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20 Sleep-In Hairstyles That Will Keep Hair Looking Good in the Morning

If you’re tired of waking up extra early to spend hours styling your hair, this one ultimate hair hack can solve your problem: sleeping hairstyles.

From their name, these are hairstyles you can sleep in and wake up with perfect hair the next morning. All you need to do is take a few hours at night to style your hair and let the magic unravel the next day.

But why should you take the time to style your hair before bedtime? That’s because these hairstyles can:

  • Minimum to no styling needed the next day!
  • Help you save time and effort in the morning.
  • Protect your hair from rubbing, tangling, and pulling throughout the night.
  • Prevent breakage and split ends.
  • Keep your curly hair frizz-free.

In short, overnight hairstyles can help you say goodbye to bad hair days.

So what are you waiting for? Check out the cool bedtime hairstyles you can try.

Protective Hairstyles for Sleeping

Here are some of the best hairstyles for sleep-in that’ll keep your hair looking good in the morning.

1. Basic Ponytail

ponytail hairstyle to sleep in

If you’re running short on time at night, go for the easiest overnight hairstyle of them all: the basic ponytail.

This hairstyle is most beneficial for people who like to sleep on their tummy because it gets hair away from the face and pillow, reducing the risk of frizz and breakage.

2. Space Bun

space bun hairstyle to sleep in

A sleeping hairstyle for curly-haired ladies. This hairstyle promotes well-defined curls the next morning since the curly strands are wrapped around each other.

As a rule of thumb, the more buns you make, the curlier your hair will be. So create more smaller buns if you want to wake up with kinkier curls.

3. Side Braided Ponytail

casual braid hairstyle to sleep in

And if you want bouncier and bigger curls, a braided ponytail is exactly what you should go for.

We suggest going for this side ponytail version to prevent your hair from getting trapped in between your head and the pillow, which is the area where all the rubbing and pulling takes place.

4. Simple Straight Hairstyle

overnight straight hairstyle to sleep in

Even if you decide to skip the styling and just sleep with a simple straight hair, you still need to find a way to protect it.

You can do this by parting down your hair in the middle at the back. Afterwards, bring the two large sections to the front to keep them away from the danger zone.

5. Twisted Top Knot

high bun hairstyle to sleep in

The top knot is more than just an edgy hairstyle; it’s a protective and styling bedtime hairstyle too.

It’s a protective hairstyle because it places all your hair strands at the top of your head and away from your pillow (a.k.a. the danger zone). At the same time, it’s also a styling hairstyle because the twisting produces a voluminous wavy hair the next day.

6. Pigtails

pigtail hairstyle to sleep in

The pigtails are the perfect sleeping hairstyle for back sleepers because this hairstyle keeps your hair strands in front. As a result, your hair will look cute at bedtime and smooth and frizz-free the next morning.

7. Pineapple Hair

overnight afro hairstyle to sleep in

The pineapple hair is the best protective hairstyle for women with short kinky hair.

This hairstyle involves wearing a scarf around the roots of the hair which keeps the curly strands upright and away from the back of the head. Because of this, you can wake up with well-defined curls instead of frizzy and flattened curls.

8. Fishtail Braid

fishtail braid hairstyle to sleep in

Fishtail braids are more complicated to make than the regular braids, but they are worth it!

That’s because these hold up pretty well even if you toss and turn at night. Not only that, but the hairstyle also gives off a bohemian feel when it gets a bit messy so you can still wear it for a few more days.

9. Loose Braids

fancy hairstyle to sleep in

For big and voluminous wavy hair the next day, try these loose braids. Just make sure to spritz on an anti-frizz spray before braiding to protect the strands and prevent them from rubbing against each other.

10. Double Buns with Heatless Hair Curlers

two top knot hairstyle to sleep in

Thanks to heatless hair curlers, you can wake up with small spiral curls without exposing your hair to heat. You only have to wrap your hair strands around the curlers and you can already wake up with sexy and sultry spiral hairstyle the next day.

11. Half Top Knot

half up hairstyle to sleep in

The front strands are the most vulnerable part of your hair when you’re lying down, and this half-top knot is your best option for protecting them.

Since the strands are placed at the top of your head, they are far from the danger zone. Moreover, the twisted bun will also boost your hair’s volume.

12. Knotless Braids

protective hairstyle to sleep in

If you’re looking for less painful protective hairstyles for your natural hair, try knotless braids. This method doesn’t involve adding extensions directly at the roots, so there’s less tension and pressure at the scalp.

Don’t forget to apply a leave-in conditioner to prevent dryness when sleeping with braids.

13. Wrap Hairstyle

wrap hairstyle to sleep in

The challenging thing about short-layered haircuts is you can easily mess up the layers during your sleep. Not only that, but the shorter strands are more fragile and prone to breakage.

Wrapping your hair with a large scarf is the best way to protect those gorgeous layers at night.

14. Loose Halfdo on Wavy Hair

casual bedtime hairstyle

If you sleep with your face flat on your pillow, you need to pay extra attention to your front strands. You can let your waves loose and flowy, but you’ll have to pull your front strands into this loose half-up half-down hairstyle to prevent them from rubbing against your pillowcase.

15. Curly Bun + Bandana

curly hairstyle to sleep in

Keep your beautiful curls away from harm’s way with this high bun and bandana duo. This hairstyle is best done while the hair is still damp, so you can still lock in the moisture, secure your curls, and minimize frizz.

16. Low Side Ponytail

overnight side ponytail hairstyle to sleep in

If you lie on your back, your hair strands are more prone to breakage since it’s exposed to the continuous rubbing between your head and pillow. This side ponytail reduces hair damage by keeping your hair away from that danger zone.

17. Braided Pigtails

overnight pigtail braid hairstyle to sleep in

Combining the protective pigtail hairstyle and the stylish braided look, the pigtail braids is one of the best hairstyles to sleep in.

The pigtail protects your hair from damage from all the rubbing and tangling going on while you sleep. On the other hand, the braids give you natural-looking curls when you wake up.

18. Afro Puffs

low bun hairstyle to sleep in

These Afro puffs work the same way as the space buns in keeping the hair up and out of the way of your pillow.

Since the buns protect your hair from friction and the weight of your head, you’ll enjoy well-defined and smoother curly hair the next morning.

19. Low Bun

low bun hairstyle to sleep in

Sleeping in a low bun is a foolproof way to create fabulous curls without heat.

The rule of thumb is that the bigger the bun, the wavier it will look. With that said, go for a single low bun if you want wavy hair, and opt for two smaller low buns if you want a curlier look.

20. Side Ponytail + Turban

bedtime ponytail hairstyle

If you have curly hair or hair that’s prone to frizz, a side ponytail wouldn’t be protective enough.

To fight off unwanted frizz, you may need to wrap your hair with a turban to add a protective layer between your hair and your bedding, reducing friction and frizz.

We recommend adding a restoring mask before wearing the turban so you can wake up with healthy and moisturized strands.

With these sleep-in hairstyles, you can protect your hair strands from the stress and friction they are exposed to when you toss and turn in bed. And when done right, they can also set the foundation for beautiful curls or fabulous waves for the next morning.

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