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70 Stupefying Long Shag Haircuts to Copy

Long shag hairstyles are characterized by layers that begin around the face and systematically remove bulky portions of the hair as you move down the hair’s length.

Oftentimes they incorporate a thick and shaggy fringe that emphasizes the top-heaviness of this look while the ends are thinned by layers. Thinking a shag might be for you? Let’s peek at the 70 best styles out there!

Long Shag Haircuts

Below are 70 different inspirational styles. Your best shag look is simply waiting for you to discover. 

1. Long Messy Shag with Bangs

Shags really come to life with a fringe. We personally love thick bangs that frame the face and emphasize the proportions of a long shag.

If you have a small or round face shape, try cutting your fringe above the eyebrows to open up your face against all that hair. Otherwise, wispy or center part styles will do.

2. Layered Shag with Balayage Highlights

Shag hairstyles are defined by lots of gorgeous layers. Your stylist should know how to create this look, but you may want to consider highlights to enhance the dimensional effect of the layers. Balayage highlights are perfect for a natural, richly textured look.

3. Long Shag for Fine Wavy Hair

Long shags are actually the perfect style if your hair is fine with the wave and you want to wear it long.

Typically, fine hair becomes stringy as it grows long, even if your texture is wavy, but shag styles are cut in this way on purpose. Adding bangs will give your fine hair shag the illusion of fullness.

4. Long Thick Messy Shag 

Thick hair does especially well in a long shag hairstyle. Shag styles use layers to take out the bulk on the lower half of the hair, which is perfect for thick hair types.

Not only do long shags look amazing on thick hair, but by reducing bulk you’ll be reducing weight. Wearing a ponytail will be more comfortable for longer periods of time as well.

5. Curly Shag with Bangs

Curly hair looks artful and creative when cut into a long shag, especially if you incorporate a curly fringe! When you take on a special look like this one, you will also prevent your curly hair from overpowering your look.

6. Long Thick Wavy Shaggy Hair

Wavy hair is one of the best hair textures to have for creating a long shag hairstyle. Hair might be thinner at the bottom half of the hair, but wavy texture gives a long shag gorgeous body. A center part fringe is perfect for topping off this look.

7. Long Straight Shag

Even straight hair can embody a beautiful long shag look. This look is actually rather modern when compared to a curly or wavy shag. The layers that define a shag will give straight hair lots of dimension and added style.

8. Long Shag Haircut For Fine Hair

Fine hair is actually a great texture for a long shag haircut. Fine hair can lose any shape or body as it grows long, but a shag uses layers to create interest and dimension. Create a heavy, center part shag to frame your face and you’re good to go.

9. Messy Long Shag 

Shag cuts create texture by definition, but extra texture never hurt anyone! Curly or ultra wavy hair looks sexy in a messy, long shag cut. Don’t worry about creating a perfect look here. In fact, the more you let your bedhead texture run free, the better.

10. Long Shaggy Hair for Round Face

Let your long shag hairstyle work for you. A round face can look beautiful with a shag hairstyle. Thick bangs frame your face while the heavy texture created by the length of the shag helps to define a soft jawline.

11. Long Shag for Oval Face

Babes with oval faces can essentially choose any hairstyle they desire. Symmetry defines this face shape and looks great when sporting a long shag. Features remain perfectly balanced underneath the weight of a heavy fringe and ample layered texture.

12. Long Shaggy Wispy Haircut

Long shags usually have center part bangs, but wispy bangs are a unique surprise. If you’ve got a long or symmetrical face shape, you can cover your forehead without any worry. Enjoy the framing effect provided by a set of wispy bangs or easily create a center part if the mood strikes.

13. Shag with Choppy Bangs

Dance to the beat of your own drum and make your long shag your own with short, choppy bangs. As you can see, a funky fringe like this one works on wavy or curly hair. A choppy fringe can be short or long, so deciding on which length is best for you will come down to your face shape.

14. Long Blonde Shag

You don’t often see blonde shags, which is why we love the look so much! Long shags look extra special in sandy or sunny blonde hues. They are also the perfect style for long blonde hair that has lost volume due to over-styling and breakage.

15. Long Shaggy Hair with Glasses

These days, shags are often worn by hipsters and punk lovers alike. If you already wear glasses or want to add them to your look as an accessory, you’re sure to give off an artsy, Brooklyn vibe. Thick frames are best so they don’t get lost under the heavy layers of a long shag.

16. Long Shag Haircut for Women Over 50

Oftentimes, our hair becomes coarser as we age. Long shag is perfect for this hair texture on women over 50. Not many older women wear their hair long, so a shag is a great way to keep the length you want while showing off your incredible personal style.

17. Long Asian Shag

Long shag hairstyles can work for anyone, especially if your natural texture is thick and strong. Create the bulk of choppy layers around your jawline to enhance your natural face shape. For added interest, you may want to consider colored tips or ombre on your long shag hairstyle.

18. Long Shaggy Hair with Balayage

Long shags always seem to give off that ‘un-styled’ and effortless vibe. Enhance the natural, sexy effect of your long shag with natural looking balayage highlights. This technique places highlights where the sun would normally hit to bring your long shag to life.

19. Long Shaggy Hair for Full Cheeks

Long, straight hairstyles often call attention to full cheeks. If your looking for a face-thinning effect, then a long shag hairstyle is not only functional but stylish. Lots of layers draw the eye downward to create a narrowing illusion on your cheeks.

20. Long Colored Shag

Long shags are the hairstyle that loves to live off the beaten path, so why not consider it for your boldly colored hair? A fiery red suddenly looks extra vibrant in a long shag, so give it a try if you’re looking to switch up your hairstyle.

21. Black with Side Bangs 

long shag haircut with bangs

Center parts are most common on shag styles with bangs, but a longer fringe can actually be versatile when flipped to one side. This softening effect feels extra seamless on solid black hair. 

22. Electric Mint 

long shag haircut for emo girl

This sexy, cool-girl hair looks extra badass in an electric bluish green hue. An ombre effect not only adds to your vibe but helps the style feel natural and grounded. 

23. Coarse, Thick Hair 

Thick, coarse hair can be a blessing and a curse, so let this long shag haircut for round face work for you. Create a lusciously thick and choppy fringe and let the thinning layers work their magic on your mane.

24. Loose Waterfall Braid 

braided long shag hair

This easy-breezy braid is for the days when you want your shag hair to feel special. The longer your hair, the looser and spaced out your waterfall braid should be. Add salt spray to beachy waves and this romantic style is complete.

25. 80s Ponytail 

long shag hair with ponytail

Shags rose to the height of their fame in the 80s, so it’s only natural you’d create a bubbly 80s ponytail. For this up-do, your ponytail should sit upright at the top of the back of the head. Bangs should be lifted and pulled back in a pompadour style. 

26. Shag for Thin Hair 

A lot of layers only work on a shag when they are concentrated around your scalp. This look is the ideal long shag haircut for thin hair because it makes the longer portion of hair feel intentionally thin while looking extra hipster, to boot. 

27. Two-Toned

A style like this is for the true fashionista. To make this two-toned look work, both the caramel and the deep hazelnut chocolate colors must be rich and hydrated for softer, more sensual layers.

28. Ringlet Curtain Bangs 

Springy curls like these need a long, curtain-like fringe to prevent hair from looking big and puffy. Extra long locks make this babe look like a beautiful and badass princess. 

29. Winged Fringe 

Feel Farah Faucett fresh with these wild, 70s-inspired winged out bangs. Give side bangs a good blow dry and the longer portion of hair some loose, beachy waves. We have to admit, the black and bold pink balayage makes this feel very 2021.

30. Warm Rainbow Shag 

Okay, so you don’t have to choose this color combination, but why wouldn’t you? The ombre transition is beautifully seamless, and a long shag style with layers feels like the perfect place to rock this hair. 

31. Long shag with side bangs

 Long shag with side bangs

With sexy side fringes, this long shag hairstyle defines your round face with framing layers that reach up to the middle at the back.

32. Modern Shag of The Sixties

 Long Shag Haircuts for girl

This is a beautiful long shag hairstyle with geometric bangs that aim to shorten the length of the oval face and accentuate eyes and lips.

33. Hollywood Shag

Hollywood Shag hairstyle for girl

This long shag haircut relies on a very large number of layers. The layers taper to make cheeks and chin prominent. The side bang shortens the length of a longer face considerably.

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34. Sultry Siren

Sultry Siren long shag hairstyle you love

Long and romantic curls are styled to bend away from the face. This makes cheeks and lips prominent.

35. Simple and Sleek Shag

Simple and Sleek long shag hairstyle for women

This is as its name suggests a simple and sleek long shag hairstyle with a long side-swept fringe that suits a thin oval face.

36. Soft Romantic Layering

Soft Romantic Layering

This gives off a 60s look, and the layers in this long shag hairstyle are kept few and neat. The bangs are tucked behind the ears to give off a cute appearance.

37. Mermaid shag

cute girl Mermaid long shag hairstyle

The bangs are short and texturized with sassy shagged out layers. The side bangs are kept short while the overall layers increase the length.

38. Layers and curls

Layers and curls

This is long shag hairstyle makes use of natural waves and curls in the hair to create women’s long shag layers. The side bang is left long and styled sweeping away from the face.

39. Beach beauty

girl favorite Beach beauty long shag hairstyle

The natural curls and waves of the hair are accentuated to form these long shaggy layers. This long shaggy haircut aims to accentuate the cheekbones.

40. Angular shag

The beauty of this long shag hairstyle lies in its simplicity. This haircut is long and angular which aims to soften a very long or round face and give it a definition.

41. Long bob with shag

 Long bob with shag

The long shaggy bob haircut is quite in nowadays. This is an era of mix and match, and although shag and bob have a longstanding union, together they never fail to make a statement even in 2024.

What makes this bob make a statement is its pairing with thick arched bangs with blunt ends. It’s also great for those with thick hair.

42. Wavy Bob with Straight Bangs

Wavy Bob with Straight Bangs

The wavy bob uses the natural wave and curl of the hair to soften the straight ends. This long shag haircut with a romance of bob can work with any type of hair.

43. Choppy collarbone bob

long shag hairstyle for beautiful girl

This shaggy bob hairstyle is ideal for thick straight hair. The cut gives off an elegant silhouette with long choppy layers.

44. Shaggy bob with side bangs

Shaggy bob with side bangs

This medium to long shaggy hairstyle gives your bob a creative flair. The layers are jagged, and a hint of color gives the natural waves a colorful boost.

45. Long layered bob

This long shag hairstyle gives a bobby twist to the classic style. The layers are cut uneven to give them a character of their own. Check out these medium length layered hairstyles.

46. Messy Shaggy Bob

messy long shag hairstyle for women

This messy, shaggy bob is for an effortless hairstyle that looks cool and trendy at the same time. The rough look of this long shag hairstyle matches the soft blonde shade.

47. Wavy Dirty Blond Bob

Wavy Dirty Blond Bob

This style lets you wear long tresses without being cumbersome. This long shaggy hairstyle can be cut in any length of your choice.

48. Layered lob hairstyle

Layered lob hairstyle

This layered bob is a breath of fresh air. It gives off a thick look but is actually a neat way to get rid of long heavy tresses and change them into bouncy ones that are both light and voluptuous.

49. Choppy layered bob

Choppy long shag hairstyle you like

This long shaggy hairstyle with layered bob gives the girls with thick hair a light messy bohemian look. This style also accentuates their natural waves that help manage hair a breeze.

50. Thick and long shag hairstyle

Thick and long shag hairstyle

This hairstyle is for women with thick hair who want to manage their hair better without risking too much of their hair. The layers are left long and wavy.

51. Block choppy shag hairstyle

Block choppy long shag hairstyle for girl

If you’re tired of managing thick hair but don’t want to lose your thick hair, go for choppy shag haircut. This long shaggy hairstyle cuts the hair at an angle. The hair at the back is of shorter length as compared to those in the front.

52. All Over Layers

women long shag hairstyle

In this long shag hairstyle, the layers are cut throughout giving the hairstyle an overall dimension layer after layer.

53. Long, Subtle Layers 

Long layers in a shag haircut create beautiful soft waves that look natural. With curtain bangs, the style is even more beautiful. All you’ll have to do is run your fingers through your mane in the morning to be ready to go.

54. Feathered Fringe 

If you want built-in texture and shape without a lot of work, ask your hair stylist for feathered layers. The cutting technique is ideal for women with thin hair who want a thick, shaggy look.

55. Modern Angled Bangs 

long shag haircut

For flattering face-framing, long layers are the way to go. We love how they look on this long wavy haircut. The subtle light blonde highlights on the bottom half also look great with brown hair.

56. Short Framing Layers 

There’s only one way to make sure everyone notices your beautiful eyes and that’s with layers colored in a bright shade. If you’re one to love bold hairstyles, this dark pink shaggy hairstyle with short choppy bangs is for you!

57. Bombshell Shag 

Even a little blonde on a brown haircut can make you a gorgeous bombshell. Let the color enhance shaggy layers in your hair. If you like bangs, opt for side parted or curtain bangs cut at an angle and straightened.

58. Mermaid Shag with Straight Fringe 

We call this hairstyle Edgy Mermaid. Think long blonde and beautiful waves with bluntly cut or choppy bangs. For a soft fringe, cut them at a curve.

59. Stunning Burgundy 

Burgundy and rich red are two colors women with a light or pale skin tone will appreciate. On thick hair, let your layers be a mix of shaggy waves and straightened strands to make the most of texture.

60. Micro Bangs 

Micro and baby bangs were made for women who like an edgy haircut. These shorties contrast nicely with long shaggy hair whose layers are mostly in the bottom half of the hair.

61. Long Platinum Shag 

Is your goal to lighten up your hairstyle? Light blonde or platinum will do just that, plus have you feeling more youthful and refreshed. Concentrate layers up top near the crown for shag texture.

62. Short Wiry Layers 

For women whose hair is thin or fine, give those locks a boost by working in product with your fingers. It’ll enhance any hidden texture and leave you with this wispy, wind-blown result.

63. Balayage Punk 

Contrary to popular belief, balayage comes in colors other than blonde. Just take a look at how bright pink gives long black hair with baby bangs a special something. 

64. Ombre Fade Shag 

For subtle color in shaggy long hair, opt for an ombre fade. This brown haircut shows how cool the effect is with medium red in long bangs that fades to copper then brown at the back and bottom.

65. Edgy Highlights 

Is your natural hair color a medium or dark blonde? Be bold with an edgy teased hairstyle featuring green, yellow, and pink highlights. The short shaggy layers near the bangs are gorgeously thick.

66. Blue Rainbow Shag 

It’s not the bright rainbow we’re all used to seeing, but it’s still stunning. A dark blue helps orange, light green, and blonde pop on these long waves and straightened bangs.

67. Long Shag for Thick Wavy Hair 

Struggling with thick hair that is tough to style? We can’t stress how much shaggy layers parted in the middle will work in your favor. Let them cut down on bulk and enhance curls and waves.

68. Grey Shag for Over 50

Older women oftentimes get stuck in a rut of chopping their hair off, but if you like a long mane, leave it! Just style it in a long shag and pair with long thin bangs. You’ll fall in love with your gray hair all over again. 

69. Slight Shag Layers 

Don’t make the mistake of thinking a shag haircut has to be overtly layered to get a trendy look. Subtle layers of curls or waves at the bottom create a beautiful style as well and will look great with long curtain bangs.

70. Eggplant Purple Shag 

Deep purple is known for giving hair a moody, mysterious vibe. Use it in combination with peach or light pink for a gorgeous pop of color.

How to Get Long Shaggy Layer?

There is no single method for cutting long shaggy layers. Fortunately, you can even trim and manage your long shaggy locks at home all by yourself.

Cut in Layers with Even Sections

long shag layer

This is one way of cutting women’s long shag layers. Before proceeding to cut your hair, dampen them and remove any knots and tangles. Now divide your hair into the section as follows:

  • Part the hair from the center; from the forehead all the way back.
  • Now you will make two horizontal sections. For the first section part your hair horizontally from the top of your ears. Other section will part with level to the base of your ears.
  • Now you need to secure these sections with a large hair clip.
  • The right and left sections should be aligned horizontally and vertically.

Now create a guide from the top section. Take a small segment of your hair right at your forehead and cut it to the length you desire. This is your First Travelling Guide. This will determine the length of your hair, so you don’t need to cut it very short in the beginning.

Long Angled Bob Hairstyles

Hold the traveling guide in your middle and forefinger and slide your fingers pulling the hair at 90 degrees till you reach the cut end. Trim off the excess hair. You will keep on cutting segment after segment of hair like this. The segment you just cut becomes the traveling guide for the next segment. Continue cutting like this till you’ve cut the whole section.

Check the whole section and cut off any uneven hair. Pull the hair in multiple directions with varying angles to ensure that the length is even. Move onto the next section and cut hair segment after segment till you’re done.

Cutting Shaggy Layers with Stationary Guide

Cutting Shaggy Layers with Stationary Guide

Wet your hair and make sure there are no tangles. Proceed to cut the stationary guide that you will use to cut your long shag hairstyle. This way cutting women’s long shag results in layers of varying lengths.

Take a small segment of hair at the top of your head and cut it to your desired length. Don’t cut too short. If the overall length is too long for you, you can cut again reducing an inch or two from the length. Now use this as a guide by sliding hair segments between fingers at 180 degrees till you reach the length of the stationary guide. Trim off the excess hair. To give an even look to your long shag haircut, cut hair segments alternating between left and right side.

Cutting your hair in ponytail

shug plus ponytail

Wet and untangle your hair and bend over to bring all your hair to the front. Secure your hair into a ponytail at the base of your forehead. Still remaining bend at your waist, slide your rubber band toward the end of your hair. Stop when you have reached the desired length.

Now secure the rubber band and ponytail in your hand firmly and stand up straight. Make sure you don’t shift the position of your head or ponytail. Now grab a pair of sharp scissors and cut your hair just below the rubber band. This is by far the easiest way to get a long shag haircut on your own.


Are long shags high maintenance?

No! This is one of the lowest maintenance haircuts that you can get. The many layers and the tousled nature of the cut leaves the style looking fresh and stylish even as it grows out.

For day-to-day maintenance, long shags are also easy! Depending on your hair texture, you might not need to do more than brush it and let it air dry. Some hair textures will require more work, but it is still less than many other haircuts.

Are shag cuts or layers good for long hair?

Shags with lots of layers are suitable for long hair. The layers help give the shag its effortlessly attractive look and make it easier to maintain.

Is long shag better for straight or curly hair?

While you can have a shag with any hair type, it is better for straight or wavy hair. Extremely long curly hair can look good with a shag cut, but you will need hair products, and it may take more time to get the look you desire.

Let your hairstyle work for you and consider a shag if you’re looking to switch up your otherwise plain long hairstyle. The beautiful bangs of a long shag can frame your face and enhance features like your eyes or jawline.

Regardless of your hair type or texture, there is a shag style out there for you. We hope you’ve been inspired by the gorgeous shag haircuts we have to offer.