35 Greatest Short Hairstyles for Round Faces Over 50

As women get older it can become harder to find hairstyles that suit them. This is especially true if they have a round face. In our latest list, we have chosen a wonderful selection of short hairstyles which are ideal for women over 50 with a round face. All of these are perfect hairstyles for women whose hair is starting to show some of the normal effects of age.


Best Hairstyles for Women Over 50 with Round Faces

As humans age, their hair naturally starts to become more brittle. Even if you maintain a healthy lifestyle and use all of the right products it is impossible to keep your hair in a perfect youthful condition. Brittle hair snaps more easily, so it is hard to grow it long. Hair also starts to lose its natural color and shine as it ages. Short hairstyles are far more manageable.


#1: Cute Bob with Asymmetrical Bangs for 50 Plus Women

Bob with Asymmetrical Short Hairstyles idea over 50 women

A cute bob is a wonderful style for women over 50 with a round face. Curl your hair under near to your chin with a barrel brush so that it helps to highlight your smile. The asymmetric angle of your bangs will give the look a modern edge.

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#2: Feathered Bobs

Short Hairstyles with Feathered Bobs

Feathered hairstyles are an excellent choice for helping to open up your face. The curls also help to add lots of texture to your look. Light feathering of your bangs looks great on a hairstyle for women over 50s women with round faces.


#3: Long Crop for 50 Plus Round Face

over 50 year women Long Crop short hair

Dark hair looks excellent when it is styled in a long crop style. The look helps to elongate round faces. Short styles like this are great for women over 50 who no longer want to keep their hair long.


#4: Big and Blonde

 Big and Blonde Short Hairstyles for women over 50

If you still want a bold and glamorous hairstyle when you are over 50 then you can style your hair with lots of volumes. Shoulder length hairstyles are a great choice for women with round faces because they are easy to maintain.


#5: Straight Chin-Length Bob

 Chin-Length Bob Short Hairstyles for women

A straight hairstyle looks amazing on women over 50 with a round face. The smoothness of the style helps to give your hair a really chic look which can be worn at the office or at glamorous red carpet events.


#6: Shaggy Bob for Women Over 50


A shaggy bob is a funky hairstyle for people with a round face. Choppy layers help to open up your face. To make the style look even more special, you can dye your hair a fiery red color.

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#7: Glamorous Curls

Glamorous Curls short hair for old women

Older women can still enjoy glamorous hairstyles as much as younger women can. Use irons to create beautiful curls. It is important that you use heat protect products to protect your hair, as older hair can be more brittle and the heat can damage it easily.


#8: Loose Ponytail


A loose ponytail will sit comfortably on the top of your head. Pinch your hair near to the nape of your neck to create a style that looks perfect for women with round faces over 50.


#9: Short Bob

Short Bob hairstyle for over 50 women

For a really professional hairstyle, you can try wearing your hair in a chin length bob. This type of hairstyle looks great if you have strong cheekbones. The length of your hair will help to highlight your bone structure.


#10: Layered Bob


Layering can help to change the shape of your face. Ask your hairstylist to cut your hair into a style that really flatters your round face shape. The most flattering layers stop just below chin length.

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Try out a few different styles to see which one suits you best. There are plenty of different options for short hairstyles for women over 50 with round faces. Just because your hair is beginning to age, it does not mean that you have to lose your sense of style and fun.