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25 Best Pixie Cuts with Shaved Sides

A shaved pixie cut is a bold choice for women wearing short hair. This haircut represents a rebellious and punk personality, but it does not necessarily have to mean that. The pixie cut with shaved sides is a look that is modern and usually seen around younger women.


How to Style Pixie with Shaved Sides

How to Style Pixie with Shaved Sides

Depending on the length of your hair, the styling of a pixie with half shaved head hairstyle is different. First of all, the sides that are shortly shaved require absolutely none styling, which means that you are free when it comes to that part. For the other part concerning the portion of the hair, the styling is different and it mostly depends on the type of hair you have and the hairstyle you wear.

If you have a straight hair, then the styling will most probably be limited to pulled back hair, or parted to the sides. This will require nothing more than hair straightener, gel, and few brushes. If you have curly hair, then you will need special products for curly hair, hair dryer, and a few brushes. Whichever style you wear, the final look should be easy to achieve and not to be time-consuming.


How to Style Pixie with Buzzed Nape

Pixie with Buzzed Nape

The buzzed nape or nape undercut gives a bit different look to the pixie. The shaving is more accented at the back of the head, just above the neck. The rest of the hair falls over the shaved back giving a more extravagant look.

Styling the pixie with a buzzed nape depends on the length of the hair that is to be styled. Whichever the length, the hair dryer few brushes and some hair product will be just enough for a casual and tidy look.


Bold Pixie Haircuts With Shaved Sides

Following are the trendiest pixie cut with shaved sides for bold women to explore.

1. Long Pixie Cut with Shaved Side

long pixie cut shaved side

This shaved pixie hairstyle is more of a boyish look. The sides and the back are shaved shortly, while the rest of the hair falls over the shaved sides, into sharp layering. The cut is long and creates volume to the head.


2. Layered Wavy Messy Pixie

messy pixie with shaved side

Longer and more feminine version than the previous look is the layered long pixie. The sides all remain shaved. As for the portion left with a hair, it is long, layered, somewhere asymmetrically falling to the sides.


3. Red Pixie Cut

Curly Pixie Cut with Shaved Side

This beautiful and eccentric pixie cut with shaved side look can be done on women with naturally curly or wavy hair. The sides are shortly shaved and the side parts are deep and accented with a clear line. The hair is left unshaved throughout all the middle part of the hair, styled in curls and upwards. Some of the locks fall freely over the forehead.


4. Cool and Short Pixie Cut

pixie haircut with shaved side

This side shaved pixie cut is great for women with thick hair. Gradually shaved to the sides, the hair styled pulled to the front.


5. Side Swept Curly Pixie

woman with curly pixie cut shaved side

Similar to the previous cut, the side swept curly pixie does not require extra short shaving to the sides. They are left with some hair, while the rest of it in the middle and top of the head is curly, falling to the side and cute.


6. Springy Curls

curly pixie cut with shaved sides

If you have extra tight curls in your hair, put the spring back in their step with a pixie cut with shaved sides. You can also add a little highlighting in caramel or light blonde to accentuate the gorgeous texture.


7. Tapered Side

short pixie cut with shaved sides

Is your hair pretty straight and thin? Then you’ll look great in this straight pixie with tapered sides. Hair is flat and brushed forward, but the bright blonde keeps it chic and feminine.


8. Partial Fade

long pixie cut with shaved sides

If a full fade is too much for you, add just a partial fade to your pixie cut. The long red layers seen above hang over the small shaved area near the temple of one side. It’s a cute yet edgy peek.


9. Black Pixie with Hard Part

shaved pixie cut for black women

If you’re a Black woman seeking a shorter haircut, consider a short pixie with a hard part in the side. It’ll allow you to start fresh with your afro-textured hair and accentuate the beautiful curves of your face.


10. Half Shaved

shaved pixie cut for round faces

To get the best of both long and short hair worlds, go with a half shaved pixie cut. Wear the long side straight or with kinky curls and show off the edgy fade in a flattering taper.


11. Blue Ombre

messy pixie with shaved sides

If your base hair color is dark, a light color is a fun option for you. This layered pixie is spiked for texture and features a blue-white ombre. The shaved side is left with the natural hair color.


12. Shaved Line Design

shaved pixie cut with design

Instagram / iris_rodrigo

Do you love details in your hairstyle? After your hair stylist shaves in an undercut fade, ask him/her to shave in curved lines that follow the shape of your head. This half-shaved style features longer length with a little lift on the opposite side. 


13. Rainbow Bright

shaved pixie cut with bangs

Instagram / art_launching

Orange, purple, yellow, and pink make a hot colorful rainbow on a long pixie. This one stands out with a curvy bald undercut, jagged bangs, and a few strands of waves over short hair.


14. Braided Pixie

braided pixie with shaved sides

Instagram / amelie_hairartist

If you’re a lady who loves the finer more feminine details, you can still rock a pixie fade. Just keep it long and add a thick braid along the top of the fade. A gorgeous lavender hair color will also pretty it up. 


15. Blonde Pixie Fade

grey pixie cut with shaved sides

Instagram /

For women whose skin tone is medium to dark, opt for a medium blonde if you want to give your haircut a lift of color. This style also rocks razor-cut long hair in the middle, which stands out nicely with the shaven sides. 


16. Thick and Spiked

pixie haircut with shaved sides and back

Instagram / melanie.astill

Thick hair can oftentimes be a pain to style, but a side shaved pixie will help you tame those thick locks into a work of art. This spiked version is very eclectic and stands out amazingly in a rich blend of dark red, yellow, and orange.


17. Platinum with Shaved Flower

shaved pixie cut with pattern

Instagram / viviankellie

Another way to make sure your haircut stands out is by rocking light blonde or platinum over a dark hair base. In the fade, shave in a cool flower mandala behind the ear(s).


18. Wavy Comb Back

straight pixie with shaved sides

Instagram / ginawarkentin

When you want to dress up a long pixie, all you need to do is comb the hair back off the face in a wavy fashion. A fun color like pink is flirty and youthful.


19. Pixie Cut with Shaved Undercut

The playfulness between long parts and shaved hair is very accented in this look. the sides and the back are shortly shaved while the middle and the front hair gradually come longer, finishing with long bangs.


20. Quirky Pixie Cut

Not very frequent look, but this pixie with shaved sides can be done with long hair. The balance is provided with a clear side part line, which separates the shaved side with the bunch of the left hair. The hair is combed to the front, it is straight and keep upwards. The back part of the hair falls sharply down.


21. Blonde and Purple Pixie Haircut

two tone pixie with shaved side

This look leaves hair only at the front, in the form of long bangs, reaching the ears. They are swept to the sides, going over the face. The rest of the hair is shaved short, and gradual, leaving just a bit of hair at the top of the head.


22. Asymmetrical Pixie with A Shaved Design

The asymmetry of this shaved pixie haircut is sharply divided by the hairline on the side and the long part left in the middle. The hair falls over to the one side, reaching the chin.


23. Short Pixie Cut with Fade

This is a punk look, but women who are more daring to changes can try it. The pixie starts from shaved sides that gradually become longer and finish in a cut that is similar to the bowl one. He bangs are short and asymmetric.


24. Funky Pixie with Bangs

red pixie with shaved side

The undercut is very accented and dominant, leaving lots of free portion for the pixie to fall over. The hair is long, falling straight, with thick bangs.


25. Blonde Shaved Pixie Haircut

Blonde Shaved Pixie Haircut for Women

The wavy short pixie cut and shaved sides is a very cool and feminine option for those bold women. With a deep side part, the hair is styled towards one side, and the soft waves are nicely falling to the side.


When doing a pixie with shaved sides, it is good to bring your personal style into it. Don’t follow a certain cut to perfection because it might suit your face shape. Always try to style it as you like it and keep the flow of the hair as you have done it previously.