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Spiral Perm: 30 Trends & Complete Styling Guide

Hairstyles have evolved a lot over the years and every era has had its own share of hits and misses. Spiral perm is a trendy hairstyle among the many hairstyles from the past that are making a comeback.

The spiral perm hairstyle was one of the most popular hairstyles during the 80s and 90s – from models to working professionals to homemakers, the spiral perm had a significant presence everywhere!

If you would also like to flaunt this 80s style, you should know the basics first, such as what exactly permed hair is, how you should take care of the spiral perm, and which style would suit you the best. 

If you are worried about hair damage, you can rest assured that your hair will remain safe from damage with all the advanced hair styling and hair care equipment available today.

Stylish and Beautiful Spiral Perm Hairstyles

Now that you know the basics of a perm hairstyle, let’s look at our curated list of the best spiral perm hairstyles. We are sure this list will inspire you to give this trending hairstyle a try.

So go ahead, start scrolling and bookmark your favorite spiral perm hairstyles to try this season.

1. Side Swept Spiral Perm

white blonde spiral perm hairstyle

Women with blonde spiral hair can try this simple yet stunning spiral perm hairstyle. In addition, you can elevate your simple hair by opting for a side swept hairstyle, which will make your hair look more voluminous and bouncier.

2. Spiral Perm Updo with Bandana

white blonde spiral perm hairstyle

If you aim for a classic 80s spiral perm hairstyle, you cannot go wrong with this popular updo hairstyle with a bandana! Make sure you keep the overall look casual and a bit messy.

3. Springly Dark Haired Spiral Perm

tight spiral perm on brown hair

Gorgeous is the only word that comes to our minds when we look at this stunning springly perm hairstyle on dark hair. The long and tight curls are the ultimate example of a spiral perm hairstyle.

4. Layered Spiral Perm

thick spiral perm blonde hairstyle

A layered haircut is a great way to go when you have spiral perm hair. The different layers of curls falling over your face and shoulder create an alluring look. Just ensure that you go for your haircut maintenance appointments on time to maintain the different layers.

5. Spiral Perm for Thin Hair

teen girl with spiral perm hairstyle

Women with thin hair can also take advantage of a spiral perm hairstyle as the tight curls give the impression of volume and texture. You can also maintain shoulder-length hair or even opt for a slightly shorter length to maintain the voluminous look.

6. Loose Spiral Perm

spiral perm on dirty blonde hair

When we talk about spiral perm hairstyles, it does not necessarily mean that you need to have tight curls only. Loose waves and curls are also possible options, thanks to the advanced styling tools available today that let you customize the style as per your preference.

7. Classic Spiral Perm Lob

spiral perm hairstyle with bangs

This right here is your classic spiral perm lob! Look at those fantastic curls framing the face, giving off such a fun and cool vibe. If you have short hair, we highly recommend trying this spiral perm hairstyle.

8. Voluminous Spiral Perm

thick spiral perm hairstyle

Adding this voluminous spiral perm to your shoulder-length hair is a great way to transform your simple hairstyle into something more daring and dramatic. This stylish hairstyle is sure to amp up your glam quotient.

9. Spiral Perm with Highlights

spiral perm hairstyle for older women

We love the combination of spiral perms and highlights. If you already have a spiral perm and are looking at ways to enhance it, we recommend adding some highlights. This will add more definition and texture to your hairstyle.

10. Chic and Stylish Spiral Perm Bob

spiral perm bob

This spiral perm bob checks the boxes for all the requirements – chic, stylish, edgy, and sophisticated! The loose curls look lightweight and make your overall hairstyle look super bouncy with a lot of volumes.

11. Tight Spiral Perm

spiral perm bob

Here’s another glam spiral perm hairstyle for you to try out. Those tight curls look super stunning, and there is no way it is not going to grab the attention of the people around you! You can try the side partition style to create an asymmetrical look.

12. Spiral Perm with Bangs

spiral perm hairstyle with blonde highlights

If you want to elevate the classic bob perm, we suggest getting some bangs in different lengths. Cute, tight, and curly bangs falling over your forehead are a great way to soften your look.

13. Partial Spiral Perm

spiral perm hairstyle for round face

A partial spiral perm hairstyle is a slightly modern version of the 80s perm hairstyle. In this hairstyle, the roots and a few other strands in the crown area are kept natural, and the remaining hair is permed. 

14. Messy Spiral Perm

soft spiral perm hairstyle

Messy hair, don’t care! If that’s your adage, this messy spiral perm hairstyle is right up your alley. This combination of tight and loose curls creates a slightly messy hairstyle that is gaining popularity among women today.

15. Curly Haired Spiral Perm

long spiral perm hairstyle for black women

A curly-haired spiral perm hairstyle has its own charm and grace. The natural curls add more definition, texture, and volume, which enhances your overall hairstyle. The tight curls look simply breathtaking with the right length of hair!

16. Multi-textured Spiral Perm

long spiral perm red hairstyle

Not looking for an all-out spiral perm? Check out this multi-textured style, which combines waves and loose curls. The red auburn hair color adds a touch of fun and vivaciousness to this perm hairstyle.

17. Vintage Spiral Perm

short spiral perm hairstyle

Women who want to flaunt the traditional spiral perm style can take inspiration from this vintage spiral perm hairstyle. Your hairstylist will use hot rods to achieve those tight curls, and you can play around with the length of your hairstyle as per your choice.

18. Slick Ponytail with Spiral Perm

ponytail with spiral perm

Want to flaunt the spiral perm hairstyle without having your hair all over the place? Try this simple and cute hairstyle – gather all your hair and just put it into a ponytail. Make sure you use a mousse or gel on the crown to achieve the slickness of this style. 

19. Double Toned Spiral Perm

pink spiral perm hairstyle

A spiral perm hairstyle with double-toned hair color is a great way to make your spirals more visible and fascinating. You can try this combination of brunette and red, with the darker shade only being closer to the roots.

20. Spiral Perm with Straight Edge

long tight spiral perm hairstyle

This spiral perm with straight edges adds a lot of bounce and volume to your hairstyle. The uniform edges make your hairstyle look more appealing and easy to manage.

21. Modern Spiral Perm

layered spiral perm hairstyle

This spiral perm hairstyle is a modern take on the vintage style. Instead of getting tight curls, you can opt for this style where the curls are pretty loose. This style is ideal for women with thin hair as it will help to add some volume to your hair.

22. Spiral Perm Hairstyle with Bow

headband hairstyle with spiral perm

This cute spiral perm hairstyle with a bow is one of our favorites in this list of top 30 spiral perm hairstyles. Match the bow with your outfit or go for a contrasting color; the choice is yours.

23. Natural Curls with Spiral Perm

blonde spiral perm hairstyle for black girls

This hairstyle has so many elements working in its favor – from the naturally tight curls and double-toned hair color to the cute bow on one side. This is yet another spiral perm hairstyle with a bow accessory that will look good on anyone.

24. Shoulder Length Spiral Perm

light brown spiral perm hair

This shoulder-length style is ideal for women who do not have much time to style their spiral perm hairstyle. You can style it differently every day with just minimal effort.

25. Spiral Perm with Beachy Waves

loose spiral perm for thin hair

Keep it casual yet stylish with this spiral perm with beachy waves hairstyle! It’s a great style to show off your gorgeous locks. You can style them with hair accessories or just let the hair naturally frame your face.

26. Soft Layered Spiral Perm

medium length spiral perm hairstyle

As we saw before, the layers and spiral perm combination look fantastic. This gorgeous layered spiral perm with loose curls is suitable for women with all hair textures. You can also try changing your hair color or adding a gradient to enhance your hairstyle.

27. Bouncy Bob with Spiral Perm

blonde bob with spiral perm curls

Women who would love to flaunt a sassy and sexy hairstyle should try this bouncy bob variation of the spiral perm hairstyle. The bob with those tight curls will make your hair look bouncier than ever. Just keep in mind that this hairstyle works well on women who have thick hair.

28. Deep Rooted Lob

soft spiral perm on blonde hair

This rooted lob version of spiral perm lifts your hair from the roots, which in turn adds a lot of volume and bounce to your curls. You can maintain your natural hair color at the roots and color the remaining hair strands to add some dimension to your look. 

29. Windblown Spiral Perm

short spiral perm red hair

Looking for ways to style your spiral permed hair? Try this windblown style by combing or brushing out your spiral perm curls a bit. This style creates a messy and fun look.

30. Wet and Loose Spiral Perm

spiral perm on long hair

Finally, we have this wet and loose spiral perm hairstyle. We all love the wet hair look, don’t we? And, when you wear this look with a spiral perm and a hair accessory like a headband, the results are simply stunning.

There is no doubt that the spiral perm hairstyle has made a big splash again and it is here to stay for some time.

So, if you have decided to go ahead and try any of these top perm hairstyles, we recommend that you understand how the perming process works first.

Seek professional help to get the desired effect. They will also be able to guide you on which perm hairstyle would suit you the best, depending on your hair texture, volume, length, and face shape.

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