10 Extraordinary Asian Haircuts for Boys to Inspire

There is a wide range of Asian boy haircuts because of their naturally straight and thick hair. Asian haircuts are one of the unique and tremendous haircuts that make the Asian boys not just cool but also boost up the cuteness level of their personality.

Asian hairdos are also known for their spectacular versatility. If you want a change in your look or want to become prominent among your fellows then kindly delve into the below astound compilation of Asian hairstyles for boys that are surely worth a try.


Classic Asian Boy Hairstyles and Haircuts

Following are the latest hairstyles worn by Asian boys.  Go through the styles and haircuts to take inspiration for your next look.

1. Fringe Up Medium Asian Haircut

fringe haircut for asian boys

Fringe up is one of the stylish Asian boy hairstyles. It is ideal for a diamond and an oval face shape. You can style the fringe according to your likes or dislikes. For example, if you love the wavy hair you can style a wavy fringe. You can also blond the hair for a cooler look.


2. Messy Medium Asian Haircut

medium haircut for asian boys

It is one of the traditional hairstyles that are worn by almost every single Asian boy at their different stages of life. It is ideal for rectangular face shape.

Asian Bowl Cut Hairstyles for Boys


3. Samurai Asian Bun for Boys

samurai bun for asian boy

It is a traditional topknot hairstyle that was used for the first time by the Japanese community. It is ideal for those Asian boys who have oval and round face shape. The sides are kept shorter while the top lengthy hairs are tied into a knot or bun shape.


4. K-Pop Haircut

ki pop asian boy haircut

As the name of this haircut indicates that, it got inspired by Korean pop culture. This hairstyle is ideal for Asian boys with oval and oblong face shape. It also includes an extraordinary combination of colored and shiny hair.


5. Long Layered Asian Hairstyle

asian boy with long layered hair

The layered long hairstyle looks awesome on Asian boys. It is ideal for an oval or round face shape. If you have an oblong face shape then keep the layers short.


6. Textured Spiky Asian Hairstyle

The textured spikes are considered as the coolest Asian haircuts for boys. The spikes give an edgy look to their cute features. It suits almost every face shape except Asian boys having a square face shape.


7. Asian Boy Curtain Haircut

asian boy haircut

It is a classic Asian boy haircut. It has been wearing by Asian boys since the early 90s. You can also blond the hair for a modish look. It is ideal for square or rectangular face shape.


8. Super Classic Hairstyle

This hairstyle gives Asian boys a gentleman look. It is ideal for any face shape.


9. Asian Slick Back Hairstyle

slick back hairstyle fro asian boy

It is one of the elegant hairdos for Asian boys. It is ideal for oval face shape. You can combine the slick back with an undercut, taper fade or bald fade. The choice is all yours.


10. Asian Boy with Straight Bangs

asian bangs haircut for boys

It is an innovative Asian hairstyle for boys. It is ideal for an oval face shape. You can dye your hair for a funky look.


The above collection of Asian boy’s haircuts is a remarkable blend of unique, tremendous and innovative hairstyles. You can wear any of these aforementioned Asian hairstyles according to your interest, facial features, and shape. While choosing any of these hairstyles, always consider your hair texture and length for a perfect appearance.