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9 Ways to Conceal or Get Rid of a Cowlick

If you loathe your cowlick, whether it’s above your forehead, near your neck, or centered on your scalp, you’re not alone.  Many men and women hate their cowlick, but there are ways to get rid of the cowlick. In this article, you can learn a bit about cowlicks and maybe find the perfect solution to this pesky problem.

Can You Get Rid of a Cowlick Permanently?

Sadly, no. You cannot get rid of a cowlick permanently; you can only reduce the appearance, temporarily change the strand direction, or disguise it.

But luckily, there are many tricks to do these things discussed below!

How to Get Rid of Cowlick (For Both Male and Female)

All the women and men fighting their cowlick every day can rejoice. Here is a list of the ten best ways to get rid of your cowlick and love your hair again!

#1. Hair Products

Ways to Get Rid of Cowlick - Hair Products

Hair products are probably the number one way to combat cowlicks. There are many options out there, but essentially, you can use any product that has a decent amount of hold. So this will include hair gels, hair sprays, hair putties, pomades, dry shampoos, and hair creams. 

The best product for your cowlick will depend on the texture of your hair. For thinner hair, you should use lighter products that won’t add weight, like dry shampoos and hairsprays. For thicker hair, gels, pomades, creams, and putties will work better to tame the cowlick and keep it hidden. 

#2. The Squish Method

The squish method is what many professional hair stylists do to reduce the appearance of cow licks. Mastering this technique takes some practice, but once you get it down, it’s super easy to incorporate it into your daily routine to get the bedhead cowlick out of your hair. 

Using one hand, press down the cowlick, so the hair goes in the opposite direction. Then, using your other hand, squish down and firmly squeeze the middle of the hair strands that are guilty of forming the cowlick. 

The key is to squish the middle of the strands below the root, don’t squeeze the root as this won’t hold. 

#3. Apply Heat

Ways to Get Rid of Cowlick - apply heat

Applying heat to a cowlick is one of the best and most trusted ways to get rid of a cowlick. You can do this with a blow dryer or a flat iron, and you can do it to wet or dry hair. When using a blowdryer, a concentrator attachment can be a huge help. 

Whether wet or dry, brush your hair in the opposite direction of the cowlick as you apply the heat. And for a flat iron, just straighten and heat the area and try to pull it down, starting as close to the root as you can without burning your scalp. 

#4. Change Directions

Ways to Get Rid of Cowlick - Change Directions

For an easier method, you can simply comb or brush your hair in the opposite direction every time you fix your hair. This method is usually more effective for heavier, longer hair, but it can work with all hair types if you’re persistent enough. 

Whatever the natural direction of your hair is, forcefully brush in the opposite direction as often as you can. Not only will this fix the cowlick in the moment and for the day, but it will also work to train your hair to set in the direction you want. 

#5. Find the Right Cut

Ways to Get Rid of Cowlick - Haircut

Finding the ideal cut for your hair can be a simple solution to fix your cowlick dilemma. For men, it can help to cut your hair short, even into a buzz cut, eliminating the cowlick. Men and women can go the other way and grow their hair out more. 

Longer hair is heavier and can weigh down the swirl of the cowlick, so it’s less noticeable or not there. But when you grow your hair, this typically means you’ll have to do a bit more work to maintain it, like using hair products, styling tools, or combing it a certain way. 

#6. Hair Clip Tricks

Ways to Get Rid of Cowlick - Use No Crimp Clips

There are no-crimp hair clips that you can place in your hair for as long as possible before heading out. To use these, pin the hair in the opposite direction of the cowlick swirl.

After leaving it in for a while, when you remove the clip, the hair should hold in place, eliminating the cowlick. This method works excellently when combined with heat application or a spritz of water.

#7. Use a Root Brush

Ways to Get Rid of Cowlick - Use Root Brush

Root brushes are an impressive hair tool designed to change the direction your hair grows. They can help change the growth even after just one use. Root brushes feature nylon bristles, which are gentle and prevent snagging.

The more often you use the brush, the more quickly the direction of growth will change, helping to reduce the appearance of your cowlick so you can be more confident.

#7. Bobby Pin Hacks

Ways to Get Rid of Cowlick - Use Bobby Pins

Bobby pins can be a secretive way to get rid of your cowlick. Find bobby pins that perfectly match your hair color and use them to pin down the cowlick bangs close to the root. Usually, you only need two to four bobby pins to make this work. 

Use the rest of your hair to cover the bobby pins so you can’t see them, and everyone will think you have perfect hair! This method works best with longer hair as it’s easier to hide the bobby pins the more you have. 

#8. Wet the Cowlick

For an easy and affordable alternative to using hair products, you can just use some plain water to wet the cowlick and try to keep the hair in place. When doing this, it’s best to use a spray bottle, so you have more control over which area of your hair you wet

The temperature of the water doesn’t matter, but some people swear that hot or warm water works better than cool or cold water. You should apply water to the cowlick area as you brush or comb it. Don’t be afraid to use a lot of water here, as the hope is that the hair will dry in the direction you brushed it. 

#9. Change Your Part

Ways to Get Rid of Cowlick - Change hair part

If you have a middle part, it can help to hide the cowlick by shifting the part to the left or right side. And if you have a part heavily on one side, try moving it to the middle or the other side. 

You may feel awkward when you first do this, but that’s because people are so used to seeing their hair parted one way. But changing your hair part can give you a fresh new look, and you may find a better way to frame your face while disguising that pesky cowlick. 


Below are commonly asked questions about cowlicks. 

Where do people usually get cowlicks?

The most common cowlicks are at the crown of the head, which is the top of the head. But they can be above the forehead or down by the neck. 

Can people with curly hair get cowlicks?

Yes, people with curly hair can have a cowlick. Any texture or length of hair can have a cowlick. 

Do cowlicks get bigger as we age?

No, cowlicks do not change over time, so they will not get bigger or worse as you age. Sometimes in older men, it’s just more noticeable when people start to lose hair. 

Do men get cowlicks more than women?

No, both men and women get cowlicks equally; most people have one. Cowlicks on short male hair are just usually more noticeable.

As mentioned, most people have cowlicks, so no need to feel like an abnormality or anything. It’s nothing to be ashamed of. And with these tricks, you can get rid of it and pretend you don’t have one!

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