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8 Classy Ways to Wear Small Feed In Braids in 2024

Small feed in braids style is one of the coolest fairly new ways of braiding you definitely want to check out. Feed in braids creates a very natural look as if the braid is coming out straight from the skin.

Best Small Feed in Braid Hairstyles

There are many ways to pull them off, but we chose 8 examples which really caught our eye.

1. Middle Part Braids

small feed in braids with middle part

Make a huge statement by including a middle part in your small feed in braids.

Ideal for: It’s such a fun way to make the braids even more eye-catching that they are.

How to Style: Ask the hairstylist to arrange your feed in braids around a middle part. Show them this picture and you won’t be sorry. Experimenting with the part is the most secure way to a cool hairdo.

2. Round and Round

round feed in braids for black women

Upgrade your braid game with small feed in cornrow braids in a bold pattern.

Ideal for: Everyone can feel free to rock the same exact look on the picture.

How to Style: Get all the braids in a small size and copy this stunning pattern. Leave the rest long and simple.

3. Feed in Braided Ponytail

Small Feed In Braided Ponytail

Take the braids up in a very high ponytail braid. That way everyone will be able to see how cool your braided patterns are.

Ideal for: Great for all ages and hair types.

How to Style: Ask the hairdresser to do your small feed in braids in a way that you’ll be able to tie them in a high ponytail. The hair won’t be in your face, plus the whole work will be on display.

4. Two Big Braids

Extra Small Feed in Braids for Women

Yes, extra small braids exist and this is how they look. So chic, aren’t they?

Ideal for: Ideal for literally everyone, as long as you like the two feed in braids in small sizes.

How to Style: If you want to try this hairdo out, you definitely need help from a skilled hairstylist.

5. Lemonade Braids

small feed in braid with side part

The side part is just as amazing as the middle part. You won’t need any special patterns or as long as you achieve a dramatic side part. The more braids you have the cooler the mane will look.

Ideal for: Perfect for ladies who are more into chic hairdos, but still want to keep things simple.

How to Style: If you have a friend who can do this, ask for a dramatic side part. Also, think very well of the directions for the micro braids. Some choose a linear pattern, while others find interesting patterns.

6. Stitch Braids

small feed in braids for women

Mix medium, big and small feed in braids in the same hairdo.

Ideal for: Perfect for ladies who can’t decide which size they want.

How To Style: Do different sizes of braids in the top, and opt for classic braids in the bottom parts.

7. Chic Triangle Braids

triangle shape small feed in braids for women

When you don’t want to include the feed in braids in small size all over your hair, you can copy this hairdo. It features cool triangle patterns that will make everyone want the same mane as you.

Ideal for: It’s perfect for women who are trying the feed in technique for the first time. This is a great way for them to find out whether they like it or not.

How to Style: The best option is to find someone who can actually do your hair. If you are already familiar with the braids, you can try and copy them yourself.

8. Fulani Braids Patterns

small feed in braid with design

Mixing different sizes of feed in braids with fun patterns is such an amazing idea. It becomes even better if you add some accessories.

Ideal for: Ideal for gals who are really into experimenting with hairstyles.

How to Style: Get these fun patterns in the top and accessorize them for a cool finish. You can braid the rest of the hair in larger classic box braids.

FAQ’s on Small Feed In Braids Hairdos

What are feed in braids?

This is a braiding technique that creates the illusion of long braids which seem like they are coming out straight from the scalp.

Which are the sizes for feed in braids?

You can get feed in braids in small, medium and large sizes.