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10 Ideal Bangs For Women With Fat Faces (2024 Guide)

Women with round, chubby faces often wonder whether bangs would suit them or not. Well, the answer is a big, fat yes!

Bangs hairstyles are a great way for women with fat faces to make their faces look slimmer. The right type of bangs can also soften your jawline and give those chubby cheekbones a toned-down look.

When it comes to bangs, you need to ensure that you are getting the right cut, as it can definitely make or break your look. This is all the truer for women with fat faces. We understand that you can easily get confused with such a wide range of options available. So we made it easier for you.


Trendy Bangs Styles for Fat Faces

To make it easier for you, we have created this fantastic list of top 10 bangs cuts for women with fat faces. We are sure that you will love these different variations of bangs. So go ahead, scroll down, and bookmark your next bangs haircut inspiration!

1. The Classic Bangs

asymmetrical bangs for women with fat faces

Women with fat faces and double chins can tone their roundness with this classic bangs on medium hair. This is one of the easiest bangs to maintain and it looks good on women of all ages and with different hair colors


2. Thin Razor-cut Bangs

wispy bangs for women with fat faces

These razor cut bangs look quite chic and edgy. To achieve this look, ask your hairstylist to keep the bangs a bit long, covering almost your entire forehead. To accentuate them, you can even add highlights.


3. Choppy Bangs

choppy bangs for women with fat faces

This choppy bangs haircut for women with a fat face is one of our favorites! It gives off a totally cool and fun vibe. These highlighted bangs take their own unique shape as they grow out, and they look fantastic.


4. Curled-Up Bangs

curly bangs for women with fat faces

Looking to jazz up your curly hair? We recommend you ask your hairstylist to give you some beautiful, natural curled-up bangs. This bangs cut looks beautiful on fat-faced women as it beautifully frames your face all-round. 


5. Short Mullet with Short Bangs

baby bangs for women with fat faces

A pixie haircut coupled with mullet at the back and bangs look edgy and fun. It is also quite an easy-to-maintain style for women with fat plump faces. Styling the bangs requires no effort, and you can look at your gorgeous self every single day.


6. Curtain Bangs + Medium Layers

curtain bangs for women with fat faces

A layered lob such as this one looks beautiful on women with round faces. You can further enhance this look by asking your hairstylist to give you some curtain bangs that can cover your chubby cheekbones and make your round face look slimmer.


7. Short Bob with Long Bangs

bangs for women with round fat faces

The short bob is a classic hairstyle and when you pair it with some soft wispy bangs, it can take away the roundness of your face and give you a slimmer appeal.


8. Side Swept Bangs

side bangs for women with fat faces

If you are a woman with a fat face and want to style your bangs in a different way, then we recommend this side-swept hairstyle. Ask your stylist to chop your bangs in varying lengths.


9. An Updo with Baby Bangs

short bangs for women with fat faces

If you have long hair, then try this messy updo hairstyle with bangs to slim down your round face. You can try different updos with these baby bangs.


10. Regular Lob with Classic Bangs

blonde bangs for women with fat faces

Finally, we have this popular lob hairstyle with fringed-out, long bangs to round off our list of top bangs cuts for ladies with fat faces. The longer bangs are a great way to reduce the roundness of your face. 


We hope this list of top 10 bang cuts for women with a fat face inspires you to go ahead and experiment with different styles. Once you get your bangs, all you need to do is own and flaunt them!

Also, don’t forget to maintain those with regular trims every 3-4 weeks. You can also play around with those bangs a bit by styling them differently once in a while.