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23 Hottest Balayage on Black Hair Ideas in 2024

Plain black hair is a classic, but it can get boring sometimes. If coloring your entire hair is a bit daunting for you, the best way to spice up your black hair is to get a balayage.

Since it involves adding color to the bottom portion of your hair, this coloring technique adds a splash of color to your dull-looking hair without unwanted damage and expensive costs.

If you want to give this trend a try, continue reading to find the best color ideas for balayage on black hair below.

Gorgeous Ideas for Balayage on Black Hair

Take a look at these trendy balayage for black hair ideas so you can add a pop of color to your hair in the most stylish way possible.

1. Peach Long Bob

pink balayage on black hair

For a look that’s both modern and feminine, give the peach balayage a try. These gorgeous shades will definitely bring out your skin’s rosy undertones which will give you that beautiful blushing effect.

2. Different Brown Shades

balayage on black straight hair

To maintain the classy look, you should stick to the shade that’s closest to black, and it’s no other than the rich brown hue. To keep things interesting, go for different kinds of brown for better depth and dimension.

3. Blonde Curls

balayage on short black hair

A gorgeous shade of blonde is the perfect idea for balayage on black hair. The blonde balayage gives your hair that beautiful sunkissed look while your darker roots promote a more natural vibe. Go and add sexy beach waves to achieve that ultimate beach girl vibe.

4. Greens and Blues

blue balayage on black hair

Blues and greens are not popular hair colors, but these unique shades will give you a look you can’t easily get from your other options.

The combination of these vibrant hues creates an ethereal look and will help you achieve that’s both stylish and magical.

5. Vibrant Red Balayage

red balayage on black hair

Adding a splash of vibrant red shade will give your black hair an instant makeover. This beautiful shade is edgy, bright, and just pure fun!

But, of course, it’s not the best option for everyone and will only look good on women with pale skin tones.

6. Bright Purple

purple balayage on black hair

Purple and black is a color combination that has stood the test of time, and it can be a great balayage idea if you’re bold enough to give it a try.

The best part about sporting a purple hair color is it can neutralize the unwanted green and yellow tones in your skin, giving you a brighter and better complexion.

7. Blonde Balayage + Moneypiece Highlights

blonde balayage on black hair

Admit it, there’s no other balayage on black hair that can shine brighter than the blonde shade. If you want to milk its brightening benefits for all its worth, add money-piece highlights to the mix.

The highlighted strands can frame your face beautifully and emphasize your best facial features even more.

8. Light Brown Curls

balayage on black hair and dark skin

A balayage won’t just add color to your black hair. It can also emphasize your curls and make them come to life, and a brown shade is the best candidate for it.

When choosing from various brown shades, go for one that’s closest to your skin tone to create a sophisticated look.

9. Rose Gold Face-Framing Balayage

face framing balayage on black hair

No other hair color can look as sophisticated as this rose gold hue. Unfortunately, this perfect blend of blondes, reds, and pinks can be quite tricky, so it’s important to consider both your skin tone and eye color before you go for it.

This metallic shade, in particular, looks amazing on darker eyes and a yellow-based skin tone.

10. Caramel Blonde

caramel balayage on black hair

Featuring a mix of different brown shades with hints of warm gold tones, caramel blonde is one of the most popular options for balayage on black hair.

After all, this hue gives black hair the warmth it desperately needs.

11. Green Balayage on Black Hair

green balayage on black hair

For those who are looking for more high-fashion colors, green balayage on black hair might just be what you’re looking for. The green shade is a blissful update to boring black hair.

Keep in mind that bright colors come with a cost, so only go for this color if you’re ready for its high maintenance requirements.

12. Lavender Crimped Hair

lavender balayage on black hair

This lavender shade is the perfect blend of icy silver shade and a rich purple hue. The result is a hair color that’s stylish yet mysterious and feminine yet edgy.

To maintain its silvery shade, it’s recommended that you get a glossing treatment every 3–4 weeks.

13. Orange Red Long Hair

orange balayage on black hair

If you love being in the spotlight, then a bright balayage on black hair is the right choice for you. Nothing can ever be brighter than the combination of vivid orange and red shades.

But just a heads up: this color fades easily, so be sure you’re ready to go to the salon for refresh sessions every few months.

14. Brown Highlights With Balayage

golden balayage on black hair

For women who love sticking with the classics, the black-and-brown duo is the perfect combination for you. If you wish to give your hair better depth and dimension, you may want to throw in a few highlighted strands into the mix.

15. Burgundy with Bangs

burgundy balayage on black hair

Burgundy is the perfect shade if you’re looking for a subtle contrast to your black hair. Since this red wine shade is made with deep purple and red, it looks strikingly beautiful against the light and is a lot more subdued than pure red or purple colors.

16. Ash Grey Layered Lob

grey balayage on black hair

For those who are already tired of warm hues, an ash-grey balayage is an excellent candidate. Coloring your hair a frosty shade will give your cool skin undertone a softer vibe. Not only that, it adds a touch of mystery to your overall look.

17. Old Rose Medium Waves

rose gold balayage on black hair

If you want the sophisticated vibe of rose gold but in a bit more subdued manner, an old rose is the best option for you. This deeper shade has more reds and pinks than golds, so has the same gorgeous look but with a more subtle approach.

18. Greyish Silver on Wavy Hair

silver balayage on black hair

Give your black hair both an ashy and metallic update with a greyish-silver balayage. This unique hair color has the softness and whimsy of grey hair and the metallic look of silver, so it will make your hair shine brighter than diamonds.

19. Pastel Purple With Brown Balayage

pastel balayage on black hair

Why choose only one shade for your balayage when you can go for three? The blend of these purple, grey, and brown shades delivered a beautiful gradient of ashy shades that can turn black hair from drab to fab in an instant.

20. Braided Updo with Gold Balayage

black hair updo with balayage

Balayage doesn’t just look amazing on curls and waves. It would look extra fabulous on braids and updos too. Just take a look at how the play of colors made this updo more intriguing and interesting.

21. Chestnut Brown Curls

chestnut balayage on black hair

22. Auburn Wavy Hair

auburn balayage on black hair

Going Auburn is one of the best ways to know what it feels like to be a redhead. Showing off a mix of browns, reds, and oranges, this gorgeous shade can give your hair a luscious feel and give pale skin tone a warm glow.

23. Ash Blonde Balayage

ash balayage on black hair

If you’re looking to add both a warm touch and an ashy twist to your black hair, you may want to try out the ash-blonde balayage. The best part about this hair color is that it’s so versatile that it would look amazing on almost all skin tones.

There’s no easier and faster way to update your hair color than with balayage on black hair. These examples show that a splash of color can go a long way when done right.