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20 Stunning Rose Gold Balayage Hair Color Ideas

Rose gold balayage is popular in the hair industry now. This is such a hot trend nowadays that everyone will soon be seen uploading different variations of rose gold balayage colored hair on their social media timelines.

But before that happens, you should try it so that you are among the trendsetters of this highly fashionable hair color. So, this is going to be one of the best style choices that you will make this year if you do it thoroughly.

The balayage technique allows stylists to paint on rose gold highlights in the most flattering spots. But the question is, are you brave enough to try rose gold balayage hair?

Rose Gold Balayage Hair

Just because rose gold balayage depends on the use of a certain color, that doesn’t mean every shade of rose gold looks the same. You can pick out a personal color—provided you visit a hairstylist who’s an expert at color mixing.

If you have decided to try rose gold balayage on your hair, try these amazing hairstyles and shades!

1. Rose Gold Balayage with Bangs

rose gold balayage on straight hair

Rose gold balayage on straight hair has become quite a phenomenon and everybody wants it. Get a long haircut with bangs and bleach the lower part of the hair. If you previously had an ombre, Overtone is the right product for you to achieve this beautiful hue. 

2. Asian Rose Gold Balayage

short rose gold balayage hair

If you are an Asian girl, a short rose gold balayage hair that keeps your roots dark will certainly look jaw-dropping. Unfortunately, to obtain this most wanted hue, you will need to bleach your hair previously. Consider that before making such a significant change. 

3. Rose Gold Balayage for Black Girls

rose gold balayage on black hair

If you are a black girl, drop everything you’re doing and take a look at this fabulous red carpet rose gold balayage on black hair. Recreate this look by getting a medium blunt cut and dyeing only the top strands. 

4. Pale Rose Gold Balayage

blonde hair with rose gold balayage

This messy, rebellious blonde hair with rose gold balayage will definitely match your personality and style. Go for a long layered hair and only make the ombre for half of the mane. With this hairstyle and a big smile upon your face, you will brighten up any room. 

5. Curly Rose Gold Balayage

curly rose gold balayage hair

Splurge yourself with glamorous curly rose gold balayage hair. You will obtain a smooth pastel hue, and if you style waves and curls, that bounce will be absolutely remarkable. Wear the mane in a long bob and switch the bangs on one side. 

6. Dark Rose Gold Balayage

rose gold balayage for dark hair

If you want a gorgeous face frame and crave to obtain an elegant but vibrant feel, a rose gold balayage for dark hair is your best pick. Make the transition very smooth, from the dark roots to the ravishing bright color, and you’ll get all the WOW’s.

7. Rose Gold Balayage for Straight Hair

rose gold balayage on dark red hair

A rose gold balayage on dark red hair can be a drastic change for your mane and if you don’t want this hues combo to quickly go to waste, maintain the vibrancy of the colors with specialized products for colored hair. 

8. Messy Rose Gold Hair

brown hair with rose gold balayage

Give your mane a full makeover by opting for a brown hair with rose gold balayage. It will express your personality and make people discover how bold and beautiful you really are. 

9. Fiery Rose Gold Hair

full rose gold balayage hairstyle

A full rose gold balayage hairstyle is a real commitment because the color quickly fades, and you might end up looking washed out. Revive your mane with a glaze or visit your colorist once you notice the fading.

10. Braided Rose Gold Balayage

rose gold balayage hair ideas

Even if it seems complicated, this hairstyle can be successfully obtained. Go for a dark shade of gold balayage in the roots area. It will gradually shift towards a brighter hue on its way to the ends. Create all sorts of braids and emphasize the middle one. 

11. Rose Gold Ends

Rose Gold Balayage Hairstyle for girl

The technique used in rose gold balayage—or any balayage, for that matter — allows for subtle transitions of color. It’s easy to achieve an ombre effect like this one, where the tips are the palest shade.

Hairstyles With Rose Gold Hair Color

12. Barely There Balayage

Rose Gold Balayage Hairstyle you love

Thanks to the control the stylist has over how much color to use and where to put it, you, too, have total control over where your balayage goes. If you need to keep it faint and subtle, that’s no problem.

13. A Flush of Pink With Rose Gold

Pink with Rose Gold Balayage Hairstyle

Here’s a lovely example of what rose gold can do to naturally blonde or golden hair. Her coiffure is blushing, basically, and it’s beautiful.

14. Rose Gold on Brunette

Rose Gold Balayage Hairstyle

You can get a rose gold balayage treatment done on darker hair, as well. It just means committing to a bit of bleach first. Believe it or not, the upkeep isn’t bad—root touch-ups every now and then, but once your hair’s been bleached, it will pick up toner and brightening treatments quite well.

15. Balayage on Black

Black with Rose Gold Balayage Hairstyle for women

Several details about this ‘do stand out above the rest, beginning with the pitch dark roots. They make the rose gold streaks pop even more. Of course, those curls are everything, too.

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16. Ethereal Streaks

Rose Gold Balayage Hairstyle

Balayage allows the stylist to paint your hair down to the individual strands. Here, a smattering of the very, very top layer of hair is rose gold, which gives her entire head a gorgeous, angelic aura. Toward the bottom, however, you get much more rose gold. The combo works.

17. Dark Rose Gold

Dark Rose Gold Balayage Hairstyle you like

Rose gold balayage doesn’t follow a particular formula. It can be pinker or focus more on the gold. Here, it looks like they’ve used a darker pink with maybe a bit of orange mixed in. Pink and coral make a lovely shade of rose gold, as well.

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18. All Over Color

Rose Gold Balayage Hairstyle

Feeling bold? Ask for an all-over rose gold coif. Even if you don’t want to color your whole head, your hairdresser can balayage just the top layer.

19. Rose Gold Ombre

Ombre Rose Gold Balayage Hairstyle your favorite

What you see here is glorious, from top to bottom, from braid to curls. The ombre is subtle and stunning, as is the blend of darker and lighter streaks of rose, pink, and gold.

20. Emphasis on the Gold

Rose Gold Balayage Hairstyle

Again, rose gold balayage comes in various hues. You can basically mix your color however you want. The gold is used to marvelous effect here, making the subtle blushing rose to shine through. Definitely a winner.

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Remember, rose gold is one of the year’s signature colors for a reason. Have you thought about trying rose gold balayage? What look are you leaning toward?