8 Simplistic Ribbon Braid Hairstyles for Little Girls

Ribbon braids are a cute, playful and comfortable hairstyle that got attention recently. These manes are created with the help of colorful ribbons placed in strategic ways. Most moms become instantly in love when they see these looks because they are perfect for fashionable young ladies. But, the good thing is that you can actually work the same hairdos as well.


Cute Braid Hairstyles with Ribbon

Ribbon braided hairstyles bring variation to braided hairstyles for girls. Check these 8 braids with ribbon hairstyles for your little girl’s new look.

1. Classic Ribbon Braid

 Classic Ribbon Braid for Little Girls

Sometimes a classic braid is the first choice you need to try before you do any other variations.

Ideal For: The classic ribbon braid is the simplest style that will look cute on everyone, especially little girls.

How to Style: All you need to do is put the hair up in a high pony. Divide it into three strands. Tie two different ribbons on the pony in a bow. After you finish braiding you can add the ribbon in between the braid and finish with a bow in the bottom as well.

Bow Braid Hairstyles for Girls