20 Stunning Bun Hairstyles for Black Hair [2022]

It is a shocking fact to know that bun hairstyles for black hair are often the most disregarded hairstyles when it comes to uniqueness and elegance.  Styling one’s hair differently is one of the tasks that compel most women to dwell on every other day. Basic hairstyles include either leaving the hair open or to tie them up in a pony.

famous black bun hairstyles

At times, women with black hair feel run out of options for styling their hair. To appear a little different and to make some extra effort, black bun hairstyles are the best option. Buns are becoming increasingly popular for a number of reasons the weather and the most important one being how it transforms one’s look completely.

The art of black women’s bun hairstyles is excelled to very few people due to its delicacy and intricacy. There is a huge variety of options when it comes to putting your hair in a bun.


Best Black Bun Hairstyles for Women

Bun hairdos are perfect for both running errands in the daytime and hanging out with friends at night. We have compiled some of the top preferred bun hairstyles for black hair for you to experience and have fun with.

1. Galaxy Buns

Galaxy Buns for black women

The galaxy buns became famous after the star wars movie. They can be made within 5 minutes and are perfect for every lazy girl. Start by parting your hair right down the center of your head. Gather each side of the hair and tie them into a pony. Wrap these around each other until they form into a bun for black hair.


2. Reverse Braided Bun

reverse braided bun for black hair

The simplest way to attempt this updo hairstyle for black hair is to braid your hair starting from the neck till you reach the top of the head. Secure the braid and tie the hair into a high pony. Now, wrap the pony around itself at the highest point of your head and secure firmly. These types of high bun hairstyles are famous among ballerinas.


3. Top French Braid Bun

top french braid bun for black hair

This black bun hairstyle looks elegant and neat up a notch. It can be achieved by creating a French braid in the center of the head. A French tail braid is made by incorporating new sections of hair with every braid turn. Secure the French braid into a pony once it reaches the pony position. Now wrap the pony into a bun.


4. Headband Braided Bun

 Headband Braided Bun for Black Women

As the name of the bun style suggests, this includes a braid which is positioned at the place of a headband. It is created like a basic braid and is secured across the whole head. The remaining hair is then formed into a bun hairstyle for black hair.


5. Basic Low Bun

low black bun for women

The basic low bun hairstyle for black women does not require much practice and tutorial videos before recreating it.  It is made by simply tying your hair in a very low pony and then wrapping the pony around in a bun like a shape.


6. Intercrossing Braid Bun

braided black bun for women

The name of this black bun hairstyle speaks for itself. In this bun, braids are created at both ends of the head after middle parting the hair. Once the braids are created, they are then overlapped and the wrapped in a bun. Such type of elegant updo hairstyles is chosen for formal parties.

Check These Side Braid Hairstyles for Black Hair


7. Single Braid Low Bun

The single braid bun for black hair features a single braid as the name suggests. The hair has to be parted first according to the person’s preferences. The braid starts from the side which has the majority hair. It can be continued for all the hair or stopped at the neck. Next, wrap the pony or braid around to form a bun.


8. Top Knot

top knot bun for black hair

This is the most basic bun hairstyle for black hair as it takes the least amount of time and effort. It can be made by gathering all of your hair at the back like a pony and wrap it around at the top of the head. This makes the hair manageable and is perfect to be worn during hot days.


9. Twist-Wrapped Bun

twisted black bun for women

A twist wrapped hairstyle can be achieved by first parting your hair to one side. Then start making twists of small sections of your hair and securing them with bobby pins, and stops when you reach close to the neck. Secure the remaining hair in a pony and wrap it in a low bun hairstyle.


10. The Low Chignon

low chignon for black hair

The simplest way to master the art of chignon black bun hairstyle at home is by attempting to create it. Start with sectioning your hair into 3 the left and right side and the middle part of the hair. Clip them away from each other and backcomb the middle part to create volume.

After enough backcombing, wrap it around and secure with bobby pins. Continue with backcombing the side sections and twist it around before securing it in the middle part bun with bobby pins. The twist part will add texture to the hairstyle.


11. Side Knot Bun

Side Knot Bun for Black Hair

The side knot bun can be created by first tying your hair in a side pony and securing it. Then part the pony from the middle and insert the ponytail from it continuously until it forms the shape of a bun.


12. Fishtail Braid Bun

The fishtail braided black bun hairstyle is also a way to get your hair out of the way and make them look nice. It can be made by first putting the hair in a fishtail braid. Once that is done, wrap the braid around itself and secure it at the top of the head.


13. Two Braid Bun

The two braid bun can be created by sectioning the hair into 2 different parts and then braiding each part. Wrap each braid around itself to form a bun. Make sure that these braids are positioned closely. Secure each braid into bun tightly with bobby pins.


14. Simple Messy Bun

messy bun for black hair

As the picture above depicts, this black bun hairstyle classifies both as a messy bun and an elegant one. The simplest way to re-create it is to first tie a pony of the middle section of the hair and then wrap it around like a bun. Section the side hair into two parts and connects them to the bun after giving them several twists and twirls.


15. Center Parted Low Bun

bun hairstyles for black hair

This bun hairstyle for black hair is perfect for occasions when you are running out of time and want a decent hairstyle too. The basic way to make this style is to first part your hair completely down the center of your head. Then tie your hair in a low pony one that is on your neck. Wrap the pony in a bun like a shape and secure with a bobby pin.


16. Roll Up Bun

As much as the name sounds peculiar, the rolled bun is very easy to attempt and recreate. One can start off by teasing and backcombing the middle section of the hair. After that, the remaining hair is rolled inside like a roll and secured with bobby pins when the roll reaches the bottom part of the neck.


17. Waterfall Braid Updo

Waterfall Braid Updo for black hair

This black bun hairstyle features a waterfall braid that starts from the top of the head and carries on till the back. It is made by incorporating wide sections of hair at every step and requires the braid to be moving from the front till the back. Once the hair is completely braided, the braid is then wrapped in a bun like a shape and secured.


18. The Rose Bun

The rose bun hairstyle for black hair created by professional involves much more techniques but here is the DIY version of it. Start by sectioning your hair into the half, right down the middle. Now, tie both halves together and secure in place.

After doing that, take one half and wrap it around the knot and secure when all the hair is incorporated. Do the same with the other half and the rose bun hairstyle is completed.


19. Boxer Braid Bun

Black Boxer Braid Bun

The boxer braid bun style for black women is made by first putting the hair in boxer braids. Next, wrap both the braids around each other to form a bun.


20. High Messy Bun

High Messy Bun for Black Hair

This type of bun is created when girls are in and want to get their hair out of the way. The messier it is, the more perfect it looks. It can be created by roughly wrapping up the hair in a pony and then securing it in a bun like position. Strands of hair can be pulled out from the front to give it a more casual look.


Now you can try these delicate and intricate bun hairstyles for black hair for yourselves without any professional help.