21 of The Best 1980s Hairstyles for Women

Every decade produces its beautiful gem for people to cherish. The 1980s is still the year of unique hairstyle trends for women of all ages. If you are a child of the 80s, then you should be aware of what this means.

Apparently, the trendy 80s hairstyles for women are slowly creeping back into the modern fashion world!


Popular 80s Hairstyles

Here are 21 of the best 80s hairstyles that modern women can try out this season to get a retro-chic look!

1. Half Ponytail

1980s hairstyles for women

This is a fascinating hairstyle from the 80s. Just like the name, it resembles a whale spout. Getting this girly hairstyle is not hard as you may think. Hold up some of your top strands of hair. Then tie them at the base with a hairband. That is it. Leave the ponytail to fall freely backward.


2. Balayage Highlights

80s women's hairstyles with highlights

The bigger the hair volume, the better for you. That is the message that comes with this classic hairstyle. For multiple highlights like these, you need to have volumes of hair. This will enable you to layer your hair well with different color textures.


3. Half Moon

80s dyed hairstyles for women

This bold hair coloring gives you a sense of alien feeling. The fluffy hair texture gives the textured bob a unique appearance. But it is the distinctive dying of the two colors that stands out. You can also try out with other hair colors of your choice to bring back the 80s vibe.


4. Side-Parted Bob

80s girl's bob hairstyles

Unlike the classic bob, the medium bob has your hair touching your shoulders. In this 1980s hairdo, the locks start from the root flowing down. Midway the flow, they layer upon each other with twists. All you need is some rollers to work from the midsection.


5. One Side Pony

side pony hairstyles for 80s female

If simple has a meaning, then it is this hairstyle. The hair runs down in fine strands. Then some little pony emerges on one side of the head, leaving the rest of the hair intact. This is for the easy to wake up and slow to prepare. Besides that, it can work well with fine hair women.


6. The Punk Rock

This 1980s female hairstyle was popular with rock concerts and enthusiasts. It is closely related to the rock star hairdo. In fact, it is a downgraded version of the rock star. The only difference is the punk rock does not exaggerate the color shades and accessories.


7. Shaggy Bob

This is one of the 80s hairstyles that went against the grain and survived. It emphasizes on a short bob with shaggy curls. The front has bangs that flow like spikes to the sides of the face. On top of being exotic, you feel like a pacesetter in trends.


8. The Rock Star

Just like its name, this is the hairstyle for the wild at heart. Its blend of screaming colors allows you to make your wild side known. To be complete, you need accessories of wired colors to match.


9. Rugged Bangs

At a glance, it is just a simple bob hairstyle for women. But this 80s short haircut has a catch when you come closer. The front bangs make some rugged curls on the forehead. It gives you that high school principal look. If you like to experiment and still be classy, this should be your pick.


10. Funky Rock

funky rock hairstyles of the 80's for women

This is the bad girl of 80s hair look. The association of this hairstyle with negative sections of the society made it unpopular then. But it is since coming back. It takes a combination of flowing layering and hot iron rod, to straightening. The accessories make the girl into the high octane rock star.


11. Curly Hair with Side Part

This female hairstyle from the year 1980 is a blend of two styles. You first have to texture your hair and roll it. Then you fluff it to increase the layering and make it seem more significant.

The final picture looks like a feathered head. Though it is simple to make, maintaining it needs more if not daily attention.


12. Feather Braids

This style consists of textured long hair with layers. On the periphery, you have to add twisted braids to add that exotic Native American hair braids. To complete this 80s women’s hairstyle, you need to do a small pony at the center of your head.


13. Blonde Mullet

It is the most unconventional hairstyle of 80s women. The sides of the hair are apparently longer flowing down the shoulders. The top hair is cut short to in contrast to the sides. This hairstyle was also a big hit for the men who also wore it.


14. Wavy Bush Pony

This 80s ponytail is the essence of beauty. The ponytail at the back blends well with the side sweeping of the front bangs. This makes you expose all the beautiful facial features. Since it is easy to maintain, you can wear this style daily without hesitation.


15. Messy Hair with Bangs

messy hairstyles of the 1980's women

If you encounter this funky hairstyle, you would be excused to wonder. At first glance, the hair looks unkempt. But that is the design. To have this hairdo, you need soft textured hair.

Then comb the hair out, creating a side bang on the side you feel comfortable. Make sure you have a comb nearby as the hairstyle can be easily be blown away by the wind.


16. Long Blonde Hair

This is the typical 80s girl’s hairstyle. You have to do some hair growing to enjoy this style. After you attain the length you want, condition, and dry your hair.

Then blow it to create that massive hair effect that you want. If you have soft hair, you will have difficulty in getting this hairstyle right.


17. Wet Curly Bob

Ideally, the hair is not wet. It is the effect of the hairspray that you use on the curls to make them stay for longer periods. This hairstyle is closer to the afro curly kit. To maintain it, you have to make curls from your hair. Then spray the hair for strength and more sheen.


18. 80s Medium Shag Cut for Female Bikers

This shaggy hairstyle is still the trademark of the bikers across the globe. To have it, you only have to grow your hair and condition it regularly. That makes it supple and does not break.


19. All Black

Long dark hair is the origin of beauty. It makes it easier to dye and experiment with other shades. In this hairstyle, the all-black hair flows to the shoulders. It is longer than a bob. With natural curls on it, create some protruding bangs to cover your forehead for some elevated beauty.


20. Bouffant Hair with Bangs

1980s bangs hairstyles for girls

It is not as popular now as it was in the 80s. This hairdo gives you the edge to stay calm in times of trouble. The features are somehow out of place, though. To create it, you need to comb your hair backward, creating a hunchback of hair.

Once that is in place, get some hair a make short bangs across your entire forehead. For strength, use and hot hair iron rod to treat the bangs. You may dye the edges of the hunch if you like.


21. 80s Crimped Hairdo

80s crimped hairstyles for women

This is still popular with young girls and those women who are young at heart. Comb your hair downwards with a side split. After the combing is over, fasten the bowtie on the side of your head. It will always remind you of your younger years of the 80s.


Indeed, fashion trends never die away; they fade from the scene. Sooner or later, they make a comeback to our lives. The 1980s hairstyles are slowly making that unexpected comeback to society.

With the 21 of the best 80s hairstyles for women at your disposal, you are more knowledgeable. When that time comes, you will make the right consideration.

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