20 Elegant and Short Choppy Hairstyles for Classy Girls

Short and choppy hairstyles are gaining momentum every day thanks to their unusual appearance, which in reality is quite classy. Women with all hair types go for choppy options since they can change the image in a flash. No matter if you have short or long, wavy or straight, fine or thick hair, the chopped ends look priceless. The only downside of the chopped hairstyle is that it needs frequent touch ups and some styling. Stray hairs sticking out from the choppy mane don’t look fabulous at all. If you are ready to settle for this minor setback, you can enjoy your new hairstyle in full.

Beautiful Short Choppy Hairstyle

How to Style Short Choppy Hair

There are many different short choppy hairstyles. Some of them you can find below. Most are styled slightly differently but they have several steps in common. A chopped hairstyle can definitely look good on its own. But if you make a little effort, you can look truly amazing. Here are a few steps to take when styling your new choppy mane.


1. Make your hair damp

All the chopped mane styling starts with damp hair. So wet your hands and run them through the locks until they are damp.


2. Use the right hair products

Most of the time you’ll need some volumizing or heat-protective serum to proceed with styling. Try to go for serums with a maximum number of natural ingredients.


3. Buy a Hairspray

Even the messiest short and choppy styles require the use of a hairspray. If you want the chopped ends to be visible, you have to keep your hair from being frizzy. That’s why a good hair spray should become your best friend.


Short Choppy Hairstyles You Always Wanted to Try

If you haven’t tried a short choppy hairstyle yet but feel like you are getting ready to do it, we are glad to present you several useful options. These 20 examples are specifically created to cover all the aspects of the choppy cuts. You can find the photo you like the most, check if you have similar hair type, and show it to your stylist. A funny thing is that just a couple of decades ago choppy hair was considered simple and far from fashionable. Today it’s becoming top notch.


1. Wild Colors

Wild Color Short Choppy Hairstyle for women

If you are going for a short choppy hairstyle, why not take it a little further? Wild hair colors, such as blue, green, and pink complement your image nicely especially when it’s time to stand out of the crowd and make a statement.


2. Short and Cute

Cute Short Choppy Hairstyle

Choppy doesn’t necessarily have to be wild. You can create a very cute choppy bob that’s a wonderful choice for women with straight hair. While you’ll need to put in some time for styling, the results should be worth it.


3. Choppy and Acute

Messy Short Choppy Hairstyle for girl

This stacked lob is can be a good choice for girls who don’t like dealing with long hair but still want to sport some long strands. Enjoy the way this lob looks on any occasion. It can be either neat or messy depending on your mood.


4. Bright Addition

Wild Short Choppy Hairstyle

Short choppy hair can be arranged into a nice short bob with a touch of some wild colors. Black looks perfect with virtually any hair color you can come up with. So why not take a chance and experiment? Don’t forget to chop the bangs too.


5.  French Chop

Short French Choppy Hairstyle

This chopped French hairstyle will never go out of style. The best part about it is that all the hair is the same length and you can make ponytails and buns out of it. It’s a good choice for round and heart-shaped faces.