10 Best Peach Hair Color Ideas for 2022

Peach hair provides the perfect way to stand out in the crowd without taking things too far. This soft orange hue is comprised of a variety of orange, pink, and rose gold tones to truly compliment your summer look. Now more than ever, people are turning to this totally fresh color for a punch of inspiration. 


Who Should Try Peach Hair Color?

Because peach hair has so much variety in terms of hues, truly anyone can sport peach hair color. Not everyone can rock every iteration, however. If your skin is light and fair, you should stick to lighter peach tones while babes with darker, olive-y tones should go for deeper peaches with dark pinks and reds.

Ombre styles are also beneficial as they keep your hair its natural, complimentary color along the root while the ends of hair can fade into the luscious peach hairstyle that compliments you best. 

To really make sure a peach will work for you, your hair color should enhance the flush of your cheeks rather than wash them out. Bringing your peach shade deeper, lighter, or adding more red, pink, or orange will ensure that regardless of your skin tone, you can make peach hair your own with total flair. 


Peach Hairstyles

Now that we’ve covered the basics in terms of who should wear peach hair, let’s take a look at some truly inspirational options. Below are 10 different peach hairstyles for fair, medium, and dark skin. 

1. Pastel Peach 

light peach hair

Ideal for fair skin, light peach hair looks stunning on freckled babes and lighter skin tones. Bring out the softer rose gold tones and cotton candy hues to accent your softer look best. It feels so fresh on short and long hair alike. 


2. Dark Peach for Golden Skin Tones 

Okay, but what if you’re not fair? Dark peach hair is amazing on tan skin. Go deeper at the scalp to not only compliment golden undertones but to also add rich dimension. It is perfect for curly hair and especially for adding interest to up-dos. Deep root are already a trend on its own. 


3. Peach and Gray 

short peach hair

It may be hard to conceive rocking short peach hair if your skin has ashy tones, but this style proves it’s more than possible! Dye hair a purplish-gray at the roots and bring soft strands through spiky, peach color at the ends of hair for a truly dynamic look. 


4. Fiery Peach for Brunettes 

Bump up the warmth if you have especially deep, warm skin with yellow undertones. Steer clear of orange tints with this peach pink hair and don’t be afraid to try a more ombre style to show off your chocolatey tones at the root. It’s obviously gorgeous on long hair but would suit a short pixie with lots of energy, too.


5. Peach Ombre 

Lighter brunettes with flaxen tones and light skin with warm undertones should bring out the yellow and orange hues found in this hue. All-over color can be intense, so dust the ends of your peach ombre hair for a rich, yet classy vibe. 


6. Peachy Blonde

Don’t feel like rocking bold color but love the way the tones can influence your natural color? Let your stylist know that you’d like to incorporate that soft warmth into your current look to create truly subtle peach blonde hair. 


7. Peach Highlights 

Another option for fair skin with pink undertones is a more pink version of peach hair highlights. Elements of rust should influence your color while the lightest orange and ultra-light maroon tones should surround your face for the best brightening effect. 


8. Neon Peach 

It’s time to have a little fun! If you prefer an edgy style or are looking for some bold temporary color for the warmer months, neon peach hair is truly gorgeous. As you can see, you need golden skin to really make it shine. Babes with super dark skin can also make this style look incredible. 


9. Faded Peach 

The washed-out look is the easiest way to compliment skin with yellow undertones while bringing out the hint of pink found on your cheeks. Try this pastel peach hair on locks both short and long. 


10. Peach on Natural Hair 

Darker skin with golden undertones should consider copper peach hair. Perfect on springy coils and curls, copper has the ideal amount of warmth to bring out the best of your features while honoring your peachy desires. 

It’s impossible to deny the glamorous effects of this fruit-inspired hue. The best part is, everyone can wear it while honoring their natural beauty. Use rose gold, orange, pink, and red tones to create the very best color for you. 

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