Chop

messy edgy hairstyle for over 60

Keep it low maintenance yet lively with a classic boy cut featuring a long top that tapers gradually towards the sides and back. Comb the hair to one side or create edgy spikes using pomade on your fingers pinching the tips. A bit of a wind-swept mess is the exact target here.

19. Youthful Gray Hair

thin edgy hairstyle for over 60

Embrace your gray mane with pride by chopping it into a soft cropped pixie with baby bangs at the front. The short strands will create height on top resulting in a polished look that will surely set you apart from others. Simply wow!

20. Pinned-Back Curls with Bangs

edgy hairstyle for women over 60

Women who wish to rock a mullet but don’t want to chop their hair can turn their bob into a similar-looking edgy hairstyle ideal for older women over 60. Twist back the sides tightly assembling all the curls at the back. Tousle the bangs at the front hiding all your forehead wrinkles. Done!

21. Short Feathered Layers

edgy hairstyle for women over 60

Feathered layers have been popular since the 70s and many senior ladies of today may have rocked them with utmost confidence in their youth back then. Try them with a soft rounded pixie, subtle makeup, and chic earrings to give off some strong vintage vibes.

Show off your bold personality with any of the above-mentioned edgy hairstyles for women over 60. Remember to invest in your tresses to keep them healthy as no style will work on rough coarse hair. Also, learn to style your locks as a little effort will go a long way.