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The 7 Best Cowlick Bangs for 2024

Cowlick bangs can represent trouble in the early mornings. Yes, girls with cowlicks should take more time to style their hair before work or school. However, with our guide and hairstyles, everything will seem more manageable for you.

Bangs are incredibly cool and timeless. They are always in style, and no matter how old are you, you can still rock them. Cowlicks and uncooperative hair can make things difficult but don’t worry.

We are here to show you how you can style your bangs with cowlicks and make them work for you. Before that, if you were wondering how cowlicks appear, we have the right answers.

What Causes Cowlicks?

causes of cowlick

Usually, the hair on your head should go three directions – forwards, backward, and to the sides. However, you can’t really choose or affect where your hair will go. Cowlicks often choose their own directions, and that is when all the trouble started.

Cowlicks got their name for the swirling pattern made by cows when they lick their calves. Cowlicks are mostly caused by the hair confusion where it needs to be – backward, forward or to the sides. They appear very early, and once you get it, there is no turning back or making them totally disappear.

Cowlicks are something that you learn to live with. They can go clockwise rotation or counterclockwise – the first ones are more common among both men and women.

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How to Fix a Cowlick

How to Fix a Cowlick

Just to make one thing clear – there is no way to fix cowlicks permanently. However, if you have cowlick bangs or your hair decided to grow in their own way, and you are looking for a way to fix it, here are some things you need to do.

  • To make cowlicks work for you, you will need a flat brush. You take that strand of a hair, near the roots, and blow-dry it in a few directions, applying the wrap technique.
  • Even after you have flattened your cowlicks, no matter where you have them on your hair, you should make sure they will stay in place. Add a balm or some other products that will make them a bit greasy but in place.
  • This is an old but proven technique to fix your cowlicks. After pomade, you can secure it with some bobby pins and leave them in place for some time.

Watch The Following Tutorial to Know about How to Fix Cowlicks

How to Style Cowlick Bangs

how to style bangs with a cowlick

These are some of the best tested-and-proven tricks for styling your cowlick hair with bangs. You can now fix your hair in no time. If you want to style your cowlicks bangs, you definitely don’t need to wet your whole hair. Simply use a spray bottle and wet the parts you want to style. In this case, make sure your bangs are completely wet so you can style them better.

To assure your bangs will stay in place, apply some of the holding products. For instance, gel or pomade can do a perfect job here. They will add a bit of texture in the root area and make it easier for you to style it. Brush your cowlick bangs and dry them, by holding your blow dryer down against the hair. You should work on the roots.

Secure the cowlicks with a bit of hair spray. Don’t overuse it though or your hair can look a bit greasy. After all these steps, your bangs with cowlick hair should work for you!

Following Video Shows How to Style Bangs with A Cowlick

Amazing Cowlick Bangs Hairstyles

These girls have problem with cowlicks. However, by styling them right, they always manage to hide that imperfection. Check out these hairstyles for inspiration.

1. See Through Bangs with Cowlick

See Through Bangs with a Cowlick

Sometimes, you don’t need to hide cowlicks. You can embrace them and try to wear them in the best possible way. For instance, if you have bangs and they look separated because of cowlick, try to wear them exactly like the middle part bangs on the image.

2. Side Part Bob

cowlick bangs with bob

You can twist your cowlick bangs with brush and your blow dryer. That is how you will get volume instead of cowlicks. This technique is great for elegant occasions.

3. Baby Bangs

cowlick bangs for short hair

If you have curls, that doesn’t mean you can’t wear short chopped bangs. Even if your bangs have cowlick characteristics don’t worry. Curls and working styling can soothe and hide that imperfection in a minute.

4. Full Bangs

full cowlick bangs for women

Orange is not a typical hair color. However, once you pick it, you will definitely adore it. You can leave your roots black and make it look even more exciting. When it comes to cowlick bangs, you can be sure they will disappear, even for a day, if you style your bangs straight with a blow-dryer and a brush.

5. Side Bangs

cowlick side bangs

The side bangs are fresh and versatile. Most of the girls wear them with layered haircuts and medium length. The thing about them is that you need to trim them regularly not to lose the shape. Even if you have cowlicks, side bangs are great for styling.

6. Long Bangs

woman with long cowlick bangs

You can wear your fringes long or short. Some girls prefer to wear them layered and overgrown. They will still frame your face and make your hairstyle look great. Bangs with cowlick hair like this are very easy to maintain.

7. Long Brunette Hair with Cowlick Bangs

Brunette Hair with Cowlick Bangs

Brown hair is equally looking nice as blonde or auburn. Especially if it is natural. Then you can expect some real highlights to happen. Cowlick bangs are styled straight curtain bangs so you can be sure they won’t move or twist again after some time wearing it.


Here are some commonly asked questions regarding cowlick bangs.

What is a cowlick in bangs?

Cowlicks are sections of hair that grow in a different direction than the rest of your hair, often in whorl patterns.  Cowlicks most commonly occur on the back of the head, but they can be at the crown of your head, resulting in cowlick bangs.

Can I have bangs with a cowlick?

Yes, you can have bangs with a cowlick. You just need to make sure that you have a hairstyle that suits your particular needs. Some cowlicks in bangs work well with side-swept bangs, while others work best with textured straight bangs.

Depending on the location of the cowlick in your bangs, you may be able to style your bangs into the desired position while your hair is still wet or with the use of products.

Are cowlicks permanent?

Yes. While hair types can change when there are significant changes in hormones, such as during puberty or menopause, cowlicks are generally permanent. However, just because you can’t get rid of your cowlick doesn’t mean you can’t learn to work around it.

Can cowlicks be fixed?

Yes. You can fix your cowlicks with heat or products to manage your hair.  If you don’t want to use harsh temperatures or products, you can grow your hair out, so the extra weight will allow your hair to fall into the correct place, or you can use volumizing products to work with the direction that the hair in your cowlick is growing.

Will curtain bangs look good with cowlicks?

Yes, curtain bangs can look good, even with cowlicks, but they take more work. Curtain bangs will not be natural or effortless if you have cowlicks, but it is possible to train your hair to fall into the correct position for curtain bangs with the right tools and techniques.

As you can see, cowlick bangs exist, and they don’t look all terrible. Hiding cowlicks are more than possible with the tricks we have shown to you. Be consistent and believe us, it will only take minutes of your time to make your hair look gorgeous.

Paula Halbach

Wednesday 8th of March 2023

Appears most of these pictures are of women with plenty of hair. I'm 58 yrs old so my hair is thining and I already have fine hair. It is mostly straight on the top layers but with an undercurrent of waves (s curls). That is during the winter dry air months. Once humidity comes back into the air my hair turns frizzy and with more S curls. I'm orginally a red head but since the pandemic I stopped coloring it. So I no longer get the extra volume that the coloring chemicals provided. I would love to be an example of how a regular person (non-celebrity) could get a cut that's easy to style on her own.

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