30 Coolest Haircuts for Tween Boys to Draw Attention

Tween boys always love to wear the edgy, cool, and awesome haircuts because of their eager need to admire by their fellows. Tween boys come under the age group of 8 to 12. At this age, the tweenager boys want to enjoy life at its peak, take risks by trying new things.

When it comes to the selection of haircuts for tween boys, no one can beat their creativity level because tweenage boys change their haircuts frequently according to fluctuating interests.


Latest Tween Boy Hairstyles

There are tons of ideas for tween boy hairstyles but we will lead you to the most promising and innovative compilation of haircuts that are surely worth a try.

1. Bangs for Tween Boys

bangs haircut for tween boys

Bangs look super cool on tweenage boys. It looks perfect on sleek straight hair. It is ideal tween boy haircuts for oblong or oval face shape.


2. Side Fringe

side fringe for tween boys

Long side fringe makes the personality of tween boys voguish. It is ideal for oblong face shape.


3. Shaggy Cut

tween boys shaggy style

This tween boy haircut gives a messy appearance to the boys. It has been worn by many celebrities during their tweenage like Zac Effron. It is ideal for an oval face shape.


4. Undercut with Side Swept Fringe

Tween Boys Undercut with Side Swept Fringe

Undercut with side swept straight fringe hairstyle looks splendid on tween boys.


5. Crew Cut

crew cut for tween boy

The crew cut is now trending rapidly amongst tween boys. It is ideal for an oval face shape.


6. Medium Layered

Medium layered haircut looks cute on tweenager boys. It is ideal for an oval face shape. You can combine the layers with front bangs or fringe for a stylish look.


7. Quiff Hairstyle

It has become a very admirable hipster haircut among tween boys. It is ideal for an oval face shape. Blonde hair and an undercut add a five-star factor in tween boy’s Quiff haircut.


8. Spikes with a Taper Fade

 Spikes with a Taper Fade haircut for tween boy

This cool tween boy’s haircut can be combined with blonde color, texture hair and a sideline. You can wear this haircut with all the mentioned combination or just one element.

It is ideal for any face shape except a square face shape.  The taper fade sides with spikes look awesome on tween boys.


9. Long Curly Hair

It is for those tween boys who have naturally curly hair and love long hair.


10. Choppy Hair

tween boy's choppy haircut

Choppy hair gives a textured layered appearance to the top of the head. It can be worn with short front bangs for a funkier look. It is ideal for any face shape especially for tween boys having a round face shape.



tween boy's medium haircut

tween boy’s medium haircut



tween boy's 2 block haircut

tween boy’s 2 block haircut



black tween boy's haircut

black tween boy’s haircut



ponytail for tween boys

ponytail for tween boys



faux hawk for tween boys

faux hawk for tween boys



tween boy's long haircut

tween boy’s long haircut



tween boy haircut



hairstyle for tween boys



tween boy's hairstyle



tween boy haircut


21. Man Bun with an Undercut

tween boys man bun

Man-bun looks so sophisticated on tween boys when combined with an undercut. This hairstyle for tween boys is also referred to a samurai bun.


22. Buzz Cut

Some tween boys hesitate to wear the buzz cut, but it looks remarkable on boys having an oval face shape.

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23. Mohawk + fade Skin

If we talk about the modish haircuts for tween boys then, the Mohawk hairstyle comes in the priority list. It is ideal for an oval face shape. It can be combined with faded or bald sides of the head. The top of Mohawk can also be blonde.


24. Brushed Up

Brushed Up tween boy hairstyles

It is considered as one of the nifty haircuts for boys in their tweenage. It is ideal for triangle face shape.


25. Comb Over Hairstyle

comb over for tween boys

Comb over is a classy tween boy hairdo that looks as equally elegant on boys as on men. It is ideal for oval and oblong face shape.


26. Pompadour Hairstyle

Pompadour Hairstyle for tween boy

It is one of the refined hairstyles for tween boys. It looks decent and stylish at the same time.


27. The Hard Part with an Undercut

An undercut with a hard part is an alluring combination that a tween boy can wear ever. The hard part separates the top textured hair from the side for the head, resembling the comb-over haircut.


28. Slicked Back With Faded Sides

This tweenager boy haircut looks subtle on boys. The faded sides make the top slicked hair more dominant. The blonde color can also be applied in the striking pattern.


29. Curly High Top

tween boys curly high top fade

The curly high top hairstyle is for afro tween boys.  It suits an oval face shape remarkably. It can be combined with a hard part and trimmed sides of the head for a more stylish look.


30. Faux Hawk

faux hawk for tween boys

Tween boys always look for a haircut that makes them stand out in their friend circle. For this purpose, the faux hawk can be worn to beat the look of an average haircut. It suits the triangle face shape.


Hope you have enjoyed reading these aforementioned mesmerizing types of hairstyles for tween boys. All the hairstyles are trending, innovative, and unique. You can try any of these above mentioned haircuts for a distinctive look.