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Russell Westbrook Haircuts: From Mohawks to Braids

Russell Westbrook isn’t just busting NBA triple-double records as point guard for the LA Clippers – he’s also setting major trends in men’s fashion with his bold hairstyles!

For a while there, we were used to seeing Russ in those classic fades and buzz cuts. But lately, he’s been getting really creative, experimenting with different styles and colors.

Some of his styles are definitely on the wild side. But you’ve got to admit – it takes serious confidence to pull them off at his level! Love him or hate him, you can’t deny Russ is killing the hair game right now!

Let’s break down Russ’ top haircuts. We’ll also go over what fans and the media have been saying about his hairstyles.

Russell Westbrook’s Trending Haircuts

Alright, let’s get into the memorable Westbrook hair moments we’ve seen on the curly-haired basketball player!

1. Skin Fade

Russell Westbrook With Skin Fade Haircut

Westbrook’s afro fade strikes a perfect balance. It spices things up from the traditional skin fade but is still not too loud or distracting. If you have a skilled barber, you could replicate it, too.

You can check out Ron Des’ take on Russell Westbrook’s fade so you’ll know what to expect when you ask for this haircut.

Odds are, you’ll want to reduce your wash days and be a little picky about the kind of shampoo you use. Sulfate-free might be the right choice for the hair care routine, depending on your hair type.

2. Short Fade with Color

Russell Westbrook Hair
Ralph Lauren:/Pinterest

We have yet another short fade haircut on the list, but this one really got the fans talking. After all, Westbrook chose quite a bold look for the 2021 Met Gala.

To color-match his hair to his tuxedo, the basketball player went for dark blue hair for his fade. However, the haircut was also patterned with a few bleached stars.

Naturally, some fans loved the haircut and saw it as a creative move. Meanwhile, others mocked it.

Some even went on as far as editing the photos to look like Westbrook has Patrick Star (yes, the pink starfish from SpongeBob SquarePants) drawn over his head.

3. Braids

Russell Westbrook With Braids Hairstyle

Russell Westbrook sported a bunch of different braided looks over the years, and for the most part, the braids were all short. You’ll even notice that he kept the faded sides.

That said, not all braided looks on Westbrook were fan favorites. For instance, he wore his hair with two small braids on the front in 2019, and many fans started making fun of the look right away.

Some people said the two dangling braids look like Piccolo’s (from Dragon Ball) antennas, while others tweeted that the haircut reminded them of Mr. Lunt (from VeggieTales).

4. Flaming Mohawk

Russell Westbrook With Mohawk Haircut

We said that young Westbrook kept his haircuts simple for the most part, but there were some exceptions.

Back when Russell Westbrook was playing his sophomore season with UCLA, he had some fun with his look.

The rising star had a one-of-a-kind mohawk with flame shapes on top and a flaming basketball shaved into the side.

It showed the world that he was confident and not afraid of letting his personality shine. Yet, coach Kerry Keating wasn’t a huge fan of the haircut and asked him to cut it off.

Russell Westbrook’s Hairstyles Getting Recognition

Despite all the controversy and light-hearted mockery, Westbrook’s hairdos still received plenty of recognition over the years.

That’s not only because hairstylists started posting video tutorials for mimicking the basketball player’s looks. But it’s also because people genuinely recognized the creative spark in these haircuts.

For instance, Westbrook made it into two honorary sports lists:

Believe it or not, some fans even took Russell Westbrook as inspiration for their haircuts, and we don’t just mean replicating his hairstyle here.

One fan literally had the player’s face shaved into the back of his head back in 2015! He then flaunted the look at an Oklahoma City Thunder game.

Many of Russell Westbrook’s hairstyles split people’s opinions, and fans either love them or hate them to the point of mockery.

Yet, none of that takes away from the fact that he’s confident, has a unique personality, and lets it all shine through his looks!

So, which one is your favorite Russell Westbrook hairstyle? And what do you think he’s going to try next? That man keeps us guessing!

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