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25 Irresistibly Long Hairstyles for Asian Men

You don’t see nearly enough Asian men long hairstyles, or for any other guys. Cropped coiffures are de rigueur, but you have the opportunity to be a trendsetter.

Adopt a “Long hair, don’t care” philosophy and start to style your hair to its best advantage. Throw it up into a ponytail. Pull back half of it. Braid it. Twist it into a bun. It’s your hair, my guy.


Hot Hairstyles for Asian Men with Long Hair

There are plenty of Asian guys with long hair, and it’s time to highlight the hairstyles that complement their lengthy tresses.

Wearing it loose is always encouraged. Inspire others with your long, lush, thick hair. Bring long locks into the office. Show off on campus. Leave your Friday night date swooning. I guarantee you’ll find a style you love on the list below.

1. Dark Rooted Blonde

long blonde hair for asian men

You definitely don’t see enough Asian guys with blonde hair. It’s a great color if you have a thick hair texture, and letting the roots show will create a nice contrast that draws lots of attention to your hairstyle. Have the front slightly shorter to create a layering effect near the face.


2. Long Dreads with Blonde Highlights

long dreads for asian men

Do you have a curly hair texture that you’d like to keep protected and well-maintained? Dreadlocks will work really well for you. They also look nice on guys with straight hair who just want to try out this trendy style. Add blonde to the ends of some of your strands if you want to stand out.


3. Long Layered Locks

long layered hair for asian men

Layered long hairstyles for Asian men can give the illusion of more thickness than you have naturally. It’s a great way to spruce up thin hair. If you have thicker hair, though, then layers will help thin it out and make it easier to control.


4. Long Sweeping Ombre

long ombre hair for asian men

Long locks that sweep over your shoulders and fall down onto your chest look absolutely incredible. However, having it all in one color can get a little boring. Add an ombre effect with some brown and light brown to blonde colors towards the end of your hair.


5. Braided Bun with Fade

long braided bun for asian men

Give your look flair by braiding the top of your hair and pulling it back into a bun just below the crown of your head. If you don’t like long hair all over your head, then shave the sides and back and get a nice fade to stay on trend and help you look utterly cool.


6. Highlighted Lob

long bob for asian men

A long bob gives you enough hair to play with without it being too long. Make it stand out by adding highlights in golden and brown colors. Don’t make the brown too light so it’ll easily blend in with your natural black roots as they grow out.


7. Chin Length with Undercut

long hair undercut for asian men

Asian guys with very thick hair can opt for undercuts to help lighten the load on the sides. Undercuts also look really cool, and they’re a hair trend that everyone adventurous should try at least once. Don’t make the hair too long, making it easier to maintain.


8. Voluminous Curls

long curly hair for asian men

Do you have natural curls with a lot of volume and frizz? Then don’t be afraid to let them surround your head. Tease the hair up and then out at the sides to create a mane people will be jealous of.


9. Half Up Purple Braids

half up long hair for asian men

Are you not afraid to get daring? Tie up half your hair in a bun and braid the rest. Get purple highlights in it before creating the style. Wrap some braids around the bun, but let others fall down your back.


10. Half Up with Side Part

long hairstyle for asian guys

Many long hairstyles for Asian men can easily get in your face. Pull the sides of your hair to the back and secure it to stop this from happening. Leave some hair near the hairline free so you can create a parting that looks really good.


11. Half Ponytail

long half ponytail for asian men


Got thick hair you want to stop from falling in front of your face? Pull the top layers back into a ponytail right at the back of your head. It makes you look cool, manly, and youthful. Don’t pull the hair too tightly so you don’t create a super flat style.


12.  Wavy Locks with Bandanna

long hairstyle with bandana for asian men


Create some waves if you’d like to look super carefree and throw a bandanna on top if you want to throwback to decades past. You can easily use different bandannas to switch up your style day by day.


13. Half Bun with Blue Front

long dyed hair for asian men

Keep your long tresses out of your face by pulling the top and front into a nice little bun at the crown of your head. Stand out from the crowd by dying the front sections of your hair blue.


14. Side Parted Hair

side part Asian Men with Long Hairstyle

One of the things you’ll notice about many men’s Asian long hairstyles is their simplicity. An elegant and timeless side part manages to strike an irresistible androgynous balance. Also, check out all that movement and bounce—woof!

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15. Longer than Rapunzel

Asian Men with Long Hairstyle

Who else is suffering from hair envy all of a sudden? As if the length isn’t impressive enough, you can practically admire your reflection in that shine. Double woof!


16. Loosely Looped Ponytail

Asian Men with ponytail Long Hair

Looping a ponytail into a loose bun never goes out of style for Asian fellas. Moreover, it’s phenomenal—and fashionable—on both men and women. Frankly, this whole aesthetic pony style works for me, from the glasses to the t-shirt to the ponytail.


17. Highlights and Curls

Asian Men curly with Long Hair

This is a fantastic Asian men’s long hairstyle who don’t want to wear their hair extremely long but still want a bit of length. The waving curls create volume, texture, and thickness, while the highlights brighten up the dark brown base.


18. Tousled Just So

Asian Men natural Long Hair

Sometimes, the only thing you need to do to step out like a 10 is to tuck your hair behind your ears. For real, fellas, a casual tousle is often better than something that takes hours to style just so. Ain’t nobody got time for that.


19. Subtly Shagged

Adding layers will take away some of the heaviness of long hair without sacrificing inches. From the side-swept fringe to the flipped up ends, this Asian long haircut for guys is hot stuff all the way around. Notice how it frames the face, accentuates the cheekbones, and sharpens the jaw.

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20. Curly Pony

Asian Men curly ponytail Long Hairstyle

Any Asian guy who’s in the market for semi-long hairstyles ought to take a second—and third—glance at this coiffure. A short ponytail, a few curly tendrils, an appealing lack of perfection—what’s not to love?


21. Bedhead for Business

Asian guy's long hairstyles

Who says that bedhead and business suits don’t go together? Don’t worry about styling your hair into a helmet that won’t move. Walk around with hair so soft and free that everyone will want to run their fingers through it.


22. Gone Gray

This Asian guy with long hair has done more of a platinum dye job, but it goes beyond platinum. Allowing bleach or a lightening serum to set for a long time, particularly on dark hair, creates a gray patina. You know you want to be a silver fox.


23. Twisted Asian Man Bun

Asian Men Long Hairstyle with bun

Not all long hairstyles for Asian men focus on the length. As anyone with long hair knows, sometimes you just want to toss it up and forget about it. Copy a bun like this, and no one will ever forget your style. Seriously, scope that twist.


24. Casual Flow

Asian guys with long hair

Occasionally, a messy ‘do is just the right aesthetic. Honestly, being an Asian guy with long hair like this, you don’t need to do anything. Just run your fingers through it and kindly allow people to stare at you.


25. Half Back

Asian Men Long half black color hair

Eager to show off your length but dying to get your hair out of your eyes? Pull back half your hair, and you get to have the best of both worlds—plus you can reveal your handsome face for the world to see.

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The array of Asian men’s long hairstyles is varied, versatile, and always revolutionary. Don’t worry about masculine versus feminine; focus on what flatters your face and puts your hair in its best light.