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Top 8 Bun Hairstyles for Women With Fat Faces

Some people wonder if they can rock a bun if they have a chubbier face; they may think they should only rock bobs or shags. Luckily, this is simply not true, as there are bun hairstyles for women with fat faces that they can comfortably wear.

In fact, when buns are done in a particular way, they can have a slimming or lengthening effect on your face. If you’re looking for beautiful buns to accentuate your fat face, read on for the best options that fit both your face and your lifestyle.


Buns for Ladies with Fat faces

From effortless high buns to elegant low buns or a classic middle bun, these styles are ideal for adding some flair to your look.

1. Classic Semi-High Bun

high bun hairstyle for women with a fat face

This classic bun for women with fat faces is perfect for everyday, for those who want a simple yet sleek and reliable hairdo.

Given its simplicity, you can wear it out for a casual dinner or dress it up with jewelry for a more luxurious event.


2. Low Bun With Face-Framing Strands

low bun hairstyle for women with a fat face

Lastly, you can try out a low, intricately tied bun that is effortlessly stylish and compliment it with two face-framing strands on each side of your cheeks.

This look is perfect for fat, heart-shaped, or diamond-shaped faces, as it helps to soften the angularity of these face types.


3. Faux Locs Bun

bun hairstyle for black women with fat faces

Wearing a long protective hairstyle with extensions such as box braids, Senegalese twists, etc., provides ample versatility regarding styling for a rounder face.

And putting your extensions up in a high bun helps elongate the face with pizzazz! Try including some decorative pins, shells, or beads for an even more fun look.


4. High Bun With Bangs

bun with bangs for women with fat faces

You can also achieve the high bun look with bangs, and it’s a great option for those who want to slim down their face without committing to cutting their bangs.

The bangs shorten the face, so it isn’t always the best option for every round and short face. However, it works well with those who have more fat in their cheeks and otherwise rectangular, heart-shaped, or diamond-shaped faces.


5. Half-up Half-Down Bun

half up bun for women with fat faces

Leaving half of your hair down while putting most of the top half up in a bun is not only an ideal style for indecisive types but also for those with chubbier faces.

This is because the bun helps elongate the face while the long hair left down balances it out and prevents the face from looking too top-heavy.


6. French Braid Bun With Loose Strands

braided bun for women with fat faces

A french braid resulting in a low bun is always a good idea, but when you leave a few face-framing strands out, it looks even better.

This bun style is perfect for those with relatively fat faces because the face-framing strands help to create the illusion of a slimmer face.


7. Curly Space Buns

double bun hair for women with fat faces

Try this colored bun hairstyle if you’re a fan of hair dye. This style is fun, playful, and perfect for summertime or any time you feel sassy. Space Buns are also an excellent style for fat faces because it pulls the hair away from the face while still framing it with one face-framing strand on one side.

Feel free to also try out two strands of hair to frame the front — one on each side — and see which version you prefer.


8. Natural Hair in High Bun

bun hairstyle for women with round fat faces

If you’d rather rock your hair all-natural instead of using extensions, go for it! The high bun will have the same effect on your fat face.

You may want to use gel, mousse, or edge control to slick your hair backward, especially if you have highly textured hair or lots of little baby hairs in the front.


Tips To Wear Bun for Fat Faces

Tips To Wear Bun for Fat Faces

There are a few key things to remember when choosing a bun hairstyle for fat faces. For a high bun, don’t be afraid to use products and items that’ll help keep the hair in place, such as:

Choosing higher or lower buns are both good options. A high bun will lengthen your face and draw attention to the top of your head and your eyes. This style works well with both bangs and side strands.

A lower bun is elegant and chic. This look pairs particularly well with side strands but does not work as well with bangs for fat faces.

Mid-level buns are not as flattering as high or low buns, but if you want a mid-level bun, try doing it in a half-up, half-down style, so you’re not pulling too tightly around the face.


Buns are an excellent option for those with round faces, but certain styles work better than others. Whether you’re looking for something trendy for errands or chic for a night out, rest assured there is a bun hairstyle for women with a fat face. 

We hope this article helped you figure out which bun hairstyle for fat faces will work best for your facial attributes and personal preferences.

Have fun styling!