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15 Startling Japanese Pompadour Hairstyles for Men

Pompadour hairstyle has returned back from the 80s as celebrities like Elvis Presley and Robert Wagner used to wear it as their signature looks. However, a completely different version of pompadour can be seen that is worn by Japanese men.


Unusual Japanese Men’s Pompadour Hairstyles

In this article today, we will talk about 15 types of Japanese pompadour hairstyles that one can wear.

1. Side-Swept Pompadour

side swept pompadour

This hairstyle is a basic Japanese pompadour which has hair swept on one side with fingers run into them. The sides are trimmed into a tapered fade which is connecting to the beard on the face. This hairstyle is suitable for men that have thin textured light hair.

Side  Swept Undercut for Men


2. Bleached Highlights Pompadour

pompadour with highlights for japanese men

This style of pompadour for Japanese men is the latest upgraded version as it gives one a modern look to wear. The hair has bleached highlights that are slicked back into a net wavy look of the hair. The side hair is trimmed into a tapered undercut to make the haircut look edgier.


3. Low Faded Undercut Pompadour

pompadour undercut with fade

This is the basic version of the Japanese pompadour style that has hair combed back neatly with the sides completely tapered. It has a puffy look in the top hair almost like a shape of the top part of an egg.





japanese rockabilly pompadour

Instagram / eitarosako



japanese pompadour of 80s

Instagram / dann_barbershop



japanese pompadour mullet

Instagram / dann_barbershop



japanese pompadour hairstyle

Instagram / wildanrifki2.0


9. The Wild Rockabilly Pompadour

pompadour hairstyle for japanese men

This is the main pompadour look which is wildly popular among Japanese men. The top front hair is made into a Mohawk style and the back of the hair is long and reaching down to the nape of the neck in an edgy rockabilly style.

This is mostly worn by men who are tough in nature and look just like those heavy bike riders on road.


10. The Tame Rockabilly Pompadour

japanese pompadour for men

This is the tamed version of the Japanese rockabilly pompadour hairstyle. The hair is much shorter as compared to the wild rockabilly and has the top front hair combed in a wave on one side.


11. The Modern Faux Hawk Pompadour

pompadour with faux hawk

This is also one of the latest versions of a pompadour. It has a hedgehog kind of haircut at the top with the sides trimmed into a tapered fade undercut. It goes well in Japanese hair as the hair texture is light and causes movements in the top hair when moving around.


12. Square Box-Head Pompadour

square shaped japanese pompadour

This Japanese pompadour hairstyle was actually a thing back in the 90s. Japanese men used to wear this haircut in the name of hair trends at that time which is why it is trending in this era too. The top hair is cut into a square-shaped box with the side undercut and the back reaching down over the shoulders.

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japanese pompadour haircut with line



japanese pompadour




To sum up, there are more variations in the Japanese version of the pompadour hairstyle of which top 15 are these as mentioned above. These are the ones that are most demanded as they are an inspiration from the past hair trends that are still to this day widely popular amongst men.