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Last Day of School Hairstyles: Top 10 Styling Trends

The first days of school seem new and fun. And then, as time flies by, the last day of school soon arrives filled with tears and laughter.

A common thing between the first and last day of school is that every girl wants to appear picture-perfect to cherish these memories her entire life.

And that is why we have brought together 10 of the best last day of school hairstyles for those who are already planning their looks as they are about to end one journey and start another!


Hairstyles for Last Day of School

As you make memories on your last day of school, your hair must look good, just as it did on the first day! We have handpicked these hairstyles to make your last day of school memorable.

1. Classic Bun

high bun for the last day of school

With all the celebrations on the last day, long-haired girls should tuck their tresses away neatly to avoid a chaotic look when taking photos at the end. Instead, slick back the strands in a high ponytail and wrap it around into an elegant bun.   


2. Short Sleek Bob

bob cut for the last day of school

A new haircut is well-deserved as you say goodbye to your school. How about starting fresh with a short chop? Whether your hair is straight, curly, or wavy, a blunt bob at chin length with or without bangs is sure to grab some attention. Simply stylish!


3. High Ponytail

curly ponytail for the last day of school

Ponytails are popular among school-going girls because of their easy-to-maintain yet cute looks. A high ponytail is an ideal hairstyle for the last day of school. How? It is chic, easy to achieve, and suitable to hold the hair away from the face while making you look the cutest in class.

Remember to keep it as high and tight as possible without damaging the hair.


4. 90’s Vibes

layered hairstyle for the last day of school

Every girl is sure to rock this ’90s hairdo at least once during her school days. Add bouncy curls all over the head while keeping the bangs straight and sweeping them neatly on one side of the face. Use a good quality heat protectant to avoid any frizz while hair styling.


5. Half-Up Double Buns

half up hairstyle for the last day of school

Adorable, isn’t it? Steal the show by grabbing those front chunks and wrapping them around into one or two buns. Secure in place and add cute little bowties at the front. Pull out some tendrils to frame the face while leaving the remaining hair loose to sway with the wind.


6. The Lob

straight hairstyle the last day of school

Sticking to the basics, those who don’t want to complicate their look can keep it classic with a chic lob at shoulder length and some layering near the ends.

Opt for a side part tucking the strands behind both ears. How about setting the look on fire with some highlights?


7. Beach Waves

medium length hairstyle for the last day of school

Cool and effortless, these beach waves are to die for! Whatever the hair length, add curls and loosen them up by running your fingers through them to get an instant on-the-beach look. Tousle the hair every now and then with a side parting and see heads turn around you.  


8. Space Buns

space bun hairstyle for the last day of middle school

Another last day of school hairstyle that you won’t regret trying. Create ponytails on both sides of the head and wrap them around into funky space buns. Keep the look simple or add cute pins or a bowtie headband for some Minnie Mouse vibes.


9. Highlighted Afro Curls

black girl hairstyle for the last day of school

A bit of hair dye surely won’t hurt as you are about to leave school and go to college. African-American school girls can confidently show off their kinky curls by opting for soft layers with bangs.

Lighten down the front only or add highlights all over the head. Your call!


10. Pigtail Braids

braided pigtails for the last day of school

Wrapping it up, hairstyles for school are incomplete without these good old plaited pigtails. Start knitting the strands from the very front and continue to create two Dutch, French, or fishtail braids. Finally, incorporate some vibrant hair extensions for a pop of color that won’t be overlooked.


There you have it girls, all cute hairstyles to make you stand out on your last day of school. Keep it simple, classic, or a bit funky as long as you feel comfortable and confident but don’t overdo your hair as you will regret it later on!