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25 Best Purple and Ombre Hair Color Ideas

When looking for an update to your current hairstyle, keep it feminine and flirty with purple and ombre hair color! Typically involving light to dark colors, ombre simply means blending two hair colors for a result that can be either natural or beautifully unique.


Styling With Purple and Ombre Hair Color

Here are 25 stunning purple and ombre hair ideas that will have you grabbing your wallet to head to your nearest salon!

1. Short Purple Ombre Hair

short purple ombre hair

Light and dark purple blend together on a brunette bob with wavy body. On bangs near the hairline, go heavy on color to draw attention to your eyes.


2. Brown to Purple Ombre Hair

brown to purple ombre hair

Bored with your brown hair? Light purple is just the color to spice it up! Add it to your straight medium-length hairstyle and say goodbye to blah.


3. Blonde to Purple Ombre Hair

For women with light blonde hair, an addition of dark purple ombre is very hipster meets mermaid, especially when you load up the body with soft waves.


4. Black to Purple Ombre Hair

You’d be surprised how well purple hair color shows up on a dark base like black. This particular shade is very Halloween-esque, helping a short wavy hairstyle stand out.


5. Dark Purple Ombre Hair

A heavy part and tight waves work in tandem with the dark purple ombre on this look. For medium blonde, this shade of purple is a great choice.


6. Lavender Purple Ombre Hair

Looking for a soft addition of color to your medium-length straight hair? Lavender purple is feminine, romantic, and not harsh at all.


7. Pink and Purple Ombre Hair

While magenta colors the roots of a straight center-parted bob, it’s the purple ombre that takes the whole look up a notch. To emphasize shiny locks, keep them straight.


8. Pastel Purple Ombre Hair

Another soft shade of purple to opt for on light blonde hair is this pretty pastel. This is one color you can feel confident wearing anywhere, even at the office.


9. Purple Ombre Box Braids

As if box braids weren’t gorgeous by themselves, when you add purple ombre with white tips and accent braids with hair hoops, this style is one you need to try.


10. Red and Purple Ombre Hair

Is your hair naturally red or do you want to try mixing two colors? Dark purple ombre on red on a wavy hairstyle is the color combination you didn’t know you needed in your life.


11. Silver Purple Ombre Hair

The purple ombre on a silver wavy hairstyle is almost not noticeable until you look at the ends. For a cute half updo, take a small section of hair from either side and secure them in the back.


12. Dark Purple and Black Ombre

One way to get purple ombre to show up on your black hair is by choosing a dark shade. Pictured here are dreads that blend medium and dark purples.


13. Silver and Purple Ombre

The purple ombre on this short straight style with bangs is tinged with silver or white. A romantic flower crown is a fun touch for a bridal look.


14. Blonde and Purple Ombre Hair

On light blonde hair, a medium shade of purple pops! Wear your hair down on date night and pair the look with a bold red lip to serve up fierce vibes!


15. Purple and Blue Ombre

Another color purple ombre looks great with is dark blue. Try it on your long brown hair and watch how you turn into a super model!


16. Sweep Over

Give your hair an extreme side parting to really show off the color of your roots. Pull all of your hair over from one side to the other.


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17. Dusky Purple

Choosing a dusky shade of purple can help to create a more subtle colored hairstyle. The style should become lighter and softer towards the tips of the hair.


18. Choppy Layers

Cut your hair into really long and choppy layers. Run your hands through your hair a few times to create a dramatic style. This whole look is really dramatic.


19. Grey and Purple

Gray and dusky purple are two colors that work well together. Dyeing your hair with alternating colors can help to add depth and texture to a lightly curled hairstyle. You can give a try to grey ombre.


20. Straight Hair with a Retro Curl

Purple ombre is great for straight hair. If you like the retro look or the rockabilly style, use carefully placed hair grips to secure your hair into a lovely retro curl. This feature adds a real touch of glamor.


21. Extreme Ombre

An extreme purple ombre style involves coloring your hair with lots of different shades of purple. Leave your hair its natural color close to the roots for the maximum effect.


22. Big Bold Curls

Use a curling iron on your hair to create some big and bold curls. It is best to leave your hair for a few days after dyeing before you use any heat treatments on it.


23. Plait Crown

For an ethereal or elven look, you can create a crown of plaited hair. Circle it around your head and then loosely curl your hair below the plaits.


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24. Waterfall Plaits

In a waterfall braid, hair drops out of the bottom of the plait when new hair is taken into the top of the plait. It creates a beautiful and delicate style.


25. Blue and Purple Ombre

Mixing lots of subtle blue and purple pastel shades can create a wonderfully diverse hairstyle. Add some light plaiting to give the look an even more delicate edge.