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20 Greatest Red Ombre Hair Color Ideas You’ll See This Year

When women want to look fierce and sassy, red ombre hair is the thing they need to upgrade their look. If you got tired of your regular appearances, it’s time to try something that shows off your bubbly personality. 

Red ombre hair can come in many shades, from burgundy hues to bright, eye-popping reds. Be careful when choosing the color because not all types of red suit your skin tone. You will really need to pay attention to your skin undertones: if you have a warm skin color, go for warm ginger red, and if having cool undertones, opt for a cinnamon or cherry red.


Red Ombre Hair

When planning a full head transformation, remember that you’ll probably need to change your eyebrows too. You can also start from your natural color and go for your favorite red shade. No need to stick to the regular color combinations, mix red with blue, orange, and also violet to gain a ravishing effect for your mane.

Scoop throw these fabulous ideas of red ombre hair and mention your favorite look in the comments. Have fun!

1. Dark Red Ombre

Get a long hairstyle that has the tips layered. Opt for a black dark red ombre hair and style a few curls to obtain that marvelous volume. Also, you can get a pair of bangs that will make such an excellent job for face-framing.


2. Short Red Ombre

short red ombre

Inverted bob hairstyles can make any red ombres look fabulous. Keep your blonde natural hue and gradually transit to an eye-popping red shade for the tips. Also, you can part your long bangs in the middle.


3. Red and Purple Ombre

Go for a fabulous transformation, by styling a red-purple ombre. Layer the hair, create loose curls, and wear the mane on your back. Make sure the transition between the two shades is smooth. 


4. Red and Orange Ombre

With this red-orange ombre, you will certainly look ravishing. Get a long hairstyle with a blunt cut for the tips and brighten up the red shade until it becomes a juicy orange hue. Style gorgeous loose waves to give the hairstyle a careless effect.


5. Blue Red Ombre

red ombre hairstyle

If you have blue eyes and pale skin with pink undertones, dye your roots in a deep aquamarine shade and transit to a bright red with magenta hues. Keep the hair in a bob cut and turn the tips upwards.


6. Burgundy Ombre Hair

Go for a dark burgundy color and gradually enlighten it until you get an astonishing bright shade.  Layer the mane and style curls. Wear the bangs on one side or parted in the middle. 


7. French Dark Red Ombre Hair

When you style an ombre that goes from your dark brunette color to an eye-popping red, braids will look fabulous on you. Create a half-French knit using the top hair and those two colors will ravishingly blend. 


8. Blonde Red Curly Ombre Hair

Make your curls look breath-taking by opting for a mild blonde cooper color for the roots and top hair. Transform it into a bright red and the ringlets will gain their own personality. 


9. Red Bob Ombre Hair 

orange red curly short hair

An inverted bob haircut will look amazing if you choose a dark burgundy color for the roots that converts into a gorgeous red shade. Use your straightening iron to create beautiful modern curls.

Pink Ombre Hair Colors


10. Punky Postbox Red Hair with a Dark Undercut

A pixie haircut with an undercut that keeps the short hair in a dark brunette color will complement the top hair. Dye it in a marvelous glossy red and style curls that you can wear on one side. 

 Ombre Bobs to Look Fabulous


11. Black to Red Ombre 

If you want to gain a marvelous glow for your hair, get a bob layered cut with bangs tossed on one side. Dye it into a garnet shade and give your roots a boost to obtain more volume.


12. Rainbow Ombre Hairstyle

rainbow ombre hairstyle

Lilly Allen’s red-purple hair made all the women go crazy about this transformation. And what’s not to love? The shades are ravishing and her sparkling green makeup completes the look. This look might be hard to reproduce at home, so we advise you to take this photo and show it to your hairstylist.


13. Asymmetrical ombre

asymmetrical red ombre

Create asymmetrical red ombre by applying a few burgundy highlights on your brown locks. You can mix them with flaming red strands to create a more impressive look. This is the most natural way to use red ombre hair colors.


14. Flaming reddish ombre hair extensions

If you have medium-length or short hair and feel up to experiments, use flaming red hair extensions to create a brown-red ombre hair color. In order to make the hairstyle even more stunning, dye one of your own strands red as well.


15. Burgundy and Red

burgundy and red ombre

Dark violet or burgundy locks look amazing when coupled with red in an ombre. You can play around with the length of the top part of your violet ombre. You can even do the “dip” ombre when only the ends are a different color.


16. Brown and Bright red

Bright red ombre hair color looks perfect with your natural black or brown hair. In order to keep the colors as bright as possible, you’ll need to work out your own hair maintenance routine. Red is a blast!


17. Layered red ombre

While the colors used in this ombre are far from being natural, the overall appearance of his hairstyle is very inviting. The lower light layer is close to golden blonde, even though it’s just a shade of peach.


18. Different shades of red

Burgundy shades mixed with flaming red ombre hair colors can turn your hairstyle into something truly magnificent. Unlike blue, green and violet options, this one is the closest to looking natural.


19. Dancing flames

If you want to give your hairstyle a burning appearance, you need to know how to achieve a perfect color mix. Consider dyeing the top part of your ombre any dark shade of red while the bottom part should be light orange or dark golden blonde.


20. Red and blonde

red and blonde ombre

Use a red ombre hair color when matching blonde locks in a balayage hair coloring technique. Dark red hair slowly turns into peach and blonde strands. While these colors are hard to maintain, the result is priceless!


It doesn’t matter whether you choose a solid red or red ombré short hairstyle. Both choices look fantastic on women who have enough confidence to pull it off.