10 Elegant French Braids to Wear with Curly Hair

For a gorgeous new hairstyle, why not try French braids with curly hair. The two styles complement each other perfectly, so you will look lovely. A stylish French braid can be used to give a special touch to any different hairstyle. This helps to make it the perfect style to wear to your next big event.


French Braids in Curly Hair

French braids are very easy to do, but curly hair can make them a little bit harder. You must either straighten your hair or make sure that you are pulling your hair taut whilst you are braiding it. This will help to stop your French braid from frizzing. Alternatively, leave your hair curly and only braid it loosely to create a totally unique messy braid hairstyle. The method that you choose will probably depend on the type of look that you are trying to create.


Messy French Side Braid

messy french side braid

Brilliant Braided Hairstyles with Curls

French Braid with Highlights and Lowlights

french braid with highlights and lowlights


Subtle Braided Crown over Glamorous Big Waves

braided crown


Sleek Blonde Hair with Fishtail Braid

fishtail braid hairstyles


Diagonal Braiding


Dual Braids for Thick Hair Types


Soft Braided Crown and Face-Framing Bangs

soft braided crown hairstyle

 Flawless Braided Crown Hairstyle Ideas

Braided Chignon


Medium Length Hairstyle with Subtle Braids

French subtle braids


Waterfall Braids for Wedding Hairstyle

waterfall braids for wedding

Waterfall Braid Ideas for Festive Look

If you want to add a special touch to your hairstyle, choose a French braid for curly hair. This lovely touch will make any hairstyle look more elegant.

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