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25 Short Choppy Hairstyles for Women Over 50

Many women over 50 with short hair fail to realize there are many cute hairstyles that aren’t boring. A short choppy hairstyle is full of adds plenty of volume when styled the right way.

But what exactly does ‘choppy’ mean? It refers to a haircut where the hair is cut into distinct layers or sections, resulting in a textured and uneven appearance

To make a haircut look choppy, a stylist cuts large sections of hair at one time. The scissors are held at an angle to cut into the ends, creating an irregular finish rather than a straight-across cut.

It’s all about cutting at different angles to create volume and movement. Softer looks can be created by rounding the ends inward, while edgier looks are created with spiky textures.

Beautiful Short Choppy Hairstyles Over 50

Take a look below for the 25 trendiest ways of styling a short choppy haircut for women over 50.

1. Thin Hair with Choppy Bangs

short choppy bangs hairstyle for over 50

If your hair is thin or fine and you struggle to style it, opt for a cute bob and short choppy bangs. This kind of texture makes a mane look full and thick and will make women over 50 look classy.

2. Curly Bob

short choppy curly hairstyle for over 50

Count yourself lucky if your hair is naturally curly. Then, transform it into this chic-as-hell curly bob. The short length will put the spring back into your natural texture.

3. Choppy Pixie

short choppy hairstyle for women over 50

On women over 50 with an oval face shape, we like a choppy pixie. This texture is easy to style up even more by putting a little mousse on your fingers and shaping it with spiky sections.

4. Spiky Highlighted Pixie

short choppy spiky hairstyle for over 50

If your hair is naturally dark, add heavy blonde highlighting upfront to brighten up your complexion and complement dark hair. This pixie even features spicy ginger coloring.

5. Wavy Pixie

short choppy pixie for over 50

If you’d rather not have your pixie haircut sticking up, you can flatten it with the product. The wavy texture will still show up, but the style is understated for a sophisticated look.

6. White Bob with Side Bangs

short choppy bob for Asian women over 50

On thicker hair, you can add layers to a short bob to help with taking away that bulky feeling. The choppy cutting will also help the ends of the hair look flipped out. We love a soft side bang for a round face too.

7. White Pixie with Blonde Highlights

short choppy blonde pixie for over 50

Women over 50 don’t need to be afraid of letting white hair show. In fact, let it all go white and add some fun blonde highlights. A pixie cut is a fun, youthful hairstyle to gives you a fresh perspective.

8. Short Thick Curls

short choppy curly bob for over 50

If you’re an older woman with thick curly hair, we understand your style struggles. The answer is short choppy layers, especially around the face, which will tame the curls into something more shapely.

9. Blonde Bob with Choppy Bangs

short choppy blonde bob for over 50

Are you a natural blonde? Then all you’ll need to do to whip your hair into shape is give it a trim to bob-length and add choppy bangs to help with framing your beautiful face.

10. Short Black Curls

short choppy hairstyle for black women over 50

Black women over 50 with 3c or 4a hair (tight curls) will love this short low-maintenance haircut. Give your hair a break from styling by opting for a choppy pixie that rocks your beautiful natural texture.

11. Wavy Blonde Hair with Side Bangs

short choppy haircut for over 50

Choppy layering gives these tousled waves new life on a short haircut for older women. If you have a wide forehead, we recommend a side bang to cut up face dimension.

12. Straight Pixie with Choppy Layers

short choppy hairstyle for over 50 with fine hair

There’s no shame in having mostly straight hair – simply have your stylist cut it to pixie length with a long bang you can part in the middle. Use your supply of hair products to shape spiky pieces near the crown.

13. Short Hair with Lifted Roots

short choppy hairstyle for over 50 with thick hair

Another way to make your thin or fine short hair look fuller is with a blow out. This will give your roots a lift of volume and help choppy layers with wispy ends stand out.

14. Side Parted Choppy Pixie

short choppy hairstyle for oval face over 50

Pixie haircuts are ideal if you have an oval face shape. Instead of brushing the hair forward toward the face, part it off center to make short layers even more voluminous.

15. Long Highlighted Pixie

woman over 50 with short choppy haircut

Use different shades of blonde highlights to make a youthful-looking pixie with extra long bangs. When styling, aim your blow dryer down and to one side so the bangs aren’t hanging in your eyes.

16. Chin-Length Bob with Bangs

woman over 50 with short choppy blonde hair

Without the choppy layers, a chin-length bob would hang limply. The added layering makes a fuller look, helps the ends fan out flatteringly around a round face, and the side-brushed bangs complete the style.

17. Choppy Curly Red Bob

short red choppy bob for over 50

For all the natural redheads over 50, why not rock an edgy short bob? Those curls will be lifted to perfection where everyone can see. A curtain bang is versatile, so comb it down or part it in the middle.

18. Asymmetrical Curly Pixie

short choppy curly hairstyle for black women over 50

Older women with curly hair and a round face will look great with an asymmetrical pixie. The uneven length and choppy layering help to make the face look slimmer.

19. Thick Choppy Bob with Bangs

thick short choppy bob for over 50

Create a vintage look for thick hair with a short bob. Long choppy layers create more volume, and a thick bang is dramatic and perfect for older women with a wide face.

20. Thick Choppy Waves

older women with short choppy haircut

On much older women with mostly white hair, we love the look of a short ear-length haircut with ultra thick and choppy layers up top. The bottom is a bit thinner, creating a shaggy hairstyle.

21. Choppy White Pixie with Highlights

short choppy blodne haircut for over 50

A full mane with a luscious body is what every woman over 50 hopes for. With a choppy pixie cut, your gray hair will be the envy of everyone. For something special, give a little blonde highlighting to ends.

22. Brown Curly Hair with Bangs

short choppy brunette hairstyle for Asian women over 50

For your naturally curly brown hair, opt for a shoulder-length haircut. The manageable length features soft layers that enhance curl shape, while a side bang disguises a wide forehead.

23. Curly Pixie for a Wide Forehead

short choppy hairstyle for over 50 with big forehead

This short pixie proves you don’t need bangs just because you have a wide forehead. Brush your short hair back away from the face and scrunch in mousse to shape layers.

24. White Pixie with Brown Highlights

short choppy haircut for women over 50

Looking for a unique, edgy hairstyle for your short white hair? A choppy pixie with brown highlights was made for you. Use a little pomade and your fingers to shape spiky pieces over your forehead and at the crown.

25. Side Parted Red Pixie

short choppy red pixie cut for over 50

Your naturally red hair will look extra spicy and full of attitude when transformed into a trendy pixie with choppy layers. For a round face, part it off center for a slimmer look. This style is great for women over 50 who love a bold vibe.

A choppy hairstyle is truly for fearless older women not afraid of a noticeable change. So make the big cut to short hair, add lots of short layers, and fluff it up with teasing and highlights. You’ll love the new look you end up with!