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15 Stately Single, Double & Dutch Braids for Men in 2024

Braids are a nice and effective hairdo for men to lift up personality – single, double and Dutch braids being one of the most popular ones. No matter the kind of event or your mood, you can find the perfect braid style for you and look great. Braids are not only stylish, but they are practical and low maintenance too.

You do not need any fancy hair products to keep them in their place; just invest in a few minutes and you are set for the whole day. Here are some of the best single braids hairstyles for men with long hair to make their personality complete.

Fun and Stylish Single Braid Hairstyles for Men

Let’s begin with single braids as they are simple, elegant and easy. Their simplicity makes them so popular and easy that everyone with long hair approves of them. The 15 best single braids for men are:

1. Long Individual Braids

long single braids for men

Individual braids are easy to make and manage as you just play with your hair. You can make as many men’s single braids as you like as their number really depends on the length of your hair and their volume.

2. Individual Zig Zag Braids

single braided hairstyle for men

One of the best single braids for men ideas is individual zig zag braids. They give you the perfect look which is a mixture of messy and classy.

As these braids do fall down along your neck and the sides of the face, but they never quite go out of proportion. You can easily wear these braids to work, parties or casual hangouts.

3. Central Parting with Stylish Single Braids

single braids with centre part

Your facial features and hairline appear more strong and accentuated with a central parting. Add single braids going along the length of your head and you are in for a spectacular single braids hairstyle for guys. You can also check these black braided hairstyles.

4. Classy Single Braids for Men with Short Hair

single braids for short hair

Even if you have short hair, you can manage to have single braids which look classy and elegant. Their intricate pattern makes them so classy and popular.

5. Intricately Braided Ponytail

single braid with a ponytail

You can have a lot of single braids combined and tied up in a ponytail for a more polished look.

Funky Men’s Double Braids Ideas

Double braids are no less fun than single braids as they are easy to manage to. Here are our favorite 5 double braids for men that you will love.

6. Double Braids Tied in A Bun

double braids with a bun

Having double braids and leaving them hanging down your shoulders does not make you look as polished as you would want to.

So, tie them up in a bun and see how they have a complex and edgy look to them. They are quite simple to make, but the result is impressive and stylish, so go for it.

7. Braided Half Pony

double braid with half pony

If you neither want to have air flap your hair in all directions nor have it tied up too tight on the top of your head then a double braided half pony is the perfect style for you. You can have double braids run along the length of your scalp and then tie them up in a half pony.

This way your hair will not look wild or all over the place even when you are not putting it in a bun.

8. Double Braids with A Middle Parting

double braids with middle parting

Cornrows add intricacy and style to men’s double braids as they tie up the hair smoothly and effectively. The slight shaving of the middle parting can give you a sharper and more intense look which goes really well with cornrows. This hairdo will never make you feel less stylish or out of fashion.

9. Men’s Double Braid with A Curved Parting

double braids with curved parting

A curved parting adds more style, complexity, and uniqueness to a hairstyle, particularly for men. The double braids that go with double partings seem to be like a work of art, so you should request your hairstylist for this braid style the next time.

10. Double Braids with Designs

double braids with designs

You can have your hairstylist shave or make new patterns and designs in your hair which add more detail to your double braids’ hairstyle. This will make you look more stylish and creative!

Trendy Dutch Braids for Men

Dutch braids are a downright favorite as they can be made easily and are more detailed and cool them other braids ideas for men. Let’s have a look at the 5 Dutch braids for men that we like the most.

11. Dutch Braid with Shaved Sides

Dutch braid with shaved sides

This is a clean and simple yet very stylish men’s braids style. A single Dutch braid in the middle becomes more prominent with the shaved sides of the head. This is a cool braids style for men who do not have too long hair and still want to have braids.

12. Dutch Braid with A Bun

dutch braid with a bun for men

Dutch braids are cool, but they can get messy if you have long hair as hair will poke out of your braid. In this case, you can have your Dutch braid tied up in a man bun to look cool and polished at the same time. This hairstyle is especially good when you have to go to work but want to avoid looking messy or unprofessional.

13. Twin Dutch Braids with A Middle Parting

twin dutch braids with middle part

Dutch braids on guys men look even cooler when you have two Dutch braids at the same time and too with a sharp middle parting. This brings out your facial angles and features more which makes your overall persona more impressive.

14. Twin Dutch Braids with A Messy Bun

dutch braids with messy bun

Now we might want to have a less polished look on holidays, especially on a beach. You can tie up your twin Dutch braids in a messy bun to have a carefree and cooler look.

15. Dutch Braids with Side Shavings And Patterns

dutch braids with patterns

You can ask your hairdresser to shave your sides intricately or make patterns into them so that your Dutch braids stand out more. This is particularly great if you have short hair.