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25 Fancy Hairstyles That’ll Grab Instant Attention

Outfits play an essential role in looking marvelous for any occasion. Makeup must be flawless, and the hairstyle should not look like a cuckoo’s nest on top of your head. A fancy-looking hairstyle can give you instant attention.

What Hairstyles Are Appropriate for Special Occasions?

fancy hairstyles

Whether you’re new to the world of fancy hairstyles or you just need a refresher, it’s helpful to know which styles are safe to add to the list of choices. 

They include:

Buns: low or high; chignon; twisted, coiled, or rolled; teased or slicked back; with or without braids that are either thin or large and loosened; face-framing tendrils or side bangs

Ponytails: curled or wavy; half or full; high up and draped over the shoulder

Braids: side braid, crown braid, or one single braid loosened for softness; French, Dutch, or fishtail braids

Loose: wear hair down but add curls or waves, or pin back one side with a pretty clip

Avoid hairstyles with unusual color (green, blue, etc.) or too many hair accessories.

What Are Fancy Hairstyles?

When you think of fancy styles, you probably think of updos. But they can also be short or long styles. Buns, braids, and ponytails are other examples.

Fancy hairstyles require a lot more time and attention than everyday hairstyles. Styling techniques like building volume, various braiding patterns, and alternative curling methods create intricate hairstyles.

There are guidelines for choosing the perfect fancy look. It should:

  • Frame your face
  • Be a color or tone that matches your skin
  • Feel right

Fancy Hairstyles

Our selection of fancy hairstyles includes all sorts of full buns, stylish braids, and ponytails that can be truly ravishing. You will discover here 20 fancy hairstyles that can save you in any situation.

1. Hairline Braid on Long Hair

Fancy hairstyle with crown braid

Whether your hair is shoulder-length or longer, a braid right along your hairline is just the detail to make it a fancy hairstyle in only a few minutes. Start at the midline of one side of your head, bringing the braid around to the other side and clipping it in place with a flowered or jeweled barrette. 

2. Pompadour with Bow 

fancy hairstyle with bow

When some women choose a pompadour hairstyle, they leave the teased volume to do the talking. Take your hairstyle one step further, though, by placing a colorful bow front and center. Bonus points if it matches your dress!

3. Tight Curls with Cornrow Braids

fancy curly hairstyle

For women with natural black hair, choose a fancy hairstyle that will flaunt that beautiful mane. This one lets tight curls flow loosely, while the front is a thick row of cornrow braids. To add a bit of color to your hairstyle, add a woven headband to lie right across your forehead.

4. Spiked Thick Box Braids

black women's fancy hairstyle

Another statement fancy hairstyle for women with natural black hair includes these jumbo box braids that stick straight out and up. If your hair is thick, it’s the perfect hairstyle to tame locks while still looking amazing. 

5. Pompadour with Braids

fancy pompadour hairstyle

Love a hairstyle that packs your long hair with detail? You’ll love this fancy do that includes both a cute voluminous pompadour and long braids. The sides can feature one or two Dutch or fishtail braids that flow straight back and behind ears.

6. Retro Look With Headband

fancy hairstyle for short hair

Opt for a retro fancy hairstyle for short hair by using a simple headband. When creating a glamorous hairdo, all you need is to use your imagination, and the outcome will be highly satisfying. Place the headband and start rolling your strands on it for a vintage look.

7. Chunky Braids

fancy hairstyle for long hair

Build a lot of volume for the top by creating small little bumps of hair. Gather your mane on one side. Also, opt for a fancy long hairstyle with some help from a fishtail braiding technique. Once you are done knitting, pull off the edges to obtain that chunky effect.

8. Fancy Braid

fancy braid hairstyle

A fancy braided hair like the one presented above can be easily reproduced. Create a slightly sided part for the bangs and let them fall on the corners to create that beautiful framing. Create a messy braid and wear it on one side, you will look remarkable!

9. Fancy Blonde Bun

fancy bun hairstyle

A fancy bun hairstyle is ideal for elegant parties, especially for glamorous anniversaries or weddings. Create a low bun in the back and pull off a few strands from the forehead. Let them fall on the face and use a shiny black decoration for the bun.

10. Curly Updo

fancy curly hairstyle

If you want to obtain a magnificent fancy curly hairstyle, toss the bangs on one side and build an enormous bun on top of the head. Make it look messy and you are ready to rock any party. You go, girl!

11. Fancy Hairstyle for Weddings

fancy updo hairstyle

This sleek fancy updo is gorgeous and will make any bride happy, glamorous, and astonishing. Nobody will be able to take their eyes away from you thanks to that beautiful bun. To obtain a royal look, place a diadem on top of your head.

12. Fancy Hairstyle with One Bun

medium fancy hairstyle

When you want a crazy hairdo that is ideal for themed parties or even Halloween, this medium length fancy hairstyle with a single bun styled on one side is a gorgeous pick. Place a micro hat near the bun and use make-up to build your look.

13. Twisted Braid

fancy half up half down hairstyle

A fancy half up half down twisted ponytail can’t go unnoticed, no matter the event you are attending. Take the top hair and split it into two sections. Roll and gather them in the back of the head, in a ponytail. Repeat the procedure for the pony.

14. Fancy Top Bun for Kids

fancy hairstyle for little girls

When you are searching for a fancy hairstyle for little girls, this half up half down hairdo will make her jump because of joy. Use the top hair to build a bun and secure it with a strand wrapped around it. Style her a few curls without damaging the hair with the iron by using styling rods.

15. Fancy Space Buns

natural fancy hairstyle

This natural fancy bun hairstyle is ideal for women with pale faces. Take the top hair and split it into two sections. Style two buns and create curls for the rest of your hair. You will look mesmerizing, and everybody will seek your attention.

16. Fancy Cornrow Braids

fancy ponytail hairstyle

This fancy ponytail hairstyle will make you look utterly ravishing. Start creating cornrow braids and tie them in the back, in a low ponytail. Spare a few strands and let them fall on the forehead.

17. Fancy 70s Hairstyle

70s fancy hairstyle

This 70s fancy hairstyle is ideal for you if you love high bangs, curls and pin-up looks. As a headband, use a red scarf and tie it on one side, so the knot gets to be visible. Complete the look with red lipstick and black eyeliner.

18. Fancy Braided Hairstyle for Black Women

fancy hairstyle for black women

When you are a woman whats to look fabulous, this hairdo was invented for you. If you have box braids, use them to build a big bun on top of the head and use a few braids that you can place on the forehead. This way, you will create a  fancy hairstyle for black women that everyone will love.

19. Fancy Braided Updo

fancy hairstyle with braid

Every time you are craving for a bun that is out of the ordinary, braided bun can come to rescue you. Opt for a French spiral braid that turns into a knitted bun, and you’ll get a fancy hairstyle with twists.

20. Fancy Dinner Hairstyle for Blonde Hair

fancy dinner hairstyle

This fancy dinner hairstyle is ideal for a night when your husband takes you out to an expensive restaurant and says he wants to spend some quality time with you. Well, you don’t want to look dull and unnoticeable in this fabulous moment, right?

21. Fancy Curly Low Ponytail

fancy hairstyle for thick hair

A fancy hairstyle for thick hair will undoubtedly give you an unforgettable appearance wherever you go. Your outfit won’t even matter because everybody will be starring at this chunky curly long beautiful hairdo.

22. Fancy Big Bridal Bun

easy fancy hairstyle

Opting for a fancy bridal hairstyle is never an easy thing to do. So many options… and they all look marvelous. But we are sure this one will stand out because it has all the perks: it looks ravishing and will not get in your way while dancing.

23. Braided Crown

fancy crown braids

It is so easy to style a fancy crown braid! Use the French knit and start from one side, making the braid around your head. Use bobby pins to secure the hairdo, and if your hair is too long, tuck it under the crown.

24. Fancy Hairstyle with Locs

fancy dreadlocks

Create an unforgettable look for an upcoming party or outside the festival, using some fancy dreadlocks. If you also want to add length, use silver hair extensions to build the locks. Tie the all in a bun and use white paint to create a design on your face.

25. Fancy Super Thin Box Braids

fancy hairstyle for women

If you want to add value to your hairstyle, box braids will help you get a striking look. Use thin white and purple hair extensions to build the braids and part the mane into two sections. Style two fancy space buns on top of your head and you will have a stunning appearance.


Let’s discuss the most common questions regarding fancy hairstyles.

Are fancy hairstyles formal?

Yes, these hairstyles are often categorized as formal looks. However, a special occasion is not a prerequisite for a fancy hairstyle.

What is the difference between fancy and professional hairstyles?

Fancy hairstyles are unique. They can be extravagant or decorative and rely on the hairstylist’s creativity and artistry.  Professional hairstyles are characterized as sleek and convenient.

Examples of fancy hairstyles are:
●  High buns and updos with accessories, curls, or braids
●  Vintage hairstyles
●  Large decorative braids with or without curls or accessories
●  Voluminous ponytails
● Hairstyles with large twists

Examples of professional hairstyles are:
● Low, sleek ponytails or buns
● Straight or curly hair with side parts
● Blunt cuts or bobs
● Sleek, tight side braids
● Simple wavy or tight curls

Are boho hairstyles and fancy hairstyles similar?

Fancy hairstyles and boho hairstyles are very similar. Boho hairstyles generally combine a half-up, half-down look with curls and braids. Like fancy ones, boho styles can be accessorized and require slightly more input than an average go-to look.

What is the perfect occasion for a fancy hairstyle?

There is no right or wrong place to dawn a fancy hairstyle. But, many people do not opt for an elegant hairstyle seven days a week.

There are some occasions and events where fanciers hairstyles are anticipated. Those occasions and events include: Weddings, Dances, Birthday events, Galas

Fancy hairstyles are ideal for essential moments in your life where you need to look your best. Besides the outfit that needs to look stunning, a haircut will complete the look and make you feel like a princess. The examples above are truly fascinating, and we’d love to hear from you to know your favorite hairdos. So tell us about your picks in the comment section!