10 Stunning Short Twist Hairstyles to Copy

Even though short hair twist can seem like a non-innovative solution, many women tend to style their hair this way. Oh, trust us, short twists have many advantages. They are utterly stylish, convenient for many different occasions, and most of all they suit to all face shapes and hair colors.


How to Do Twists on Short Natural Hair

According to some hairstylists, twists can help your hair grow. There are many tested and proven ways for you to style your short hair and make it prettier and more protected with twists. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to make perfect short natural hair twists.

Start from Hairline to Nape

how to do twist on short natural hair

First of all, you should start by dividing your hair. The easiest way to do it is to make two sections – from your hairline down to the nape. Twisting now can be a much-relaxed thing to do. Many women have short thick hair, so this step should be crucial for helping them achieve the perfect twists.


Divide Sections

When you are done dividing your hair in two, now you should split it even more! Trust us, the more sections you have, the easier the twisting will be. Start with the hairline at the front – it is the best part of your hair to begin to work with. Don’t forget to finger comb every section before start twisting.

Now, it is the time to divide the small section that you have chosen in the previous step and to start twisting. Divide it into two equal parts and just twist them around each other. You can twist with the hand-over-hand movement, but it would be much easier to use your fingers only.

As you continue to twist your sections of hair, you should incorporate other hair parts. You don’t have to twist every hair section in the same direction.


Twist and Secure

short twists on natural hair

Don’t Pull Too Hard. Be careful – don’t be too harsh. Gently pull your hair, because the wrong amount of pressure can damage your hair. Repeat these steps over the entire hair.

Women with shoulder length hairstyles should secure their twists with butterfly clips of pins. Another option is to use oil or another holding agent. Make sure that the hair that is not attached to the scalp is secured. You surely don’t want to do it all over again, don’t you?

Now when your short twists are done, you can freely say to yourself – You rock, girl! There is no matter if you choose to wear your twists like an updo, for everyday occasions, or you are doing them just to protect your hair – they look pretty anyway.


Watch the Following Tutorial of How to Do two Strands Twists on Short Natural Hair


Amazing Short Twist Hairstyles

If you are in a lack of inspiration, or you want to see which are our favorite short twisted hairstyles, then let us guide you through our list.

1. Asymmetrical Twists

Asymmetrical Twists on Short Hair

Asymmetrical is always in style! No matter if it is a skirt, top or hairstyle. Although you might need a bit of practice to achieve this lovely and quite glamorous two strand twist on natural hair, the result will absolutely leave everybody breathless.

Unlike other twist hairstyles on short hair, here you should start from the nape. Divide your hair into sections and make sure they are not parallel, but left asymmetrical.


2. Flat Twist Updo

short twist braids for women

If you thought twists are not appropriate for special occasions or workwear, you were wrong, my dear. When done in a sophisticated way, you can wear them wherever you wish. Short twisted hair can be tucked in a French bun, even if it is twisted. These flat twists look very nice and modern.

You can wear earrings or a shiny necklace with this hair updo. It is perfect for both elegant occasions, as well as for workwear.


3. Casual Middle Part Hair

short kinky twist for curly hair

Twisted hair should be your trading mark. Especially if you plan to wear it every day for a long period of time. Twists on short natural hair will make your life so much easier.

You should divide your hair into two big sections, and then twist both of the sides until the ends which are separated from the scalp. For a typical youngish and modern look, wear big hoops.


4. Two Strands Twist

twists on short natural hair

For ladies who like to have their hairstyle always in order, there is no better solution than this one. Pixie bob hairstyle is upgraded with a short kinky twist. Not only it lasts for days, but this hairstyle is one of those classic ones – completely timeless.


5. Senegalese Twists

Senegalese Twists for Short Hair

There are many types of twists, but we can surely say box and Senegalese are the most popular and certainly the most loved ones. If you are rocking the medium bob hairstyle, then you should think about upgrading it to the whole new level – with short twists! This hairstyle is everything you will need to look gorgeous every day.


6. Twist Braids

While classic twists might be boring for you, these unequal ones will blow you away. For all women seeking for the unique and stylish look – this is a wonderful hairstyle for you.

Different thickness of your twists will give your hairstyle a more dramatic look, while you will surely be remembered as ‘the girl with perfect short twist braids.’


7. Gold Blonde Highlights

twist styles for short natural hair

Flat twists are another popular way to style your hair. If you have short hair and you like your style to be everything but boring, then you should try twists with highlighted ends.

You will need some time to practice, in order to get perfect twist styles for short natural hair, but in the end, it pays off!


8. Ready for Summer

If you are ready to twist your short hair and prepare for a hot summer, then this is the right place for you to find inspiration.

The hair is divided into two, but not in the way you are used to seeing. Instead of horizontal, the sections are vertical and so chic. Hair accessories are the must-have for this summer!


9. Curly Mohawk

short twist braids on side for women

This mini twist hairstyle looks a bit different than others, but it is certainly not less attractive. Nevertheless, this short hair twist style is great for all elegant occasions.

This hairdo is perfect for all women with a classy and polished style. You should use a curling iron or a wand for your bangs and twist the rest of your hair, making kind of a headband.


10. The ‘90s are Back!

twisted style for short curly hair

Oh, yes – the ‘90s are back not only in fashion and style but in hairstyle industry as well. Don’t be afraid to show off some volume and to dye your hair in the unexpected shade. This Nubian twist hairstyle is perfect for the upcoming summer and days spent on the beach.


Twists are not the easiest hairstyle to make, but once your practice is on the peak, you will realize why they are so popular. Hopefully, you liked these short twist hairstyles on natural hair we have shown you here. They are both classy and modern, youngish and appropriate.

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