25 Side Bun Hairstyles for Women to Burn the Floor [2019]

When it comes to the buns, the side bun is the upgraded and more stylish version of the regular top bun. It brings a dose of femininity, softness, coolness and retro beauty. The side bun hairstyle is a nice and beautiful style that can be done with all types of hairs and colors. The only requirement for this hairstyle is the length of the hair.

Ponytails, top knots, and buns are among the most popular casual hairstyles among girls and women. They are the perfect solution for those with long hair. making a pony or a bun is super easy because it does not require any special skills and time. All of these hairstyles vary in the visual form, meaning that they can be easily transferred from a messy to an elegant one and vice versa.


How to Do A Side Bun

how to do side bun

Doing a side bun is very easy and quick. It can be done with straight and curly hair and the looks will be beautiful. If you are doing your bun at home, then you only need a brush, a hair band, and a few bobby pins. Pull the hair back, to the side and tie a low ponytail. You can do that with a middle, side or no part.

When the pony is wrapped, take the rest of the hair and wrap it in a bun. This can be done in different ways. You can twist the hair, braid it, or just roll it – it will only affect the final look of the bun. As soon as you do that, fasten the bun with another hair band and pins. Depending on the look you want to achieve, you can fix the front hair with hairspray or pull out some hair to the side for a messy look.


Watch The Following Tutorial to Learn How to Do Side Bun within A Couple of Minutes


How to Style A Side Bun in Short Hair

side bun for short hair

Women with short hair cannot do a side bun style without weave because it requires the hair to be at least shoulder length. This means you need to have hair material to do a nice bun on the side, otherwise, you will not get the desired look and effect.

As mentioned before, doing a bun on a short hair is a bit difficult but not impossible. What you should know is that the side hair bun on the short hair will have a different look than the one done a long hair. But, if you still want to this-this type of the weave bun, the process is pretty much the same.

First of all, decide where do you want to position your bun. Then decide how you will wear it, in term of having or not having a part. When that is decided, pull the hair to the side. Depending on the length or your short hair, you might not need the hair band to tie a pony, just pins. If that is the case, create a bun that will be fixated with pins. It will look cute and interesting.


Watch The Following Video to Learn How to Do and Style Soft Side Bun for Short Hair


Mesmerizing Side Bun Hairstyles

The beauty of the side bun is undeniable. It is attractive and noticeable from afar which speaks for the effect it has on your look. Those who are still thinking about trying some of the looks with a bun on the side should start with some basic versions of it.

Stand in front of the mirror and try different options of the bun so that you can see which one suits your best and what is doable with your hair type. The practice will end with perfection. Below we have handpicked 25 alluring bun hairstyles that you must try out.

1. Twisted Side Bun

Twisted Side Bun

This twisted side bun is done with long blonde hair. Pull the hair to the side and wrap a pony. Then, with separate the pony in several pieces, twist each of them and wrap it around the band. Loosen them as you are finished for a fuller look.


2. Sleek Side Bun

Sleek Side Bun

Sleek roll up buns have many different looks and this one is very rare but effective. The hair is pulled and combed back very sleek, and the bun is made horizontally, like rolling a wrap from outside to the inside. The ends are fastened with pins.


3. Side French Braid Bun

low bun with side french braid

Another sleek and official look is the side bun hairstyle with a side French braid. The braid is big and voluminous, starting from the top and transforms in a bun.


4. Side Fishtail Braids

side bun with fishtail braid

Fishtail is the upgraded version of the regular French braid. It is positioned at the side, starting from the top and ends in a pretty side braid bun, nicely defined.


5. Highlighted Curls

Side Bun with Highlighted Curls

If you want to achieve a look where your bun will look very curly and interesting, the first thing you need to do is to curl your hair. when that is done, pull it to the side, tie a low pony and create an unordinary bun.