13 Easy & Cute Haircuts for Preschooler Boys

Preschool boy haircuts or any other hairstyle do say a lot about one’s personality. We all go for different kinds of hairstyle, for different kinds of the occasion; men and women alike. But why we all grownups should have all the fun? What if the toddlers to want a style of their own? They too can look smart and handsome, even better than us!


Best Preschool Boy Haircuts

Let’s have a look at these 8 preschool haircuts for boys that our experts have carefully chosen for your baby boy.

1. Long Faux Hawk

long faux hawk for preschooler

Adorable isn’t it? This preschool boy haircut will make your baby look so cute that none can turn eyes from him. But how do you get this style? Well its quite simple, you have to shave up your little man’s head bit sideways, as you see in the picture and let the remaining hair in the middle.

Now brush up the hair in the middle and voila your little man is all decked up!

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2. Side Blown Undercut

preschool hairstyle with undercut

The undercut is absolutely stunning as it looks. By keeping the maximum hair in the front and shorter on the back and sideways it makes your kid look trendy. Cool isn’t it?


3. Long Comb Over

preschool comb over haircut for boys

Yeah, you know what he’s looking cute in this! The long comb-over is just the style you want to give to your young man. Not much of a problem, just shave up a bit from any one of the edges and then comb the rest of the hair to the opposite side you have shaved off. Isn’t it a cool preschool haircut for your baby boy?


4. Spiky Fringe

preschool boy haircuts

Well, this preschooler boy haircut doesn’t even require much of an effort to do. All you need is a proper hair gel to set it all right. Collect the hair in the middle and spike it up using your fingers and your spiky fringe is ready!


5. Wavy Shag

wavy shag for preschoolers

Now, this preschool hairstyle for little boys is a bit different from the rest of the lot. If your child is having a wavy hair, then this is the perfect preschool haircut for him! All you need is some good gel to bring in the desired look you want to give to your toddler. That wavy hair makes him go all cuter.


6. Cornrows

preschool hairstyle with cornrows

This preschool boy hairdo can be a bit tricky, but you still can manage it if you want. All you have to do is that take little sections of hair and start making tiny braids, make sure that the braids remain near the scalp. This African hairdo will be a unique preschool haircut for your little man.


7. Tousle Haircut

preschool boy haircut with tousled style

Well, this is a very simple one, anyone out there can go for it. not much needs to be done for it, just make sure that this preschooler haircut for your boy, has got sticking ends after he has got the haircut.

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8. Classic Fringe

preschool fringe haircut for boys

All you have to do is to cut fringes and part the hair in one side. To maintain the fringes on you have use hair gel. Easy to do and easy to maintain preschool boy haircut.



long preschool boy haircut



wavy haircut for preschool boys



preschool boy haircut






Thus, these are preschool haircuts for boys you can give to your toddler and make him look smart and handsome.