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Jordan Clarkson’s Top 6 Hairstyles: Ranked

Jordan Clarkson is a Filipino-American NBA player known for his electrifying plays, scoring skills, and distinct sense of hairstyles. 

Throughout his career, Jordan Clarkson made it a point to show his personality and fashion sense in and out of the basketball court. He isn’t afraid to switch things up when needed, as seen in his ever-changing hairstyles. 

In this article, we have ranked the best 6 hairstyles from shorter cuts to his signature styles like braids and dreadlocks. 

Best Jordan Clarkson Haircuts and Hairstyles

Jordan Clarkson has never shied away from experimenting with his hair at different stages of his career. Take a look at these hairstyles ranked for your inspiration.

1. Box Braids 

Jordan Clarkson With Box Braids

Jordan Clarkson is popular for his braids and this box braid look ranked no. 1 position for its unforgettable appeal.

He had them on while renegotiating a contract of guard extension and while discussing plans to join the Philippines’ World Cup. He wore it with a low ponytail, jump rope twists, fade, and zig-zag patterns. 

This hairstyle is a great option for men with kinky, coiled, and curly hair, especially if you’re opting for a low-effort, natural look.

If you want to copy this hairstyle, cut clear rectangular or square boundary lines on your head and keep the hair short that is outside the boundary. Section your long hair and braid each section from the top to the end. 

Box braids not only protect your tresses but also help with length retention and lower the amount of maintenance required for your hair.

The braids aren’t limited to just one style, allowing you to be as creative as you want with your look—just like Jordan Clarkson!

2. Twist Braids

Jordan Clarkson With Twist Braids

As his career progressed, Clarkson became more adventurous with his hairstyles. This twisted braid style is ranked 2nd among all the hairstyles he’s tried.

He started sporting the twist hairstyle sometime in his 2018 to 2019 NBA career and grew a particular affinity to the look as the years went on. 

In 2020, Jordan Clarkson received some negative backlash when he transitioned from crew cut to twist braids.

Not because it looked strange or unfitting but because, according to fans, he couldn’t have grown his hair in such a short period of time. 

Fans criticized his use of extensions, with some going as far as saying that Mike Conley cut his hair and gave it to Jordan Clarkson.

Negative comments aside, no one can deny the appeal of Jordan Clarkson’s dreadlocks. They’re neat, with uniform thickness, minimal frizz, and tightly interlocked braids.

The look is also accompanied by a healthy scalp, which promotes the overall health of the twists. 

3. Fade Haircut 

Jordan Clarkson With Fade Haircut

The short fade curly hair ranks 3rd on the list of all-time best Jordan Clarkson’s haircuts. This haircut is also known as the taper cut or the military reg.

The hair gradually becomes shorter as it moves down towards the neckline, eventually “fading” into the skin. This haircut can be customized to suit different face shapes, hair types, and personal styles.

Some wear it with a comb-over, while others wear it with a quiff, a pompadour, or even a textured crop to achieve a polished, easy-on-the-eye look.  

With basketball stars Luka Doncic, James Harden, and Zion Williamson rocking the look at one point in their careers, the fade cut is undoubtedly one of the most popular hairstyles in the NBA.

It’s clean, easy to maintain, and low maintenance, making it an excellent choice for athletes and those living an active lifestyle. 

Jordan Clarkson was seen sporting a fade cut on several occasions throughout his basketball career. He wore different variations of high, low, and skin fades that he often pairs with facial hair for a more stylish look. 

4. Crew Cut

Jordan Clarkson With Crew Cut

The crew cut has been one of the go-to hairstyles of Jordan Clarkson in his earlier career, where he preferred a well-groomed appearance during his plays. 

This style looks like an undercut but without long hair draping over to the sides. The hair resembles the bristle surface of a brush.

It features a tapered back and sides, which may or may not have a fade, and a longer length at the top. 

Clarkson was still finding his signature look during this phase in his career. Because of this, his hairstyles were often simple and conventional—in line with the typical basketball player image. 

Alongside Clarkson, players who have had the crew cut include LeBron James, Chris Paul, Tim Duncan, and Dwyane Wade. 

5. Buzz Cut

Jordan Clarkson With Buzz Cut

Jordan Clarkson was seen with a buzz cut with a temp fade on various occasions, a look that had short hair on top, and a taper fade around the sides.

The buzz cut needs no introduction—it’s been around since the 19th century and has been the go-to cut among military and modern men alike. 

If you want to achieve this hairstyle, cut your hair short and close to the scalp. Use electric clippers with no guard for trimming and shave the edges with the razor.

It requires minimal maintenance, making it a popular and practical option for athletes and busy individuals. 

Clarkson, Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Matt Barnes, and Andre Iguodala all had buzz cuts at some point in their careers. 

6. Cornrows 

Jordan Clarkson With Cornrow Braids

Here comes the last one of the top 6 all-time favorite hairstyles of Jordan Clarson, and it’s a fantastic cornrow style.

Cornrows, also known as cornrow braids or cane rows, are a traditional hairstyle where the hair is braided close to the scalp. 

Designed for curly, and tight-textured hair, cornrows help protect hair from breakage and moisture loss. They’re sleek, tight, and low-maintenance, and act as a flawless base for wigs and sew-in extensions. 

So, these are the best hairstyles of Jordan Clarkson till 2023. We’re excited to see the other hairstyles he’ll wear as his career progresses! 

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