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25 of The Best 1920s Hairstyles for Women

In a decade known for glamor, 1920s hairstyles took a bold turn when women started cutting their hair short. Thanks to bobs with delicate finger and S-waves, short styles paired well with luxurious softness for some seriously beautiful style that is easy to emulate, even today.

New Ways to Wear 1920s Hairstyles

Below are 25 stunning 1920s hairstyles that you can wear to your next party or incorporate into your everyday style.

1. Voluminous Waves with Braids

1920s hairdo with braids

Whether you already have thick hair or you’re dying to get it, filling the bottom half of your hair with teased waves and curls is one way to get a memorable 1920s hairstyle. We love the tiny intricate braids formed near the hairline. They’re sure to be seen with colorful flowers.

2. Rolled Updo

1920s hairstyle with bangs

A rolled-up hairstyle is normally a casual vintage hairstyle, but when you twist it at the back of your head, secure it loosely and add bangs, it becomes a romantic soft, edgy look.

3. Curly Wedding Hairstyle

1920s wedding hairstyle

Your wedding updo calls for perfect curls, so go with this gorgeous look. The style is great for women with shoulder-length hair or a little longer. Those tight curls at the ends are the perfect 1920s detail.

4. Straight Chin Length Bob

1920s blunt hairstyle

If a bold statement is what you want to make with your 1920s hairstyle, go with this bluntly cut bob. Make your hair pin straight and slip on a netted headband for drama.

5. Wavy Bob Pinned Back

1920s red hairstyle

Soft waves another romantic, soft style that take only minutes to style. They’ll fill up thin hair nicely and help dress up a short haircut. Use a jeweled are other fancy hair clip to pin back one side of your hair. This hairstyle looks like a peaky blinders haircut.

6. Low Braid Chignon

1920s updo hairstyle

A gorgeous braided chignon is nothing new in women’s hairstyles, but the thick sections of hair right near the face are what put a beautiful 1920s twist on the look. Tuck a few tiny flowers in the braid for delicate detail.

7. Sleek Asymmetrical Bob

1920s hairstyle for women

Another beautiful 1920s hairstyle for women with short hair is a sleek asymmetrical or a-line bob. The unexpected cut is flattering to many face shapes and simply stunning when styled with thick waves on one side and smaller tighter curls on the other.

8. Long Waves with Beret

1920s hairstyle with hat

In the 1920s, women often wore stylish hats to emphasize a hairstyle. Berets and fedoras will do all the work for you on your long locks; just fill the body with loose waves or curls.

9. Blonde Ombre Half Updo

1920s slick back hairstyle

No matter what color hair you’re working with, it’ll give a 1920s hairdo a gorgeous update. Mix the old with the new by rocking a foxy color on a half updo. A pearled headdress or headband will make you feel like a princess.

10. Asymmetrical Wavy Bob

1920s hairstyle

If you have a strong face shape (heart or diamond), you’ll love what an asymmetrical bob does for your jawline. The heavy part not only switches up face dimension, the wavy ends make a sultry vintage detail.

11. Long Hairstyle from the 1920s

1920s long hairstyle

Though hairstyles were typically short in that era, you can still embody the times with longer locks. This long hairstyle is about creating softness with curls and waves. Add an accessory band of your choosing to the center of the forehead to tie this look together.

12. Up-do Style

1920s updo

Styles that focused a bun to the front of the forehead is typical of the 1920s for ladies on the move. It’s not the easiest to create, but we love the way it frames an oval, round, or even square face shape. Long faces will only appear longer with a style like this.

13. 20s Wedding Hairstyle

1920s wedding hairstyle

Brides today are loving the intricate glamour of old-fashioned hairstyles. Create a swooping up-do that chooses to highlight beautiful locks of hair as they swirl over a low and full chignon. The front of the face should be highlighted by round, soft sections of hair.

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14. Headband Hairstyle with Braids

1920s hairstyle with headband

Pigtail braids give this hairstyle the modern twist it needs. Perfect for younger girls, this simple style is practical yet always attractive. Add a headband accessory to capture the essence of the roaring 20s.

15. Delicate Up-do With Braid

1920s braided hairstyle

While short hairstyles were quickly becoming the rage in the 1920s, up-dos were still very much in vogue. This romantic style uses soft curls and braids to elegantly frame the face. Create a braid on one side of the forehead and leave out loose ringlets to frame the rest of your look.

16. S-Wave Chignon

This look is a cross between classic S-waves and moulded finger waves. The shape is maintained yet the hair is left more free than the heavily structured finger wave. The low bun created at the nape of the neck should appear as another layer of wave while the waves on the forehead help to frame the face.

17. Soft S-Waves

Similar to finger waves, S-waves are curls that go in the same direction. This version is softer, however, and is brushed out to be worn down or in a stylish up-do. A side part and a beautiful pearl clip complete the look.

18. French Bob with Bangs

Though the French bob became popular before the 1920s, the decade popularized bob haircuts and this short, curled under look became an ‘it’ style. To create this look, the bob should be cut short, around chin length, and be curled under. A thick fringe should mimic the rest of the style.

19. Face-Framing Curls

Short styles were all the rage of the 20s era. This look is all about creating softness with delicate curls that surround the face in an asymmetrical manner. Add an accessory like this headband so it sits slightly back at the crown of the head.

20. Avant Garde Up-Do

This look is all about using proportion to create balance. A deep side part separates the low and large off-center chignon from the face-framing bun on the top side of the head. This style is richly elegant and shows off a beautiful face and any impressive accessories you’re sporting.

21. Finger Waves on Short Hair

1920s women's bob hairstyles

This 20s hairstyle is the origin of the fancy bob revolution. Just as the name suggests, the hair technicians turn a classic bob into a piece of art. If royal elegance is your dream, you may start your perfection by this simple hairstyle.

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22. Side Part Bob

1920s wavy hairstyles for women

It may look simple to the ordinary person, but this 1920s finger waves look is the epitome of style. It is a fluffy bob with waves on the side. As if to create a distinct flavor to the hairstyle, the side-section part runs to the back. This is the mark of a lady of high nobility.

23. Short Pin Curls

1920s hairstyles with pin curls for women

This is the carefree attitude heart. The pin curls give out the spirit of the wild in the woman. This medium hairstyle adds the touch of toughness to the deceiving looks. This hairstyle was very famous and is perfect for any occasion.

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24. Wavy Bob

1920s hairstyles for women

This Hollywood style is a vivid reminder of the days when the still photographs were the trend. The 1920s woman was ready for those moments. The most natural haircut was the wavy bob for the prestigious occasion.

If you try it at home, you have to curl your hair to waves. Then let the hair flow into a medium bob.

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25. Feathered Tiara

1920s women hairstyles with feathered tiara

This is a preserve of royalty. The feathered tiara on the hairstyle adds the grace of royalty. It is one of the 1920s hairstyles for long hair exclusive for noble occasions like a trip to the operas or the red carpet.

There is no harm if you wish to try it out. You can make a sleek low bun and then invest in the elegant tiara for accessorizing.

The further back you go into history, the better you get in women’s hairstyles. The 1920s hair looks had the best taste of style. It is the incoming trend today for the young and fashionable.

For those striving to lend their hand into fashion and style, try one of these hairstyles.