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6 Top-notch Messy Pompadour Hairstyles for Men

The messy pompadour is one of the iconic hairstyles for men. From the 15th century to the current generation, from pop stars to 18th-century French courtesan, men have loved this hairstyle and worn it with panache.

But funnily, this classic style for men is named after a woman. Madame de Pompadour, the official mistress of Louis XV from 1745 to 1751, inspired this style.

Messy Pompadour: Things to Consider

messy pompadour for men

Styling, therefore, remains a key component of the messy pompadour cut. Either sweep it up and take it away from your face or wear it slick. You can sweep back the sides in that case. The bulge and the backward sweep distinguish the cut.

The length of your face and the fall of your hair play a role in deciding the type of pompadour that will work for you. Your style and preferences also impact considerably.

How to Style Messy Pompadour

How to Style Messy Pompadour

We decided to make the styling element a bit simpler with our ready guide on how you can make the look work.

  • First and foremost, dry your hair with a towel as thoroughly as possible
  • Blow-dry is the next step but remember to use a round brush to comb while using the blow dryer
  • Now use your fingers and palms to run the pomade through your hair
  • Most of the bulge and volume is through the cut, but you need chemicals to stiffen it up.
  • Run the comb thoroughly to distribute the styling product uniformly
  • Pat the hair down after combing it up. This will bring forth the definitive fluff and signature style. Your fingers here act as the guide to fold the hair and decide the limit.

Watch The Following Video Tutorial to DIY Messy Pomp Hairstyles

Best Messy Pompadour Hairstyles for Guys

The pompadour hairstyle has grown with the times. Several tweaks and turns have been adapted to this classic cut to accommodate modern sensibilities.

The perfectly sculpted look now has several new avatars. Here are some of the most popular and stunning options to style messy pompadour for men.

1. Modern Pompadour

Modern Messy Pompadour for Men

It makes this timeless haircut so in sync with the times. It is striking, edgy, and retains every element of the classic short pompadour cut. This is what elevates the messy pompadour to a slick and sophisticated style for modern men.

2. Mid Length Textured Pompadour

messy pompadour for medium hair

This is a variant where the messy pompadour takes on a casual avatar for men. All the classic elements are tweaked to bring about a carefree and cool look.

The comb-over is way less structural, and you can easily discern the styling lines. You can easily own this look with confidence and stand out in a group. This works particularly well if you have shorter strands of hair.

3. Elvis Pompadour

elvis's messy pompadour

This messy pomp is a haircut from the 1700s, but Elvis Presley is among the top celebrities who made it an iconic statement-making style that rocked the fashion world.

This has additional volume compared to the classic variant. Every strand has to keep straight, and in place, so this needs a generous amount of hair styling products.

Pompadour Hairstyles with Curls and Combs for Men

4. Wavy Pompadour

messy pompadour for wavy hair

If you have naturally short wavy hair, this is one of the sleekest and most sophisticated cuts to opt for. It gives your face a youthful appeal and creates a fun-loving casual but effortlessly handsome look.

Maintenance of this style is also much simpler than the traditional messy pompadour for men.

5. Japanese Pompadour

messy pompadour for asian men

This is ideal for a typical Asian boy’s hair which is straight, dark and gives a sleek appeal. But otherwise, it is a sophisticated and attractive styling option.

This works well for already voluminous hair. But if you have thin hair, you may need to use some type of styling product.

6. Mini Pompadour

classic messy pompadour hairstyle

This is a rather short variant of the classic messy pompadour. It is shorter than the short pompadour with fade and is a unique mix of classic styling and modern sensibilities.

This is a subtle and understated version of the traditionally long hairstyle. It is ideal for those with short strands. This does not take a big effort in creating the main structure and is a relatively easy to maintain option.


If you want to rock your messy pompadour, you need to consider a few things. That will give you the best results and lasting swag.

Which face shape works best for messy pomp?

A messy pompadour haircut is ideal for those with high cheekbones and relatively wide jawlines. Of course, you can also adapt this haircut to other facial shapes with slight tweaking. It is not a natural fit for them.

What type of hair will flaunt messy pomp best?

The messy pompadour is more suited for those men with straight hair. You do have curly or wavy hair options, but those with straight hair will find it a lot easier to recreate the classic sculpted look.

Gel or pomade which one is better to style pompadour?

You can use a wide array of products to give your pompadour the right type of structure. The debate between gel and pomade is more of a personal choice.

Moreover, certain hair types respond better to certain products. So, you will have to try out a few options before deciding on the best fit.

The messy pompadour is one of those classic hairstyles that are timeless and modern in their overall appeal and look. Of course, you need a definitive number of styling products, but overuse will not help.

Also, it is important to understand how to tweak it to go with your face and hair type. That will give this style the most stunning avatar.