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13 Braided Mohawk Styles for Men to Reboot Their Looks

There is nothing sexier than a braided Mohawk for men. These hairstyles are so fresh and on trend at the moment. Even if you are not huge on experiments, these 13 examples will change your mind right away. They are all so different, but literally, any gentleman can pull them off. Continue scrolling for the best inspiration ever!


Trendy Braided Mohawks for Men

Following men’s braided Mohawk hairstyles, our are top take on the modern variations of the classic hairstyles. Have a look and get inspired to get a statement style for you.

1. High Top Braids

tiny braided moahwk for men

If you are a bit skeptic on whether braids are for you, go ahead and test the field with tiny, barely-there styles.

Ideal for: It is definitely a mane on the edgier side, but that doesn’t mean you should stick only to boring hairstyles. As you can see, it even works for the office. These days, people can really work any type of hairdo they like without worrying it will not be appropriate.

How to Style: Find someone who can do those braids for you. If you know how to do them yourself even better. Sleek the rest and put it in a topknot. Voila, you will get a modern braided Mohawk for men.


2. More Is Better

braided mohawk hairstyles for men

When you’re past the stage of tiny braids you can barely see, this is another chic hairstyle. This cool braided Mohawk style for guys features a whole range of braids instead of a single one.

Ideal for: It’s ideal for gents who really feel comfortable in their skin. They want to try out new things and do it with style.

How to Style: All you need is to learn how to braid. If that’s too much you can always visit the hairdresser.


3. Diagonal Braid

diagonal braided mohawk for men

This braided Mohawk on men’s hair is such a daring style. Not many will decide to try it, but the ones that will are the real fashionistas.

Ideal for: The men who are always in the search for a unique hairdo can feel free to copy this one.

How to Style: You better find someone who is really good in braiding to achieve the low fade Mohawk look.


4. Long Hair with Shaved Sides

Men's Braided Mohawk with Shaved Sides

Continue the Mohawk braid with shaved sides all the way back so that it looks even better.

Ideal for: It would be perfect for guys who have very short hair on the sides and very long on top.

How to Style: If the top part of your hair is long, you have the chance to completely recreate the fun men’s Mohawk braids. Just continue braiding and finish off with a hair tie.


5. Mohawk Dreads

men's braided mohawk for short hair

Why go for the classic options, when you can find one that really stands out? This guy with braided Mohawk hairstyle is made of so many tiny and cool braids with undercut and dreads.

Ideal for: Guys who are more on the sporty side will be so obsessed with the mane.

How to Style: You will need many small braids put together in a pony.


6. Blue Extension

braided mohawk for men

If you’re looking for a fun and unique way to style your hair add blue extension, then you’ll love braiding it.

Ideal for: This hairstyle is perfect for those who have long hair and are looking for a new way to style it.

How to Style: You can achieve this by braiding the center section and trimming the hair on both sides of the head. Secure it with a hair tie.


7. Viking Mohawk

vikng braided mohawk for men

Not only does the Viking style mohawk braids make men look tough and intimidating, but it also shows that they’re ready for a battle.

Ideal for: It is great for guys who have thick, medium to long hair

How to Style: First, make as many braids as you can with your thick hair. Then, use those to make a large braid by pulling it up into a mohawk.


8. Box Braided Mohawk

box braided mohawk for men

Whether you want to rock a night out on the town or for a casual day at school or work, this mohawk is sure to make a statement.

Ideal for: Anyone looking to add some texture and interest to their look can try this hairdo.

How to Style: To get this look, simply style your box braids into a mohawk and then secure the top into an updo. The key to nailing this style is to keep the hair tight and neat.


9. French Braid

When it comes to braids, the thicker the better. Plus, it provides a little bit of extra texture and volume.

Ideal for: Whether you’re looking to add a little edge to your look or you’re just feeling daring, this bold style is definitely for you.

How to Style: This mohawk is achieved by braiding the hair on the center of the head while the sides are shaved or trimmed. The result is a hairstyle that’s both playful and stylish.


10. High Updo

twist braided mohawk for black men

Looking to add a little extra elegancy to your next updo? Try adding some height.

Ideal for: It is perfect for men who want a fun and funky updo using their twisted hair.

How to Style:  Start by twisting your hair and wrapping them around the base of your ponytail to create a mohawk-like effect.


11. Cornrow Ponytail

cornrow braided mohawk for men

One of the most popular ways to wear cornrows is in a ponytail, which is both practical and stylish and can be worn by anyone with any hair type.

Ideal for: Anyone who has the most experience with cornrows.

How to Style: You can get this mohawk look by braiding the hair on the sides of the head into three cornrows, and then make a ponytail while making a small braid with those cornrows.


12. Chic Braided Pompadour Mohawk

Braided Pompadour Mohawk for Men

Mix several styles so that you will really get a fresh hairdo. Men’s Mohawk with braids style give you so much space to experiment.

Ideal for: Will look great on gents with a very long pompadour mane.

How to Style: Give an extra volume boost to the pomp and braid a chic braid on the side.


13. French Braids Mohawk

Men's Mohawk with French braids

Nothing comes close to the classic. It’s an all-time favorite braided Mohawk for men with a voluminous braid on top.

Ideal for: Great for literally any guy, including the ones who are getting a braid for the first time.

How to Style: Choose the type of braid that you like and work it like a pro.


Braided Mohawk for men is a modern take on men’s mohawk hairdo. Get inspired try out the styles right away and be the showstopper!