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12 Intriguing Undercut with Dreads Hairstyles for Men

The history of undercut with dreadlocks and the look itself has usually been associated with the black people for centuries but with the turn of events and progress of technology, there is no restriction of color or caste on dreadlocks.

Both white and black, tall and short, thin and fat can be seen rocking the versatile look. Following are some of the best undercut dreads styles compiled for you to be able to make the correct decision.

Latest Undercut Dread Hairstyles

Have a look at the top 12 dreaded undercut styles for men. Explore and create a statement look for you.

1. Shaggy Medium Dreads

men's thin dreads with undercut

This style suits someone who wants to maintain a more trendy look. The undercut on the side makes this hairstyle look casual. You can make this look pop by texturing or coloring your hair. Another tip to improve the look of this style is tapering one side and installing dreadlocks on the other side.

2. Twisted Dreads + Undercut

braided dreads with undercut

The twisted dreads with undercut is a stylish hairstyle that looks best with oval and square faces as it brings out the shape of your face. It is a trending hairstyle because the twisting makes you look outstanding. You can style this look by twisting your dreadlocks on both sides and then tying them in the back.

3. Side Swept Undercut

side swept dreads with undercut

The side-swept style is casual and effortless because you can quickly transform this style into a ponytail too. You can achieve this look by having a high undercut at one side. Consider this style, especially when you have dreads with a medium length.

4. Ponytail Undercut

undercut dreads with beard

The undercut on long dreads is versatile because you can style them in a low or high ponytail or bun. It’s a look that makes you feel young and gives you summer vibes. You can add color to this style to make you look vibrant and youthful.

5. Short Comb Coils

short undercut with dreads

This style can suit you if you have short, thick, and kinky dreads, and it keeps hair out of your face if you want to show off your neck. This style is more manageable than the long dreads and may save time when styling. You can style with dreading the top hair and tapering back and sides.

6. Low Ponytail Undercut Dreads

ponytail dreads with undercut

Famous among men of all ages, the low ponytail dreadlocks sport two hairstyles under the name of one. Apart from the very evident dreads, this hairstyle also equips with itself an undercut dreads to show a clean shaven area along with highlighted ponytail dreadlocks.

7. Mohawk Dreads

mohawk dreads with undercut

The Mohawk dreads hairstyle allows the dreads to be sectioned and styled in the middle top part of the head with both the sides and the back giving a faded undercut dread look.

8. High Top Dreads with Design

undercut dreads with design

The high top dread styles the bunch of dreadlocks at the top of the head, equally distributed. The sides are given a shaven undercut look which is further enhanced by different designing techniques.

9. Braided Dreads

braided dreads with undercut

Braids in this dreaded undercut hairstyle add a whole new level on intricacy. While many people find long dreads to be time-consuming and a mess, braids are here to save the day. Now, you can braid your dreads in various ways to look more stylish and keep them out of your way as well.

10. Undercut Dread with Top Knot

Undercut Dread with Top Knot

The undercut dread separates the top part of the hair from the bottom with a very visible design line all across the head. The top part of the hair is then styled into a top knot to give off a very chic vibe.

11. Side Part Dreads

side part dreads with undercut

A side-parted hairstyle not only gives immense volume but also makes the shape of the person’s face prominent. The simple way to achieving this look is to grow out your dreads to your dream length and side parts it with the help of styling products.

12. Dreadlock Bun

dreadlock bun with undercut

This type of dreadlock hairstyle is perfect for those who like to keep hair out of their way. Moving one step forward than braids, the dreadlock bun with the back and side shaven undercut is simply dreadlocks wrapped around in the form of a man bun.

The undercut dread style is becoming trendy with every passing day and men and women of all ages look very eager to adopt it.

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