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Top 10 Low Fade Hairstyles with Beard for Swell Fellows

When you combine low fade with beard, it becomes the most charismatic hairstyle to add a strong impact on a man’s overall personality. The low fade and beard combo make a well-groomed masterpiece.

Its extraordinary sophistication involves tricky techniques as one simple mistake can take it from better to worse, which can only be solved through a clean-shave.

To avoid having to start over, learn the easy way to do low fade with a beard and check out our top 10 styling ideas below.


How to Style Low Fade with a Beard

low fade with beard

It involves the following steps and techniques:

Determine Face Shape: It is a foremost step while choosing a low fade hairstyle. Sit in front of the mirror and study your face shape, then choose the best-suited style for yourself.

Beard Length: Decide the beard length you want to achieve. If you want stubble, no need to work hard. If you want a bushy or full beard, take proper care of your diet, health, sleep, facial hair, and life routine.

Trimming: Once you’re done with the first two steps, it’s time to low fade your hair. Wash and dry your hair and beard. Pick the best-suited clipper size and start fading the back and sides of the head from down and up.

Keeping a fade low means near to ear and back of the neck. To achieve a noticeable transition between the beard and low fade, trim the sideburns in the direction of low fade head sides for a perfect blending. You can shape your beard into any design and grow it to any length you prefer.

Hairstyles: Apply a quality pomade to your hair and style it into any hairstyle. For inspiration, have a look below.


Watch the Following Video about How to Do Low Fade Haircut with Beard


Epic Low Fade Hairstyles With Beard

Below are the 10 best low fade hair with beard combinations

1. Messy Quiff 

quiff low fade with beard

The incredible beard art makes the messy low fade hairstyle unique and distinctive.

Ideal For:  oval, Oblong.

How to Style: Low fade the back and sides of the head. You can trim the mustache or turn it into pencil mustache. Shape the beard into any design you like. You can blend the half beard with low fade, or blend the sideburns into the low fade hairstyle.


2. Wavy Pompadour with Low Fade

pompadour low fade with beard

Really an impressive low fade with beard look! If you are a businessman or going for an interview, go to a barber and get this avatar for yourself. We bet you won’t regret it.

Ideal For: Oval, Triangular, Diamond

How to Style: Low fade on the sides and back of the head. Divide the hair with a hard part. Trim the beard in such a way that sideburns blend with the low fades of hair.


3. Slick Back  Hairstyle

low fade haircut with beard

It is the most virile beard styles for low faded haircut.

Ideal For:  Oval, oblong, diamond

How to Style: Low fade the sides and back of the head. Apply pomade and make slick back hairstyle. To achieve low fade beard from your full beard style, trim the cheeks area in such a way that blends with sideburns, and sideburns blend with low fades of the head.


4.  Comb-over Hairstyle

low fade comb over with beard

It is a classy and decent low fade with a beard.

Ideal For: Any face shape.

How to Style: Low fade the sides and back of the head. Grow long stubble beard and blend it with a low fade hairstyle by trimming the sideburns.


5. Low Fade with Faux Hawk Haircut

low fade faux hawk with beard

It’s an edgy low fade hairstyle with beard that looks super cool on guys.

Ideal For:  Diamond, round, oval.

How to Style: Achieve a low fade faux hawk haircut by going to a professional barber. Shape your beard into curve cut for a neat look. Trim the beard in such a way that it blends with low fade hairstyle.


6. Slicked Back Low Fade

low fade with beard for black men

Instagram / titosbarbermr

For both daily wear and formal settings, you can’t go wrong with a slicked back fade haircut.

Ideal For: Any face shape

How to Style: Use gel or mousse to comb your hair back away from the face. For your beard, shape the cheek line facial hair into a thick width with a straight line on each side.


7. French Crop with Fade

low fade with chinstrap beard

Instagram / nandho_oi

The French crop is an acquired taste and should only be worn by men who won’t mind the definition a low fade gives to the face. Its versatility means it will look good with any hair texture.

Ideal For: Round face

How to Style: Have your stylist bluntly cut the hair into a French crop style. A comb through each morning will keep it neat. Opt for a chin strap that won’t be overwhelming to the face and will be easy to maintain.


8. Straight Low Fade with Chin Strap

low fade with goatee beard

Instagram / elsaloureiro7

If your hair is mostly straight in texture and your face has strong angles, a short haircut with a low fade will be a good look for you, as well as low maintenance. 

Ideal For: Rectangle or square faces

How to Style: Brush your hair forward with a little product to secure its slightly mussed texture. With a chin strap beard, there are no sideburns and cheeks are bare. Focus on keeping your beard short and trim.


9. Thin Pompadour

If you’re an older man with thin or balding hair, a low pompadour or combed back hairstyle can still be possible and give you a handsome look.

Ideal For: Any face shape

How to Style: Have your barber show you how to shape a pompadour or, if you’re feeling low maintenance, simply neatly comb the hair away from the face. Low fade the beard near the ears, keeping the rest of the beard hair short.


10. Low Taper Fade Twist

low taper fade with beard

Instagram / lyndell_44

Short and tight twists are a handsome, suave hairstyle for Black men with naturally curly hair. 

Ideal For: Square and rectangle face shapes

How to Style: Ask your barber to give you a shape up and low fade to define your face and curly hair. You’ll use mousse or gel to scrunch into curls. Go with a short curved cheek line beard whose sideburns are low faded.


You will surely be cherished for the low fade with beard style if you execute it perfectly. Fades add extra charm and striking factor in men’s beard. Choose the perfect clipper size according to your desired beard length, dress like a gentleman. That’s it,  you are ready to rock.