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15 Best Curtain Bangs For Men to Try in 2024

Curtain bangs got popular among men in the late 1980s to early 2000s. From Hollywood heartthrobs like Tom Cruise to soccer star David Beckham, most public figures seem to be sported this cool hairstyle.

Now, the curtain back is coming back due to the popularity of K-pop and TikTok as a general revival of 90s fashion. Therefore, this haircut has become popular among the youth to frame the face or even create the illusion of a fuller head of hair.

So, if you are looking for some curtain bangs inspiration, we have listed the trending styles.

Cool Curtain Bangs for Guys

Regardless of your hair type and length, curtain bangs can easily suit your desired look. So, if you’re looking for an effortless change to your appearance, consider trying out any of the following curtain bangs hairstyles for men.

1. Curly Curtain Bangs

curly curtain bangs for men

It is perfect for young men with long hair. Unlike regular curtain bangs, this style contains a long fringe styled into a sweeping curtain shape.

The loose twisty hair keeps the manly bangs in place. Therefore, men with natural wavy curls can do this style easily.

2. Red Hued Bangs

colored curtain bangs for men

Men with thick silky hair will find this style effortless as they don’t need to take any extra care of their hair. Keeping the bangs in long layers is good enough while red highlights give a sharp look.

3. Dread Curtain

dreads with curtain bangs for men

Oval to rectangle face-shaped men with dreadlocks hair always remain in confusion about their hairstyle. Trying a dead curtain bang may remove all the confusion for them. Usually, the dreads are grown on the sides to create a curtain of dreadlocks hanging around the forehead.

4. Messy Fringe

man with curtain bangs

This is actually an Asian-inspired two-block cut blending with a wispy bang and gap in the middle. The block cut helps get a neat look while the wispy style gives volume to the front.

5. Middle Parting

man with curtain bangs

You can get this middle part look by applying a generous amount of hard-holding gel and distributing it evenly. After that, part the hair in the middle and comb to both sides.

Finally, curve the fringe using your fingers.

6. Long Feathered Curtain Bangs

long hair with curtain bangs for men

This long hairstyle is especially popular among young Asian guys and can be achieved by simply growing out the hair and cutting the front into a curtain shape. Trim the edges with scissors, and then use a blow dryer to create the desired texture.

7. Blond Curtain with Undercut

curtain bangs hair for men

It features a low undercut with a long top with puffy curtain bangs that gives a softer look. The fade at the sides helps to create a nice contrast between the longer top and the undercut.

8. Shaggy Bangs

man with shaggy hair with curtain bangs

A shaggy hairstyle for men was popular in the 70s, and combining wispy curtain bangs can get you an even more defined and edgy look.

This messy curtain bangs hairstyle requires medium-length hair cut asymmetrically, with the fringe cut shorter. The overall look is casual and messy, making it a great choice for guys who want a bring back the 70s style.

9. Bowl Cut + Side Parting

short hair with curtain bangs for men

The bowl haircut remains longer on the top, the curtain fringe hangs down on both sides of the head. But the edges are kept slightly short for a more polished finish. It looks good on round-faced men.

10. Lifted Curtain Bangs

blonde curtain bangs for men

It is perfect for men who are eager to add a bit of volume and texture to their hair without compromising the casual look.

The sides should be kept short and tapered, while the top left longer, and the front should be cut into a fringe that is slightly longer than the rest of the hair. To finish off the look, you can use a light-hold hair spray to keep the fringe in place.

11. Mullet + Long Bangs

layered hair with curtain bangs for men

Anyone looking for an edgy look, this mullet with curtain hairstyle would suit them. It involves the slight layering of the hair and having long bangs that are hanged to the sideburns. The back of the hair should be kept long to give it a textured look.

12. Wavy Curtain Bangs

long curtain bangs for men

You can get this look with a classic deep middle part hairstyle. Take small sections of the front of the hair and cut them into wavy layers that hang down slightly over the cheeks.

Make sure that the layers gradually taper off in the back. Anyone with a rectangular face can make themselves look bold with a beard.

13. Long Layered Mullet

mullet haircut with curtain bangs for men

Start by combing the hair back and away from the face using your hand, then section off the top and use a bit of soft gel to give your hair a tousled, slightly messy look.

Part the hair down the middle and create medium bangs that go down to the eyebrows. For the long mullet, use a comb to create a gradual slope from the nape of the neck.

14. Undercut with Centre Part

curtain bangs with undercut for men

It combines a classic undercut with a curtain style that hangs down on both sides of the forehead. It results in a stylish, modern, and edgy appearance. Further, this hairstyle can be suited to any face shape and is perfect for men who want to wear formal dresses.

15. Thick Tapered Hair

curtain bangs for men

This look is created by parting the hair in the middle and styling it into long, layered bangs that are tapered at the sides.

To achieve the look, the layers should be cut to create a soft, textured look and trimmed the ends to get a tapered shape. It looks perfect with a clean, shaved face.

With its versatile and simple look, curtain bangs can be adapted to suit any hair type and length, making it a great option for men of all ages.