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23 Cute Hairstyles to Make the First Day of School Memorable

The first day of school is all about new beginnings! New classrooms, new supplies, new friends, and new experiences for which parents and their kids prepare weeks in advance.

But apart from these preparations and some encouraging words, make sure your little one looks her best with a cute hairstyle on her first day at school.

She needs to feel confident and happy when starting her big journey! And that’s why it is wise to decide on a hairdo beforehand instead of getting chaotic at the end.

There is a vast choice of hairdos available for young girls, but we have narrowed it down to 23 of the best hairstyles for the first day of school of your princess!


Little Girl Hairstyles for the First Day of School

From simple to elaborate, the following first-day-at-school hairstyles will help your little one make a good first impression. 

1. Pretty Pigtails

pigtails for first day of school

When talking about hairstyles for the first day at school, pigtails stand first on the list without a doubt!

They’re cute, classy, and ideal for taming all hair lengths and textures for the entire day. Style the tresses on both sides of the head into ponytails with a middle or zigzag parting and done.  


2. Lob + Bangs

first day of school hairstyle with bangs

A new school year calls for a new haircut. Turn your girl into a little fashionista by chopping her locks into a shoulder-length lob with minimal layers and bangs grazing the brows. Leave the hair simply loose or accessorize with pins and clips.


3. Short Natural Fluff

first day of school hairstyle for little black girl

One of the most common but cute African-American little girl hairstyles for school. African-American moms can keep their daughters at ease by snipping their kinky afro curls to just a few inches making their daily hair styling effortless.

Create multiple ponytails all over the head or add a cute little headband instead. Easy-breezy!


4. Carefree Curls

first day of school hairstyle for fine hair

If your kid has delicate natural curls there is no need to put unnecessary pressure on them with elaborate hairstyles.

Instead, ask the hairdresser for a nice trim with some face-framing layers and leave the strands to bend in all directions.


5. Space Buns

first day of school hairstyle with space buns

Space buns are the chicest of all! Create two ponytails and swirl them around to be secured with pins while sparing the bangs at the front to accent the face.

This hairstyle is ideal to protect long tresses as well as to delay a shower for a day or two. 


6. Side-Swept

first day of school hairstyle for little girls

Considering busy moms who don’t have much time for their kid’s hair styling, it’s better to keep the hair short for school girls as it does not tangle that much as compared to long locks.

Instead, opt for wispy bangs and a simple side parting. How about adding some pins at the front?


7. Sleek Bob For Little Girls

bob with bangs for first day of school

Bobs look as flattering on little girls as they do on young women. This look is ideal for those with naturally straight hair and can be achieved at home by snipping the strands equally at jaw length with or without bangs. Low-maintenance and stylish! 


8. Headband on Short Curly Hair

hairstyle for the first day of school

Headbands are by far the favorite hair accessory of all girls, being available in every size and color to match their dresses. They are ideal for keeping hair away from the face all day long. So the next time you are in a hurry, grab a headband on the way and voila!


9. Loop Buns

little girl hairstyle for the first day of school

Add a twist to those simple buns by pulling the hair halfway through the rubber bands, creating funky loops on both sides of the head.

Then, sweep the front strands on one side and place a cute little hairpin for a fancy finish. Adorable, isn’t it?


10. Pinned-Back

medium length hairstyle for first day of school

Another classic little girl hairstyle for their first day at school that never gets old!

Detangle the mane with a deep side parting and add oversized hairpins or ribbon clips on one or both sides of the face. It can’t get any easier!


11. Middle Part For School

long hairstyle for first day of school

Young girls blessed with long thick tresses can turn around some heads with soft layers on a U or V haircut. Tuck the strands behind both ears with a center parting, leaving them loose to sway with the wind, or try a chic low pony for a change.


12. Curly Twintails

first day of school hairstyle for little mixed girls

Although curls look the best when left messy, they can irritate your little one’s eyes during school time. Avoid that by applying some pomade to the hair and slicking it back into two or more ponytails at the back. Tada!


13. Simply Chic

first day of school hairstyle for blonde hair

Make jaws drop when your little princess enters the classroom by styling her long locks in a super loose ponytail dangling at the back. You can also tuck the hair inside a shirt for an ultra-modern look. Don’t forget the sunglasses!


14. High Ponytail

ponytail for first day of school

Sticking to the basics, a plain high ponytail is enough to make your kid look the smartest in her class. Tame the flyaways with some hairspray or leave them for a carefree appeal.

Finish off by wrapping a chunk of hair around the base of the pony and you are ready to go!


15. Front-Row Knits

braided hairstyle for first day of school

Who doesn’t love some braids? They are versatile and can be used to create countless unique hairdos every day.

Copy the look by entwining the front strands with or without a part creating a headband from your kid’s hair that won’t go anywhere the entire day.


16. Crimped Tresses

curly hairstyle for the first day of school

Every girl deserves a unique hairstyle for her first day of school. Turn your young lady into a cute little mermaid by crimping her tresses or braiding them overnight.

Twist the front chunks and add delicate pins. Set the look on fire with some vibrant hair chalk.


17. Plaited Buns

cute hairstyle for the first day of school

Remember Princess Leia’s all-time famous hairdo? There is no reason not to give it a try!

First, create two ponytails and braid them down before wrapping them around into two buns sitting on the top of the head. Finish off with a jumbo floral hairpin.  


18. Halo Braid Updo

braided updo for first day of middle school

Halo braids are dreamy, magical, and elegant all at the same time. Start braiding the strands from one side and continue while moving around the head or create two braids and swirl them along the hairline for a similar effect—top off the look with tiny beads or hair gems.


19. Classic Braids for School Girls

hairstyle for first day of middle school

One of the most common braided ponytail hairstyles for school-going girls. When you can’t think of anything else, detangle the mane with a middle part and braid it into two pigtails falling forward at the front.

Seems too boring? Incorporate extensions in any color your kid prefers to create an eye-popping hairdo that won’t be ignored.


20. Blonde Balayage

long hairstyle for first day of high school

Girls in their teenage years can rock their first day of school with a chic balayage. Choose a soft blonde tone and get the strands hand-painted while concentrating down the ends resulting in a seamless dark to light gradient. How about some face-framing money pieces too?


21. Peekaboo Hair

first day of high school hairstyle

Those who want to express their bold side from the very start can set step into their classroom with this wild hair idea.

The trick lies in separating chunks from behind the ears or a whole underlayer and dying it in a vibrant tinge to contrast sharply against the remaining natural hair color.


22. Elegant Twist-Back

half up hairstyle for the first day of school

Keep it elegant by twisting back the side locks and securing them in a low ponytail at the back. Next, place a jumbo bowtie on top of the hair tie and pull some strands loose to accent the face at the front. Gorgeous without a doubt!


23. Pull-Through Braid

pull through braid for the first day of school

Another hairstyle to help your kid steal the show on the first day of school. Create multiple ponytails splitting each around the one succeeding it, and continue doing so till the end.

Then, pull the sections loose for a bubbly appeal and your pull-through braid is done!


These hairstyles for the first day of school will surely make your girl feel special among her friends. When your princess will reach the last day of her school, you’ll look back at the pictures and smile.

So, choose the look that suits your little one’s energy and activities while keeping her comfort your top priority. Also, instead of copying the above hairdos, mix and match them each time to create a one-of-a-kind hairstyle.