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Two Tone Hair: How to Dye & 45 Ways to Style

Two-toned hair is basically exactly what it is named – the hair is two different tones and it’s usually done top and bottom, left and right or front and back, but there really is no set rules to two-tone hair besides having two colors in the hair.

two tone hair color

Implementing color into your style is a task that is not cut and dry. As a matter of fact, this leaves open a whole new set of rules when it comes down to how you color your hair and what color(s) you intend to use.
While many women opt to keep their hair shades on the natural side of the spectrum, there are those of us who like to go out on a limb and do something daring, having two-tone hair being one of them.

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DIY – How to Dye Two Tone Hair

A lot, if not most, two-tone jobs are done at home, mainly because it’s fairly easy to achieve. All you need is your hair colors(s), bleach (if your hair is brown or black), a comb, clips, shampoo, and conditioner.

Two tone Hair color idea

You will want to part the hair however you’d like for the two-tone to be, so if you want a top and bottom dye, then part the hair horizontally down the middle. If you want a left and right dye, part the hair down the middle vertically, and etc.


Here are some step-by-step instructions on how to achieve two-tone hair at home.

Lift your color if you need to by bleaching the hair. This is especially important if you want for your color to have a vibrant finish. Once the bleach is thoroughly washed out, apply your color(s) to the hair and let them sit for the allotted amount of time.

You may want to apply your base shade (darker color) first because that will take longer to set. Wait until your hair has reached its desired color, rinse and wash out completely followed up by a conditioner.


Best Two-Toned Hair Color Ideas

Now that you have a good idea on how to achieve this color trend on your own, here’s some inspiration with 45 of our favorite hairstyle ideas with two-tone hair color:

1. Teal and Blonde

two toned green and blonde hair

One of the best two-tone hairstyles is one that creates a great contrast. And the example above does exactly that. You need to dye your hair in a warm blonde color to recreate this look. Create wide teal sections and wave or curl the hair to highlight these colored pieces. 


2. Half Red Half Black

two toned split hair color

This two-tone hairstyle looks great, but you have to know that not all company rules agree with such colored hairdos. If you have a more relaxed workplace, don’t be afraid to try this combination. Part your hair in the middle and go for red and black hair. 


3. Pastel Mauve

two toned pastel hair

If you love experimenting with your favorite colors, pale mauve is still in trend. Get a long layered haircut and create a few wide creamy blonde highlights. If you want a great frame for your face, create a middle part and wear the hair on your shoulders. 


4. Salt and Pepper Hair

two tone hairstyle for older women

Those threads will beautifully blend with your dark, naturally colored strands as the hair becomes gray and whiter. Use a wide curler to create those loose waves and curls and style a part that goes slightly on one side. 


5. Golden Blonde and Dark Hair

two tone hairstyle for black women

Use your hair colors to highlight your gorgeous flawless skin. For the top and bangs, opt for a golden blonde color. Apply it only for the surface so the darker nuances will still be visible. For the back, keep your natural shade. Lastly, straighten your hair.


6. Dark Red And Orange

curly two toned hair

Instead of mixing two different colors, play with nuances from the same color range. In this case, go for a dark red color and create orange and vivid yellow highlights. Before pinning the hair in a low ponytail, use hair from one of the sides to cover a big part of the forehead and top. 


7. Ashy Black and Blonde

two tone hair with dyed streak on front

Another technique to create one of the best two-tone hairstyles is to spare your bangs when dyeing your hair in an ashy black color. As for the fringe, go for an ashy blonde that will fabulously complete your look, enlightening your face. 


8. Warm Ombre

two tone hair for young women

Starting from a brown ginger color for the base, create a two-toned hairstyle that transforms into a bright blonde. Using a brush when blowing your hair will get you that straight but slightly fuzzy look. You can also use a hairdryer that has an incorporated brush. 


9. Multicolored Hairstyle

two tone short hair

That dark purple is the base color for this hairstyle, and you can pull it off in the back. The asymmetrical bob will make things even more interesting as it has longer pieces in front. Dye the rest of the hair in a red color and create a section where the nuance is warmer, going orange. 


10. Brown Hair with Pink Highlights

two tone brown and pink hair

Creating more volume for straight hair is an easy thing to do. Use a small crimping iron. To make that two-tone hairstyle, you must use bleach for a few thick strands and apply a bright pink hair dye. Use shampoo and conditioner for colored hair to preserve the nuance.


11. Pink and Purple Two-Tone

Black and purple Two Tone Hair Color idea for girl

Purple two-tone hair has grown as a popular choice. Pairing it with pink makes a vibrant and fun finished product that is to die for.

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12. Grey and White Two-Tone

Grey and White Two Tone hair color idea

If you’re a big fan of grey hair, why not take it a step further by incorporating a block of white in there? This two-tone grey color is also great for women who are going grey but want a different option in terms of color choices that won’t leave them looking “elderly.”

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13. Dark brown and Grey Two-Tone

girls favorite Dark brown and Grey Two Tone Hair Color

The grey and dark brown two-tone is also a great option for women who are beginning to grey in the front of their hair and not the back. This short haircut gives the hair some badass vibes while the color shows off her personality.


14. Blonde and Brown

 Blonde and Brown tow hair color idea for you

Another more popular two-tone combination is pairing blonde with brown. More often than not you’ll see brown as the base color with blonde at the top, giving off a semi-ombre look without the actual “ombre.”


15. Pink and Black Two-tone

 Pink and Black Two Tone Hair Color idea

This playful yet badass hair color combo is a hit. The light pink softness counteracts with the dark black side of the hair, almost giving her a good girl/bad girl vibe. Maintaining a clear middle part is essential to achieving this look. While you’ll honestly only have to bleach the one side of your hair, it is important to apply each color evenly so that it doesn’t bleed into the other one.


16. Pink and Blue Two-Tone

Nice Pink and Blue Two-Tone hair color

Harley Quinn was getting a lot of play last year thanks to the new Marvel movie. Many women opted for this pink and blue two-tone in order to pay homage to the character.


17. Pink and Blonde

This pink and blonde two-toned hair color is beautifully done. The front has been colored pink and has some blonde intermittently throughout.

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18. Black and Blue Two-Tone

This dreamy blue sits like a beautiful puff cloud over her head. The combination of this vibrant blue with her black/dark brown hair is definitely jaw dropping as it compliments her skin tone and is far from overbearing.


19. Blonde and Red Two-Tone

 Blonde and Red Two Tone hair color for girl

If you’re a red-head looking to spice things up, why not try framing the face with some blonde? This red and blonde two-tone color idea will draw attention directly to your face since that’s where the highlight color sits. Not only will this brighten up your look, but it will also offer you some great variety in terms of styling.


20. Blonde and Blue Two-Tone

cool Blonde and Blue Two-Tone haircut

We love the vibrancy of this color combination and it’s clear to see why. This electric blue stands tall alongside its blonde companion, making it pop like never before.


21. Honey Blonde and Brown Two-Tone

Honey Blonde and Brown Two Tone curly hair

This adorable two-tone combo is a popular balayage option and can be achieved right at home, for the most part. Keeping your curly hair healthy once it has been bleached is very important if you want your colors to remain vibrant.


22. Blonde Bang Two-Tone

Blonde Bang Two-Tone hair color idea

If you want the two-tone hair look with only a fraction of the effort, then try just bleaching your bang. Not only will this draw attention to your face, but it will give you that two-tone look without you having to bleach a large portion of your hair in order to achieve it.

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23. Metallic Blue and Pink Two-Tone

This two-tone style features an ashy metallic blue and a peachy metallic pink color that intertwines so wonderfully. If you’re looking for a majestic color combination, then this may just be your best bet.


24. Orange and Black Two-tone

Orange and Black Two-tone color for black women hair

This fiery, rusty orange color couples beautifully with its black counterpart. This two-tone fro is definitely one after our own hearts and the overall awesomeness that this look portrays definitely makes this color combo one of our favorites.


25. Honey Blonde and Brown Tapered Two-Tone

This women’s tapered haircut rocks a two-tone so effortlessly as the top is bleached blonde while the remainder of the hair is left brown. This gives the style an almost naturally occurring blondeness that is seen among brunettes who spend a decent amount of time in the sun.


26. Dark Grey and Black

Dark black roots coupled with this dark blue grey is totally chic and beautifully done. Not only does this two-tone color combo look good on women of any age, but its timelessness also looks good in pretty much any style.


27. Black and White Two-Tone

Black and White Two-Tone hair color you love

As achieved by this wig, this black and white ombre two-tone is a gorgeous combination. Not only does it fade from black to white effortlessly, but it’s sleek and chic and can be rocked by women of any age.

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28. Grey and Green

Green hair never looked better, coupled with grey roots that make the color pop without being too harsh. The transition between grey and green is smooth and this two-tone hair color is definitely something to envy.


29. Blue and Purple Two-tone

Blue and Purple Two-tone hair color idea

If you love purple hair and want to spice it up a bit, add a splash of blue. Making your bangs blue will highlight the vibrancy of the purple and make it pop. Not only that, but coupling blues with purples is pretty much second nature.


30. White and Purple

White and Purple tow tone color idea for girl

Who doesn’t love a splash of purple, right? If you’re a platinum blonde lover then adding a hint of purple to the hair will definitely liven up your look. You can opt to place the purple right in the front as pictured or you could place it on the bottom for more of a peekaboo effect.


31. Two-Toned Pigtails

Young girls are the main candidates for wearing two tone hair like this one. It looks teenage, full of life, and it is quite eccentric. One half of your hair should be dyed in teal blue and other in purple. For the great party look, make two pigtails and secure them with colorful or neon elastics.


32. Lavender and Black Hair Halves

Lavender is surely a hair dye that will catch all the attention, wherever you appear. But dyeing your half is something that will definitely earn you popularity. While the lavender purple hair takes one half of your head, the classy black should be on the other side, making a perfect balance. Try it on long hair, the results will be perfect.


33. Copper Ombre

Ombre is one of the ways to get two tone hairstyles. It is simple yet very effective and also very attractive. You can wear this hairstyle, whether you have 13 or 33. It is very appropriate for workwear as well, so you don’t need to worry about the dress code. This copper shade is excellent for women with colder skin tone.


34. Two Tone Orange Hairstyle

Orange hair dye is definitely something we don’t see every day. However, this girl was brave enough to try it. Not only that, she decided to go for two tone hairstyles. Her fringes are made to go at sides, and they are dyed in platinum white. The rest of her hair is orange and styled with beautiful large curls.


35. Blue and Hot Pink Hairstyle

girl with two tone hair

Teal and pink make an amazing combination. It is great to try this combo when picking your next outfit. But, what about the hair? Teal and pink can make your two-color hair appear even more interesting than anything else. You can curl your bangs as well as the rest of your hair to get an amazing festival look.


36. Red and Platinum Combination

The bright chocolate red hair color is hard to maintain, but it is amazing to wear. You can absolutely make an amazing combination by mixing platinum blonde and red dyes together. This two tone hairstyle will result with great and quite eye-catching hairstyle, that no one will resist commenting.


37. Natural Black with Dark Pink Hair

This hairstyle is ideal for younger girls that still don’t want to dye their hair completely. So, make your hair look two-toned by leaving your roots untouched and natural, while dyeing ends in bright pink shade. Your hair will look appropriate still very eye-catching for all your friends.


38. Black Underneath

While it is typical for roots to stay dark and the rest of the hair to be lighter, this 2 tone hair shows us the contrary. Here you can see that roots and half of the hair are dyed in the golden blonde shade, while only a few strands of hair are dyed in black. Enough to make a statement!


39. Dark Root on Blonde Hair with Pink Strands

If you are not interested in making a complete two tone hair look, then you can turn to this example. While your platinum blonde hair is great and looking healthy, there is a small part that is dyed in pink. That strand makes your hair two-colored, but still great for everyday wear.


40. Pink and Orange Ombre

two tone pink and orange hair

Pink hair is eye-catching enough, but if you want to make it more attractive, combine it with orange. Yes, you have read well – these two shades are complementary to each other and make an amazing mix. Your future 2 tone hair should be bleached before dyeing it pink and orange, don’t forget that.


41. Mermaid Hairstyle

From regular golden blonde hair, you can get an amazing toned and summer-ready hairstyle. Mixing hair dyes is something great, so don’t run away from it. Purple, pink, as well as your golden blonde shade, makes an amazing colored hairstyle that reminds us of mermaids.


42. Burgundy and Red

Red is washed out easily, but the fact is that it looks wonderful on our heads. Dark red, aka burgundy, is located in hair underneath the first layer. It can be shown off when you make an updo or you wrap hair in a bun. This two tone hair coloring great for all girls who like to wear fiery red hair dyes.


43. Two-Toned Twists

Cornrows are also known as a protective style for all girls who want to keep their natural hair healthy. They are most popular among African-American women because cornrows represent a part of their culture. We should all thank them for introducing us to this style of braiding hair! These twists look more than interesting for daily wear.


44. Space Buns

Two-Tone Space Buns for Women

Space buns are one of the easiest and most fashionable styles to work with. They are great for both daily wear when you are at home, and for parties, festivals, etc. These buns can appear even more attractive if you decide to dye them in pink and yellow.


45. Box Braids Updo

Black Women with Two Color Braids

Braids on long hair will protect your hair, as well as make your summer outfits look cooler than before. Just dye some of your braids and go for some eye-catching shade, such as platinum blonde. Your two-toned hair never looked better.


No matter which colors you choose, the concept of the two-tone hairstyles is definitely one that is incredibly awesome when executed correctly. If you want to try a two-tone style but aren’t too confident in doing it yourself, head to a professional stylist with pictures of how you want your end result to look and they will take great care of you and your hair. Which color combination is your favorite?