How to Get Shiny Hair The Right Way

When your hair is shiny and glossy, it looks healthy and gorgeous, and it fabulously reflects light. We all want strands like this and there are a couple of things you can do to get shiny hair.

Hair masks, treatments, and DIY moistures can help you obtain that effect for your hair. Many products guarantee you that gloss, but the result is not the one they promise. This is why we want you to learn how to get shiny hair the right way. You will discover the best treatments, hair masks, and ideas that will make your hair look healthier and with that particular shine.

ways to get healthy and shiny hair


How to Get Shiny Hair

  1. Eggs are ideal if you want to make your strands look glossy. You can put some in a bowl, depending on the length of your locks. Beat the eggs, and spread the mix on your hair. Use a comb to make sure it is evenly distributed. Also, you can combine the eggs with other ingredients like avocado, olive oil, or honey and create a mask that is full of proteins and makes your hair grow faster, healthier, and with a ravishing gloss. Eggs are ideal for your hair because they nourish the strands and make the dullness disappear by magic.
  2. Use a gloss or a glaze. You can choose to visit the salon, or you can also do it yourself at home. Each option seals the hair cuticle and can help you make your hair shiny. It doesn’t even need to have pigment, to do its job wonderfully. You can find the products at the local drugstore or online.
  3. Opt for sulfate-free hair shampoo. Ordinary shampoos are full of salts and sulfate that make the hair look dry. They remove the natural hair oils that are quite beneficial for your scalp and hair, and we highly recommend you avoid them.
  4. Get shiny hair overnight by using an olive oil mask, which you can put on before you go to bed. Avoid the scalp and dip your tips in the extra virgin olive oil to get shiny hair. In the morning,  wash it off, and you will see a significant difference for the ends.
  5. Coconut oil is cheap and ideal for those who want to get that magnificent luster. You can use it every time you wash your hair and, from time to time, spread it on your whole hair and sleep without removing it. The next day, wash your hair twice with a mild shampoo.
  6.  Apple cider vinegar will balance your PH and add a gorgeous shine to your hair. Wash your locks, and don’t use conditioner. Rinse your hair with vinegar and let it stay for 5 minutes. Use cold water to remove the ACV. If you are worried about the smell, don’t; once your hair dries, you won’t feel that pinch.
  7. Anytime you are wondering about how to get shiny hair, we have one of the best recipes out there. You will obtain excellent results! It involves a ripe banana, two spoons of vinegar, olive oil, honey, coconut oil, mayo, and the star of the mix, the essential oils. Use peppermint, rosemary, and lavender, eight drops from each. They will help your hair in so many ways and will give the hair mask a great smell. Let it sink in your scalp and use plenty of this mixture for the tips because they’re the ones that need it more. Let it do its magic for one hour. It will make your hair incredibly silky and shiny.

Besides using hair masks and treatments like Cellophane and Cysteine, many women use silk pillows that are known to reduce frizz and give the strands a gorgeous shine.

Also, brushes are very important for several reasons: boar brittles better spread the natural oils on the hair while rounded brushes create tension when they’re being used.

Make sure you take into consideration these aspects whenever you want to get shiny hair. Try our tips and tricks and tell us in the comments which option you use and adore!