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10 Long Hairstyles to Go With Fat Faces & Double Chins

Fat faces or double chins are not limited to plus-sized women only. Those with a smart body type can have a plump face too while others can get a full round face before putting on weight anywhere else.

Whatever the case is, chubby faces look strangely adorable, and there’s no denial about that.   

But having a big face does not always mean choosing the hairdo that conceals its fullness. The key lies in choosing a style that balances out the roundness and makes you appear smarter.

That’s why we handpicked some suitable long hairstyles for fat faces and double chins.


Best Long Hairstyles for Fat Faces and Double Chins

If you have long hair, a fat face, and a double chin, all you need is to gather some confidence. Leave the hairstyles to us!

1. Wispy Fringe + Front Graduation

long hair with bangs for fat faces and double chins

Bangs are perfect for diverting all the focus away from a big face towards the eyes. Choose thick blunt bangs if you want a dramatic look, while wispy fringes are suitable for an airy appeal.

Couple them with front layers framing that chubby double chin, and you won’t be able to hate it.


2. Half-Up Braids

long hairstyle for black women with fat faces and double chins

African-American women can protect their natural hair with box braids using extensions going as long as they want.

Pull out some strands to create a hot mess of knits and curls, and flaunt them with a chic half-up bun making your fat face appear slimmer.


3. Space Buns

long hairstyle for fat round faces and double chins

This cute hairdo will make everyone, including yourself, squeal with delight. Space buns look the prettiest with round faces and chubby cheeks.

Create two ponytails and swirl them into buns with or without braiding them beforehand. Going to a party? Add some glitter in the middle and see jaws drop.


4. Ombre Hair

long ombre hair for fat faces and double chins

Another super gorgeous long hairstyle to accent a fat face and double chin. Refresh your long mane by opting for layers and curtain bangs.

Spice up the look further with a touch of blonde midway to the ends, creating the ombre of your dreams. Add curls, and voila!


5. Long Rope Twists

long twists hair for fat faces and double chins

Instead of going for braids, plus-sized black women with double chins can try out Senegalese twists for a change.

The trick lies in mixing synthetic strands with natural hair while twisting the chunks clockwise before twirling them around each other anti-clockwise all over the head.


6. Headband Style

low maintenance long hairstyle for fat faces and double chins

Flaunt that plump face of yours with utmost confidence by keeping all the tresses away from it with a classic hairband matching the outfit.

Push the band slightly forward, creating a chic hair puff. This style is ideal for saving a greasy hair day.


7. Pinned-Back Look

long ponytail for fat faces and double chins

Slicked-back hairdos are ideal for smartening a fat face. Whatever the hair length, pull the front strands away from the face with a center or side part and secure them in place at the back.

Leave the remaining mane loose or wrap it into a bun. Your choice!


8. Dutch Braids

long hair braids for fat faces and double chins

Classy and timeless, Dutch braids are another suitable for overweight ladies with double chins.

Accent those plump cheeks by plaiting the hair from the very front all the way to the ends resulting in catchy inside-out knits that won’t be ignored. How about incorporating some vibrant hair extensions too?


9. Blue Brilliance 

long dyed hair for fat faces and double chins

Paint those long tresses in the brightest shade of blue or any other color of your liking, and nobody will notice that chubby face or double chin even once.

Set the look on fire with blue highlights, an ombre, or balayage, and get ready to rock the world.


10. Top Knot

long hair bun for fat faces and double chins

Balance out a round chubby face by gathering those long locks on top of the head and wrapping them around into a fluffy loose bun that is sure to be noticed from a distance.

Put on a fancy hair crown to steal the show at formal events. Simply wow!


The above-mentioned long hairstyles are ideal for adding a contour to women with fat faces and double chins.

Thanks to your hair length, you can recreate each one of these hairdos or opt for the one that has attracted you the most because when it comes to hair, the only limit is your creativity!