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7 Classic French Twist Hairstyles for Every Hair Length

Thinking about doing a French twist hairdo for an upcoming event? This style can look so cute & appropriate for any upcoming formal or semi-formal events.

Let’s not forget to mention that it can be a five-minute thing once you get a steady hand! So, if you want something playful yet classy, this style is ideal for you! Why not try out at least one out of our seven stunning French roll hairstyle options? You are going to love them.


How to Do A French Twist Updo – Step By Step

How to Do A French Twist Updo Step By Step

Step 1: Start out with clean & dry hair. Make sure it is also as straight as possible since French twists can’t really stand and hold if you have long, curly & frizzy hair. So, blow dry & straighten your hair, while also using some frizz-fighting products.

Step 2: Clip the back of your brushed-through hair with several different bobby pins vertically. Secure the hair in the back by inserting the bobby pins one by one and place them in criss-cross motions. Secure about all of your hair backward, but leave some left & right pieces out to round up the look.

Step 3: Gather the leftover parts of your hair which you didn’t secure and pull them up across your head and hold them tight. Now insert the bobby pins horizontally in your bun to hold it down. Arrange your ends and let them free fall on the sides. A messy bun is always a good idea. If this doesn’t sound like your style, use some hairspray to tame down the ends and to get that professional and sleek look.


Watch The Following Tutorial to Learn How to Do French Twist Updo Hairstyle


Chicest French Twist Hairstyles

Our experts have shortlisted 7 most ravishing French twisted hairstyles for every woman to try.

1. French Braid Ponytail

french twist braided updo

Wondering how to do a French twist? Well, this haircut is ideal for younger women who have longer hair, and who love bold & unique hair looks. You can get several different French braids and wear them in a ponytail to your school or for any casual events.


2. French Twist Hairstyle for Short Hair

French Twist Hairstyle for Short Hair

In case you have short hair no worries; you can still do a classic French twist on short hair! This hairstyle is ideal for those who have an upcoming gala event, or who need something fancy and semi-formal. Simply gather all of your hair strands and connect them in a bun with several different bobby pins, just make sure your twisting motions are tight & firm.


3. Wedding Hairdo

french twist hairstyle for wedding

This beautiful French twist hairstyle can be your go-to if you are a bride-to-be! Women of all ages love it since it is quite elegant while not looking ‘too much’. If you have a wedding coming up, make sure you go with this as your choice.


4. Classic French Bun

french twist updo for long hair

Classic & super messy French twist updos will never go out of fashion. This chignon bun is work-appropriate, it can be worn by workaholic women, as well as busy moms. It only takes 10 minutes of your styling time, and is easy to do; just a bit of combing and teasing motions, along with some hairspray.


5. French Twist with Accessories

French Twist Updo for Short Hair

If you have short hair you can hide it by getting some bold statement accessories. These accessories can be attention-seeking and will add a lot of volume to your overall appearance. Women with thin hair can rock a classic French roll hairstyle, just as long as they can incorporate a sturdy hairpiece into their look.


6. Formal Hairstyle

french twist hair

If you have ombre highlights and you want to give them an additional pop; why not get a sideways French twist hairdo? This is super elegant and fancy, and it will look the best on women who have full hair highlights, and who are off to an extravagant wedding.


7. Side French Braid 

side french twist updo

Lastly, if you love playful hairdos why not get this romantic-looking side swept and criss-cross braided French twist updo? It is ideal for younger women who want to feel pretty on a daily basis, or when doing something semi-formal for birthday parties & similar events.


If you’ve had it enough with constant salon re-visitations and you don’t want to invest even more money to some hairstyles, why not learn how to do it on your own? Workaholic women can easily learn how to do a French twist on their own and can wear it from nine to five. Also, this hairstyle can be your go-to for some upcoming weddings, birthday parties, as well as more significant celebrations.